Friday, February 27, 2009

Time to print!

I remember that I finally printed Jayden's baby pics when he was 7 months old. And I told myself, reminded myself , DO NOT REPEAT that. And now that we're more settled in our new house, I think it's time to dig out the soft copies and print them out.

I remember when I went to print Jayden's picture. I was still working back then. I gotto save it all in a cd, drive all the way to Tesco Shah Alam and then wait for the next day to collect it back.

Sorry, I have no more time to do that. And I don't need to do that anymore with EOE Online. You just gotto load the pictures in the unlimited space in the online album, print it out and send it right to your doorstep with more than Rm35 spent. And where can you get 4R pictures at Rm0.30??? No way man! These two points already convinced me to use them to print Justin's baby shot done by Jazzmint and Sue and also some of my personal shots that I really like.

If I spent more than RM50, I can even get a free 2009 calendar with my picture selection in it!

Okay, not going to delay anymore. Gotto do it fast! If only the internet line is stable and fast enought for me....


  1. ur post reminded me that i shld print my pics with eoe quick!!! have been sitting on it for a long, long time!!

  2. i gave up printing with eoe because of the stoopid streamyx so lembab!!!!!!!!

  3. i will try it later

  4. i gave up after a few tries coz the upload is super dupa slow!!! i tot it was slow at home, but its the same in my ofc @$##$%#

    i even tried to break it into 10pics per session...still so slow. and i cant do anything while i am uploading! i hv emailed to far no reply yet