Thursday, October 30, 2008

His First Time

Me : Shhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhh
JT : *look funny*
Me : Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Shhhhhhhhhhhh MMMMMMMMMMM
JD : *bounced over* KUKUBIRD! *point at Justin's kuku and bounced away*
JT : *looked funnier*
Me : Eh? U wee wee ah? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Dadi!!!
Dadi : Yes yes?
Me : See!
Dadi : oooooo Good boy!!!Poo Poo in potty! *wipe Justin's buttock with wet wipe*
JT : *poooooooooot*
Me : ooooh dangerous. wait a while more.
Me : ah... all done.

There, his first time pooping in potty. And also his first time not pooping for 2 days. *phew*


UPDATED: not potty training him. I put him on potty cos he didn't poop for 2 days. So I thought I could give him a hand/shhh-ing to make him poop and he did.


  1. sasha,
    So fast he's learnt to poo poo in potty? Well trained! hehehe.

  2. You not doing that sound effect for the past 2 days?

    But as always parents will shout for joy when seeing the poo poo like more happy than seeing gold...

  3. haha, the sound effect is funny. I cant imagine the whole situation...

  4. awww!! hahahhha

    he listens to kor kor! ;D

  5. so early potty training???
    no need gua.....

    daddy so nice to wipe somemore...

  6. wah, sound effect keng ah! hahaha! and potty train at young age! good le. mine dont wanna shee2 or poo2 in potty also. haiyah!

  7. potty training already? I heard from a friend that her friend's daughter could poo poo in the potty before 1 y/o. but we didn't train zen long enough.. all the best with JT :-)

  8. Yes! yes! yes!..good good...potty train at early stage...

    Well done! Justin boy...hugz... always if baby is not poo even 1 day mummy edi worried...

  9. JT got scared the poo and pee out of him when JD bounced over?? :P

  10. SO looks like he will be potty trained by 6 months old hehehehe....

  11. wow, can start potty train him liao since he no reject potty.

  12. wuah!!! good job good job!!!

    my girls til today also didn't want to poo in potty!!!

  13. U must be so satisfied n overjoyed when he *pooot* after u *shhhhh shhhhh*. :D

  14. hahahhahaha....good boy! so now can continue with the potty lor...since he can poo when you did that shhhhhh...mmm sound.

  15. If you're breastfeeding, it's okay if JT doesn't poo for a week.