Friday, June 13, 2008

The Saved Poo

After we got home from the school yesterday, I took J's diaper off and let him "air" his dingdong and told him "tell mami when u need to sheeshee okay?". I turn around and I heard some water driping sound. I turned around and he gave me this look.


Aiyah.....accident. Terkencing!

"It's okay baby. Next time must tell mami okay?"

And I wipe his wee, removed his pants and and went to cook soup. (of course i washed my hands)

While I was frying some eggs for my quickie soup, he came and held my hand and gave me the look again.

I said "Shee Shee?????" He gave me a weirder look.

"PoooPooo???!!!! OMG! FASTER!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!"

I managed to turn the gas off and ran after him. He was already running towards the toilet and I swear I can see the poop half way coming out. He shouted "GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thank god the toilet door was not locked, I grabbed him and place him on the toilet bowl.


And he said "yeah baby........"

And that's the story of the saved poo. More of this can have heart attack man....*wipe sweat*


  1. yeah yeah, luckily J able to hold on his poo, else u will be like Cinderella, sambil wipe sambil cry!!

    Does J needs to read book when he poo? K will ask me to bring him book when he wanna poo, sometimes he will finish flipping the book and tell me "more book" **pengsan**

  2. etceteramommy5:03 PM

    Hahaha.. I like how he uttered the words 'yeah baby'. So cute!!!

  3. A few more incidents like this and J will learn to tell u earlier.

    He's getting sooner than u know.

  4. OOISSHSHH....luckily mami can run fast enuf oso!

  5. hahaha, why he said 'yeah baby' ah?

  6. wah liao wei!!!!

    U preggie and can run fast fast somemore!!!!!!!


  7. haha..nasib u cepat LOL

  8. Hahaha "yeah baby" hahaha so cute lah!

  9. Hahaha!! At least he warns you with the look and not poop on the floor. Good save! :)

  10. He looks so cute and innocent with his puppy eyes! No wonder you can't be mad with him. What a cutie!

  11. sasha,
    Now Lil J knows when he wanna poo liao! Yay!:D

    He's so funny! Can still...YEAHHHH BABYYYY after finish poo poo. hahaha!

  12. He's starting to tell you :D That's a good thing keke..

  13. funny story. My girl now terbalik, doesnt want to tell when she wants to poo-poo. :(

    Well done, Jayden.

  14. Tell me about it...I've had many poo saves and near saves before...but the feeling you get when you hear that PLOPP sound? Indescribable!

  15. lol! i think next time with more practise, he can be Carl Lewis ni 100m sprint... hehehe

  16. "yea, baby"?? Jayden is so cutely cool !

  17. aiyo....go toilet don run ler...if wet and slippery, it would be dangerous. I place a potty in the kitchen for qiqi so she can easily go to her potty herself :)

  18. muhaaahaaah...that's funny. becareful not to run so fast lor cos you are preggy :D

  19. Congrats you save it on time. A tip, train him to poo the same time every day, then you will never have this prob.

  20. AHa, funny, at least, he could manage in time to tell you this....but, won't this be too 'heart attack' for run and assist him with big belly??

  21. True... agree with you and he's so good can saved the poo... haha!

  22. hahaha....reading your blog entries always makes me smile and laugh! Glad the poo went to the right spot.

  23. can't get cross with a face like this :)
    only can think og giving him a hugs and kiss :P

    p/s have u see jan yet? did she pass on something for u/jayden yet ?

  24. AWWW!!! hahahahh

    so cute he says "yeah baby"!!!! heheh =D

  25. ooii auntie sasha... u jangan run fast fast ar.. jaga sikit adik kat dalam itu.. nanti 'terkeluar' macam mana.. haha..

    jus joking ya.. hope din offend u..

    btw, y he shouted 'yeah baby'?? hehe..

  26. wahahha. so cute lah J. hehehe! o.O
    and u also! walaoeh, damn farny!

  27. hahahhahahha...lucky on time, if no u have to use ur hand to save the poo poo....kekekekekkekekeke.*just kidding* blek!

  28. Joanne: Heyo..that day he asked me to carry him, holding a book. Then he pointed to the toilet. Wanna read and poop. So like his dad!

    Etc: Yeah baby.. cos that's what i said when he poop!

    Shooi: He better! if not i go crazy!

    Bryan's mum: Yeah still can lari abit.

    Wen: Cos that's what i said when i hear him poop!

    Mott:Can can, under condition like this, can.

    Jazz: Nasib baik my house small!

    L'abeille: yeah baby..

    Blurmommy: i hope he tell me MA I WANNA ORSI!! but nope. he gimme me looks.

    CC: heyo.. that's the problem la. how to be angry ?

    Kok: follow his mom that likes to say Oh Baby when he poop.

    Sue: yeah a good sign.

    ChewLee: normal la. Last time J was also like that after he kena diarrhea.

    Giddy: Yeah we like to hear the sound PLOOP!!!

    Julian: i can masuk 100m pregnant lady also.

    Allthingspurple: Yeah baby!

    Chinnee: nolah not slippery la. My house very small only.

    Barb: haha no choice ler! Otherwise gotto be poopy cinderella!

    Mybabybay: haha tried but cannot la. not that i dun want to.

    mamajo: yeah heart attack!

    Per&sap: yeah !

    Kay: haha thanks but i get heart attack

    Pearly: not yet dear. I guess we both also very busy lately.

    Huei: next time i teach him to call u Leng Lui Cheh Cheh ok?

    Liang Mui: hahah i hold the bawah there dun let baby come out. muahahhahahaha

    irene: eh what's yr url?

  29. hhahaha that's so cute and funny! :D

  30. Wuah. He so clever, so young can tell you he want to poo already! Soon you can save on diaper money. Yahoo!

  31. Irene4:51 PM

    here is it

  32. mama bok3:49 AM

    Heheheh!! yer so good lah..!! we scary cat.. we never let chloe go without her diapers.. when she was this young.. muahhaha!

  33. Somehow when our kids poo directly into the potty, we hv this great sense of satisfaction. Look at wat motherhood has turned us into. kakaka

  34. hahaha
    this is so funny lar...
    but good lar wey, he at least giving u sign that he poo poo...

  35. Ha ha farny. No need to be so kan cheong lah. Mommies are expert at picking up poo *runs away from Sasha's broom*

  36. oooooh.... I read this post also very Kan Cheong leh....