Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wei? Sasa (part 2)

Okay, some said my words were very harsh. But which part? MUahahaa That is considered mild edi compared to the ones he used to use when he was showing off, how he achieved his target (underwater and all) and how his boss loves him more than us girls.
Please...let me remind you that he talks like DONALD DUCK and no where near to the cuteness of Donald. At least Donald has a GF , Daisy. He.???? He has 5 GFS ah!! His 5 fingers lah! Muahahhaha I'm EVIL , I know.
So, this morning call me again. Conviniently i just rejected the call. Call again and i rejected it again.
Then he smsed me: Izit this person the person in charge of Cok?
I replied: Yeah. She went maternity.
He smsed: Then can give me other name? This is urgent!
I replied: Thats the only one. Call the company and ask (i was thinking urgent ah??? SO??)
He replied: But they pass me around wor.
I replied: Normal la.
Merry go round! Round and Round! I love it!
This remind him, dun step on my tail.....


  1. why do u even bother?
    next time just tell him, urgent also not my business anymore... wtf!

  2. Ohhh..!! so his g/f is "Palmela" Anderson.. hahhahaha!!
    Yalor.. donch SMS back lah..!! you are too kind lah..!! if i already "terajang" him.. to london square..!

  3. Hahaha this fella really dunno who he is talking to .. "oi is our Ms Sasha ok !! dun prway prway" u step her tails .. she go "ta siu yen" then only u know !!

  4. Give her the *siu yan* number la... :P

  5. mom2ashley6:31 PM

    hahahah! good for him!

  6. For the heck of it, call up Nirvana Memorial and tell them that this guy is looking to buy a funeral package.
    Then call up a few 'khoon choy poe' and give them his number also.

  7. Wakakaka!!! padan muka dia.

  8. You samo got breath go and talk to him so much ah... :P