Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 in the bed...

and the little one say roll over, roll over,
they all rolled over and one fell down.

Guess who fell down?

The father of course!

Big C fell down that day cos Jayden was "kungfu" kicking in sleep and he was sleeping sideways with his leg facing the father. hahahhahaha

Imagine if Justin sleeps with us on the king size bed? hahahhahaha

Anyway the lil one managed to roll over before cny. Approx 4 months 15 days, just before I shaved him botak.
Yeap, he's a very happy botak boy!

Today, he is 5 months old. Time flies eh?


  1. Happy 5 months old Justin!!! Justin's baju is with a "crab" in front? I think my boys also got that pyjamas. :)

    Big C fell down from the bed? hahah, u know i kena kungfu from Cruz and my eye got blue black?

  2. That's one happy smile! I like his smile.

  3. One happy lil fella! Yeah, the song tune sounds familiar .. with improvised lyrics .. hahaha!

  4. Happy 5 mths old, Justin! Now that he's able to roll over, hv to be more careful edi ya.

  5. happy 5 months old, time sure flies

  6. You have a very happy baby here! I love his smile!!!

  7. honestly i must say... justin looks better botak.. hehehee....

    such a happy smile !! or was it laugh ?? hahahaha...

  8. Hahaha. As the rhymes go hor, the next one to fall off the bed is you wor.

  9. geee....look at that laugh!! i think this pic is so priceless....u may wana try sending it for contest lar!!
    damn cute!!

  10. So cute hor?? Make me want to have another one also.. Choy! Talk only... :P

    Time to move the boy to another room liao. Big C I mean. :P

  11. very very cute! must be a handsome boy when grows up! :)