Monday, February 23, 2009

And she broke my...


I turned around (I was carrying Justin and Big C just placed Jayden on his car seat).

She picked the plastic bag (with my new candle burner) up and looked at me.

Her facial expression was like "Yeah. So?"

And I said "Give it to me" and she did. I took the plastic bag and put it under my legs.

In the car I told Big C in Cantonese "Broke my thing and never apologize".

Big C replied "Yeah lor!"

I said "nevermind. I don't need her to apologize. I deduct from her angpow money"

I dropped Big C off at the mechanics and took over the wheels.

Once we're home I told her "You take the things down" and I went into the house with Justin and Jayden.

She came in and locked the door, took everything except the plastic bag with my broken candle burner.

I told her "I think you forgot something".

She took the keys and went to my car and took the plastic bag down.

I was sitting on the floor with Justin and I looked up.

She handed the plastic bag with both hands and she kneel down and said "Maam. I....... I........ sorry I break your thing. I *sob* I..... sorry...."

Terkejut. wtf. Sai mm sai kneel down ah....

And I told her " This is what I want to hear. When you did something wrong, admit and don't ever repeat."

She replied "Yes maam".

And I said "ok. Wait for sir to come back and ask him where is the super glue. Stick it back for me"

It proves something: she understands cantonese and she sayang her money alot :P


  1. wah lau eh Sasha, u r putting a bomb in your house! Ur maid so scary! She seems like multilingual, can understand many many languages, and she can opt what she want to listen and what she doesn't want to! SCARY! Sei lah, like that i dare not get a maid for myself leh!

  2. haha! u go test some more wth she understand lagi tak. prob she just guessing le, smart maid :)

  3. Are you her first employer in Malaysia? If yes, then I don't think she understands Cantonese la. If she has been around for some time, then maybe she does la.

    I think she didn't apologise intially becos she was in a state of shock and didn't know how to react. Sometimes they like to act like nothing happened and hope that the problem goes way. Maybe she saw that you guys are still angry, so she figured better say sorry and prepare to take any 'punishment' that maybe come along with it. Hence the kneeling?

  4. eventho they are from humble background, I realised they are damn proud beings!

  5. when my maid got oout of hand, i made my maid sign a note to deduct RM5 frm angpow money for everything she breaks or forget!
    That scared her but till today, I did not actually 'deduct' lah, her ang pow would be in negative zone. It's good to put rule and order for her once in a while.

  6. sasha.. we will be reading more bout ur maid liao ?? hahahaha but it's always good to share.. hehehe..

  7. your maid is super scary....... aiyoyo for ur 2 sons safety n u n ur hubby safety ... better change maid ler... i think she abit sot sot

  8. Joanne::: she learn language very very fast. She can sing Jayden's japanese song also. But she dunno what they are saying la.

    Irene::: Tested and confirm. She knows. She agak agak la.

    Charlene & Kevin::: Yeah I'm her first employer. And she's a very fast learner , too smart girl.

    Janice: Then u mai sit back, buy popcorn and watch the show lor :P

    Jolenesiah: Sigh susah very susah...
    Laudryamah: Yeah the neck like made out of steel.

    coffeesncookies: Yeahla say only. But one time gotto really do it to show u're serious.

  9. Wow, she can understand Cantonese. Not bad!

  10. At least she admit and with a word sorry, you don't feel that hurt...btw, she manage to glue it back? or u just said it to menakutkan dia?

  11. Well, at least she apologised. It's good you let her go this time.. hopefully with that she knows owing up to her mistake is a smarter choice than trying to hide the truth.

  12. welll as least she said sorry to u. what to do..already broken...

  13. so she learns huh? my maid too, can almost understand 100% mandarin and cantonese now. everytime hubby ask me question about the boys, she will reply for me!

  14. Walau ler...your maid really 'keng' ar!! But, I think it is really tiring to have maid than no maid lor...true bor? I don't have a maid myself, but, from your maid story, can see, really have maid, mean extra 1 people we need to manage and monitor 24 hours!!!

  15. she may understand cantonese eh? you test her my maid also can understand a bit of english now already...

  16. laundryamah is right. they are damn proud. I had to teach my maid to say thank you, sorry, good morning and good morning. Basics which I assume she should be equipped with. really vomit blood !

  17. hahahahahha she too scared to admit it

    lucky for her u're good la..if it was some ppl i know...she probably would be wishing she was never born!

  18. Sorry, I just couldn't stop laughing when I read that she was actually kneel down to apologize :P So fake and dramatic! I am sure there are so many other 'wrong' things that she did previously, that deserve the 'kneeling down' and 'sobbing' episode.

  19. Are you sure she can understand Cantonese??? Reading your story make me very very sure that I am not going to have a stay in maid! Never!!!

  20. Maids coming over these days are getting smarter and smarter. But just act dumb only. We local employees got a lot of catching up to do ....!!! But one thing for sure, no live-in maids for me, even if I have more than one kid!

  21. Eeyer, she knelt down to apologize? So wierd wan. Is she Filipina maid?