Monday, November 05, 2007

When Saying I Love You Itself Is Just not enough

My Jolie Lips, is now the kecut Jolie lips. It's swollen and it's dry. Let me show you.

So, some of you woman don't believe that some men, can go on without sex. Of course in your mind you will say that "there's no cat that doesn't eat fish". What I can say is that you're so lucky that you've never face that problem before. Good for you. What I can say is, "the needle did not poke your skin, that's why you don't feel the pain". So, appreciate what you have and don't laugh at ppl. You will never understand how other people's feel. :)

Not an article this time. It's real life story. My friend told me that her friend just got divorced after 10 years marriage. There's no argument. There's no affair. It just... happened. Why?

From our point of view, they looked like they're happily married. In fact they are "happily" married. The husband is loving. The wife is hot. But during the 10 years of marriage, the husband has not "touched the wife. Yeap, read it again. 10 years.

Of course she wonders why. She checked (most probably she used a P.I) he doesn't have an affair with woman....or man if you wanna know if he's gay.

She kept herself pretty for him, making sure that she looked her best for him.

But still, he doesn't touch her. And she did not seek for other man to touch her too. Why? Because she has faith and loved him too much. Of course they talked about it. But the husband believed in sex-less marriage. What to do?

And on the day she asked for divorce, he asked her "What's wrong honey? I thought you love me?"

And she replied, "Yes, I love you. And because of that, I have given you my most precious 10 years waiting for you to "love" me".

He said " I love You. You know it. I tell it to you everyday. I buy you gifts. I bought you house. I've ensure that you have everything even when I'm gone in the future".

She said "Yes, I know you love me. And you "tell" it to me every single day. But that's not what I want. I don't want a husband that just love me and don't show it to me. I have hoped that you can show me that you love me. But I have waited long enough. And because I love you, I have waited for 10 years. I think that's long enough to show you how much I really love you".

And then they separated.

You see, there are many problems out there and we as outsiders just can't see it. We will never understand how other ppl feel. To us, we will think that she is stupid for waiting for him for 10 years. And we will think that she is stupid for leaving him and his assets because he had not touched her. And some will say the husband is stupid because he had not touched her for 10 years. Believe me, there are some man who is straight and just don't like sex.

And some men, just can't get enough with one woman and seek for more outside. Remember Mr Puah? I met him at the paed yesterday. (Btw, Jayden is unwell-cough, flu and now fever) He was with his wife and his 11 months old daughter. He "looked" like he had changed. Even the way he talked changed. Whether he still seeks for extra entertainment, I don't know. Yet again, we cannot judge people. For us, we just listen(read) and learn how to appreciate what we have now and not judge people and laugh at what we read/listen.


  1. wow.. this is deep. I can't help but feel for the woman. As for the hubby, i just could not make myself to understand you but it seems that there are types of people out there. We can only control ourselves.

    I just hope this will not happen to my best friend. That's all. I wish the lady/woman best of luck in everything she does. As long as she is happy, nothing else matter. :D

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    ei .. some ppl just DONT UNDerstand how's it feel like to be Poke by a Needle eh ..

    Nice story u have there..

  3. Oh, there are plenty of cats that don't eat fish out there due to hormonal, stress, medications or sometimes even after seeing the wife give birth or whatever other problems there is but when the problems are reversed ie woman punya sex drive higher than hubby its just not discussed that is all right anot? Like you said, as bystanders, one will never understand until one has been there. Still, an affair as your previous post is never the answer. Probably what this woman did was right. Communicate and wait and if things still don't change than what to do? Kesian her oni.

  4. etceteramommy12:29 PM

    "Yat ka mm ji yat ka si". Sometimes as a third party we just can't totally understand what the person is going through. But I do believe there is a solution to everything. The outcome may not be 100% what we want but anything is better than 0%. So...shout.. talk about it with the person involved. There's light at the end of tunnel. :D

    Cheers up.. wei.. your lips.. really very dry wor.. :P

  5. Nicely written but having an affair like what the previous post is still not right. If the man is humble enough, maybe he should seek medical attention.

    Anyway, I pity your friend and I hope she has found a happier life now.

  6. Firstly, I hope J is doing better.

    Secondly, I pity the woman, but like someone has commented, having an extra-marital affair is wrong. So maybe she did the right thing? By asking for a separation. But then again, we outsiders will never really know what's the true story.

  7. aiyoh, ur lips looks ok and normal wor..
    like that oso can ah, divorce after 10 yrs of no sex ..

  8. Poor Jayden, hope he's getting better now. The weather nowadays a bit crazy, rain rain rain, then hot hot hot. We adult also can fall sick, small kid even worst.

    Try to apply Vaseline to your lips, probably you help a bit.

    Wow, divorce after 10 yrs marriage. One of my fren's fren, she know the hubby cheat on her, but she telan suara and only divorce when all their 3 kids go to university.

  9. Anonymous4:06 PM

    How's Jayden now? Speedy recover :)

  10. hoping Jayden is better now... oh, and yr lips too.. :-)

  11. wei....u really show yr lips ahh...speechless !!

    though it's pretty hard to know/udrstd there is really such problem lying around, i still believe there's such people!

    pity the wife & so so sayang...all i can say!! hope she had found that someone who's willing to "show" the love instead of only "tell"!!

    speedy recovery for cutie pie...

  12. one they call 'asexual' ..meaning, they not hardup for sex leh.

    got many ppl like that.

  13. ah, mott beat me to it..

  14. We had a cat and she never ate fish.
    I suppose it is only natural that every woman wants to 'feel' loved. At the end of the day money can't buy love.
    Each to their own hor, no two couples are the same.
    I hope your friend finds 'love'.
    Jayden ok now or not?

  15. Eh, I forgot. How come your lips so dry? Kissing lips ah? :P

    Also, what has your Jolie lips gotta do with your friend's sexless marriage? Wah, initially, my mind was wandering everyway.

  16. woww your lips look really poorly huh ?
    put some cream on hope your lips get better soon xxxx
    this post is a real wow to me I guess , well you are right there . well there call one family never know another family big time problem , just hope and bless those un happy family will some day find thier happyniess some way some how , take care love to your little darling hope he will be fast fast well too .

  17. Wah, you lips really kecut till like that ar..remember to put some petroleum jelly on it. I know lip balm doesn't work for me..give it try.

  18. yeah i've heard of ppl lidat. its a real pity.

  19. Get well soon Jayden :)

  20. hmm....many types of people makes the world go round.....

    Get well soon, Jayden! (& you too Sasha - use Body Shop lip scrub to remove flaky skin...very effective)

  21. it's really impossible for a man not to touch a woman for 10 years! and he loves his wife so much! really can't understand. is it something wrong with the man's health? anyway, just wish them both find what they wants in life.

    hey, y ur lips like that? can the skin doctor help?

  22. I know what you mean.. Sasha..! it's very sad.. to be honest. I've met one that is overly-sex..and another.. that donch want sex.. at all..! literally crying.. when the wife asked for sex... :( shocking as it may be for anyone.. but it is true. And yes.. she waited for 10 yrs too.. i'm wondering if we have the same friend..??

  23. Geeee....I really don't know what to say..but, I do believe it....that's why Human is very unique spesies.

  24. Anonymous3:00 PM

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