Friday, November 23, 2007

What you wanna be when you grow up, little liar?

Okay, before I start my Bi*tching mode, let me show Barbara my MAC pic.


And If you're wondering, what's in the bowl....

My lunch.

*switch to bi*tching mode*

You see. That day I brought J to Mcd to play play right? So while we're having our breakfast peacefully, suddenly a boy started to cry very loudly. And then he ran to his mother pointing at another boy, who also ran to his mom [they're sitting right next to us].

MOMMY!!! HE PUSHED ME!!!!!! And the mother said "AWWW POOR THING! He PUSHED You!????" *staring at the kid next to us*

And then the kids pretend like nuthing and went on to play again.

And the same boy cried and whined again. MOMMYYYYY HE PUSHED ME LIKE THIS LIKE THIS!!!! This time pointing at J's friend (same nanny). The boy looked totally clueless why everyone is looking at him.

So I was thinking. Ah poor guy. Kena bully left and right. I believed him because the boy (the one with the same nanny) always like to bully J when the nanny is not looking.

Then J ran off to play. While he was trying to slide down, the same boy (neh...that one that likes to cry and point at ppl wan leh.....) cried out loud...again. He said "MOMMYYY HE PUSHED ME! pointing at Jayden. And where was J? behind him trying to wait for his turn. And he waited and waited , he tried to overtake the fella without pushing him. And I was like....What the hell? You trying to frame my son? Nehmind, kids....kasi muka. ( I was thinking, since kena frame edi, might as well push also right? Eh but I'm not that bad mother la ..think only oky? imagination ma. watch too much Barney edi...)

Then while Jayden tried to overtake him (imagine ah, the butt is hanging OUT OF THE SLIDE , one push can jatuh like cempedak okay? ) He wanna push my son!!! So while holding my camera in one hand I grabbed J and brought him down. And that boy Cried again!! MOMMY HE PUSHED ME!!! and what did the mother did? Sitting on her chair, waving the hands like BEAUTY PAGEANT QUEEN. The father, reading newspaper.

So I pretend to scold J. "Notty Boy. No Manners! If ppl like to sit at the slide and don't come down, don't push. Go play others!" and I gave him a spank on his butt. The boy was looking at me. I think he got it. Fine. So my J acted like as if he know what I was talking about. Off he went to play with another slide.

AND GUESS WHAT? That Rascal ran after my son, chased him and purposely blocked him. And You know my J la, dun care wan. He cried AGAIN " MOMMY HE BEAT ME!

WTF! I really felt like punching his face! What a little liar. And the parent acted like as though they are immuned to his lie and crap. But Then immune is immune, dun la never do anything and let yr kid lie saying that everyone is bullying him. Argghhhhh! I wanted to strangle him. People wanna slide, he hogged the slide. Ppl wanna climb he block. People climb slide he block. So damn irritating. If you're in my shoes, do you feel the same?

So enough of his crap, everyone left that place. And his mom, like bodoh still waving at her kid like some beauty pageant queen. I think ah, his mother's dream is to have "WORLD PEACE" and dyed her hair from blonde to black. That's why the anak like dat also. Blek!

Oooohhh I so cannot tahan that boy. I was thinking, so small(young) also lie like expert edi (maybe the parents are not that smart to notice that he is actually lying) I wonder how he will be like when he grow up. *hmmmmm*

Ah you wanna see his picture or not? (the first pic) *geram*


  1. Me first to comment?
    Wow..ur MAC is really BIG! and ur noodle looks so yummy..slurp slurp!

  2. Nice imac ler! I am dying of hunger just looking at the bowl of noodle. Haha.
    I think that kid was trying very hard to get his parents' attention.

  3. my first tot was how come u never take his photo....

    before u leave should have to told the parents, eh, ur son arr, geng hoh, so young oledi such a complain pot, i respect u, can tahan... wahaha... i so mean... :D

  4. when u say yr monitor was big ... u really mean BIG ya? LOL!

    maybe that "being bullied kid" was trying to catch his parents' attention? you know lah, attention deprived mah so will look anything including lying..

  5. Kan aku dah kata, lain kali, Sasha cubit saja si dia. kalau si dia nangis dan jerit "Mak, itu pompuan cubit bontot aku", I rasa mak dia tak akan peduli punyer...

  6. wow, your MAC is HUGE!!

    Wah lau, the small complain pot has quite nice look, but too bad, the attitude ada sikit problem leh.
    U should tell Big C "Dear, our son so smart, he can push someone behind him! It amaze me that he can do so!!"

  7. Woot! Very leng mia screen!

    If me hor... I think I'll curi2 cubit the boy muahahahhaha... beh tahan ma...

  8. misha's mum4:51 PM

    hahaha .. got pic to show somemore :)

  9. You should get J to headbutt him! :P

  10. Annie: Aiks u asyik look at my mee only

    CC: U also look at mee

    Shannon :HAHHAHA I go ar? sekali she wave her hands and slap me how?

    Sting: Want attention huh? i think so

    Labeille: Yeah la aku rasa kan, kalau cubit takde orang tau pon...

    Joanne: Nanti aku pulak kena pelepang from the parents muahahha

    Angel: Until angel also come and read edi ..muahahhahahaha U also will cubit huh?

    Misha mum: U know why? He tried to block him and me from taking pic la!! thats why

    Giddy Tiger: Eh my sondunno how to fightla...too bad hor? hahhahahah

  11. U like crab stick also hor...the monitor really big la..not pening meh watch so front?

    The rascal always lie thats why the mother also malas mau peduli..
    u should give him a tarik telinga...haha

    Dun try to sound to the kid, the parent also one kind one for sure..

  12. *thud!*

    that is one big mudder ass monitor! time, just tell the boy la loudly, "AIYA SORRY LA..MY BOY PUSH YOU...NEXT TIME, DON'T PLAY WITH HIM LA!!!! HE TOO STRONG FOR YOU LEH!"

  13. Wah ur MAC monitor manyak big no wonder u said u need "Hak Chew".

    I tell u if I'm u I will tell the boy off sigh!

  14. You know what, Sasha? You write this with humour and you take the stress off me. Thanks.

    Terrible boy! You can find all sorts of people around the world, eh?

  15. yeahh love your MAC. woohoo!

    anyways, that kid sound so blarrdy annoying. ohmigoshhhh it is my BIGGEST fear for gib to grow up and be whiny. please please pleaseeeee God don't let him be whiny. cannot tahan whiny kids! and by the way, the kid looks so small, how old do you think he is...? it's amazing that he can invent so much stories at such small age.

  16. Hmmm, finally I am leaving you a comment again. Have been silent reader. I am so pissed, so pissed by what happened to your baby munchkin. It happaned at times to my son too when some kids being extremely naughty and my son is kinda timid. It is also very heart wrenching to see that your own son got bullied not once but continously. Then I will kinda step in . Guess what I did most of the time, I pinch both those kiddie's cheek at the same time say very loudly that he/she is so cute( coz most of the time their mommy or daddy is around) and then start to pinch them both cheeks harder and harder. hehe. I am *evil* like that *grins*. I betcha all mommies out there agree with me that no one should mess with our kid eeh?
    I am so proud of your Jayden, he is one good behaving kid. kudos to him and his upbringing.

  17. Eh, your lunch is instant noodles? Got chillie sauce bottle with instant noodles?
    Also hor (ok I know this is a sore point)....WHERE COMPUTER SCREEN BIG ENOUGH OR NOT? Wahahhahaha....then got laptop some more!

    I don't know if I will tahan the boy telling lies to ignorant mother all the time. I would have said something to his mum, I think.

  18. U so patient hor.

    I guess having a bitch for a wife does have it's advantages. Same thing happen to my kids, my wife will just sound, "U do this again, I will give u one tight slap! Understand or not!!"

    I can tell u the parents heard or not makes no difference. They will just ignore it and my wife doesn't care even if they confront her. She'll just point out what their kids are doing wrong. Happen many times b4.

  19. adrian12:19 AM

    Ok, I wasn't really clear in my previous comment. What I meant to say was, my wife will sound the other parents' kids, not our own kids.

    If our kid kena bully, she will warn the other kid, "U do this again, I will give u one tight slap! Understand or not!!"

  20. thanks for taking a pic of your Big Mac...hehhehheheh. HUGE!! Hey, this maggie mee of yours, how come there are other stuff in it? You tapau?

    Sorry to hear about poor lil J's incident with the bully. I dislike kids like that. Good to ignore them.

  21. Firehorse9:38 AM

    Wah your Mac banyak besar hor...
    Noti boys lidat ah must kena piak baru tau.

  22. i felt like wanna to hit the little liar when i reading your post. poor jayden, why always kena bullied?

  23. etceteramommy2:09 PM

    wow.. really big screen.. ! 24"?

    On the tot, actually I pity the child. Maybe he's doing all these to get the parents attention who inadvertably been neglecting him. Sigh.. Oki Oki.. I better pay more attention to my lil monster.. :P

  24. Sigh
    I have my fair share of 'rude kids and parents' in all the playgrounds

  25. Wow..!! your monitor so big..!! Bigger than PB's..!! sure he jealous if he sees it. Sometimes.. we donch know what to do.. with bad kids too.. to be honest. We donch wanna be rude.. and discipline the kid.. because afterall.. he does have parents that are supposedly to be doing it. It is sad to see kids behaving this way. And you wonder .. why they grow up to be bad.. in the future.

  26. i would have silently gave him a push down the slide and watch him REALLY cry!

  27. hey leng lui,
    i've got somethin for you here.
    check it out k.

  28. you had been very patient!!
    if it was me, i would have give the liar my scariest & fierce stare...

  29. sasha,
    Ini kiddo ah...memang spoilt! Don't worry about that. When he grows older, he'll face a lot of trouble!

    P/s: Updated!:)

  30. Wah.. Now I understand why your colleague jealous about your monitor.. hahaha..

    Aye, I like the way you 指桑骂淮 :P

  31. Yuck! Teruk kid. Irritating!

    But really jealous your Mac PC! :P

  32. So small already so evil *sheesh*. Why u din curi curi cubit him...ha ha ha

  33. oh this is the big monitor that you mentioned.

    i think the boy is trying to get his mummy's attn. Afterall, his mummy does not even show any response despite all his complains.

  34. Lemonjude: Very pening la....Tarikhis telinga? and then? hahahahah

    mott : HHAHAH i think he no understand. I think i shud give him the middle finger and said...nah show this to yr mother next time when she wave her hand...ok? [smile]

    Eva : how to tel off as if he know

    JO-N : Eh glad u like my ranting

    BabyBooned : He IS DAMN BLARDY ANNOYING!!!! HHAHA yeah praying and hoping J wont be like that boy. Maybe he learnt it from his parents i think.

    Moonlight_tears : Ah....u...long timeno hear from you.My son, he looks like ganas but he dunno how to fight or maybe he just couldn't be bothered. Maybe next time he will gusti with the fler la. But I hope not la..hahhaa

    Judy : I bought the additional toppings from pasar malam lo...

    adrian: U and yr wife....*sigh*

    Mommy to Chumsy: nolah .sendiri buy and throw in la..

    Firehorse : UUURGGHH but i dun wanna be the one that piak him

    huisia : Cos he dunno how to fight!

    etceteramommy : 20"! Yeah pity him but also pissed with him at the same time : soooo many around la!

    mama bok: Yeah leave it to the parents!

    Bryan's Mama : ahh....shhhh dun tell ppl

    shern's mom : Aiyak!!! Got tagged!

    Jacss : Got ler..gave edi but he no care!

    Kok : Okay Boss!

    Shannon's Mummy: Yeah now u know eh? Ah i no understand chinese let me get someone to translate for me

    Vivianz : Yeah He is terukz :P

    IMMomsDaughter : Yeah so evil...nolah later her parents come and whack me.. I'm not wearing my super high heels. no self defense leh..

    WMD: yeah he tried so hard

  35. OMG! Love the monitor and LOVE the noodle. Heh.

    Nways kids like this ah, sigh, dunno what to say already.

  36. hmm... tht screen is really huge eh ..

  37. wah!!!! 'sai mmm sai ar' your screen is super big lar.

    hmmm about the kids, probably the parents never pay attention to him and he has to lie lor. poor kid.

  38. yea i hate these kinda parents too ...act ignorant!!!!! sick ler really.

  39. Mrs.Wallace3:07 PM

    Sasha, only certain McD serve pancakes for breakfast. Unfortunately, the one near my house doesn't.

  40. mom2ashley7:56 PM

    oohhh i know what you mean....parents should really be sensitive towards child's play....

  41. your mee shiok to look mar, got big pieces of crab meat (or immitation?). Slurp slurp.

    i can understand how frust it is when coming across those type of parents not bother to teach their kids the right public manner. tsk tsk tsk *shake head*


  42. Ooo..I can feel your geram-ness. Yes, I wouldda smack that boy..but then you I would refrain and then bitch in my blog about the whole incident..hehe..

  43. I did scold a boy once for pushing other kids and even a baby. He cried and ran to his father. Sometimes I donno what parents think, so crowded with kids running, let the baby wonder around.

  44. wahhh.... like that also can ah the boy.. if it ever happen to me.. sure siap one.. confront the parent direct... good also lah u so sabar one.

    and that mac is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. see ha! thats y i always scold those parents..duno how to take care then dun give birth! dun saja give birth to a screaming maniac that tries to burst ur eardrums!

    haih..wut to many of these people outside nowdays >.<

  46. Want to say the same thing like the others...
    1) Wahh...MAc besarnya
    2) I think the kid is not getting enuf attn fr his parents la..hence the lies.

  47. I think the boy is trying to catch the parents' attention.. but the parents' just bochap..

    poor boy.. the parents should be spanked! (and they actually may like it)

  48. I think the boy try to get attention from his parents, as you mention his parent buat tak tau aje,

  49. Lunch also tak senang? have to face the monitor to eat? LOL