Sunday, March 11, 2007

Report: Together-Gether pictures.

Tuan Tuan dan Puan Puan sekalian,
Attached is my report on the gathering. Some ppl say i talk too much and some say they dun read what i write, only look see pictures so here goes.
Here's how the place look like.

So many ppl asked me what I'll be wearing. Pls look yrself.

And the person I'm supposed to hold hand on my left hand....and she wanted to hide hide her face samo. And she came late.....amah and i gotto serve her maam maam..

Nick: Mott
Status: Virgin (in blogsphere)+ Hot in Black

And then i take picture with Leng Chai KENNY NG!! In the blog he put the picture like chubby lore....actually he's a hottie! Who got good recommendation for him...not bad wan lor..

Nick: Kenny_Ng
Status: Single + Hot Hot Hot.

And wen's lil sister , Janicepa. So cute la this woman...Wen, sorry she's cuter than u okay.
Nick: Janicepa
Status: Not virgin (cos picture shown and pregnant at the same time) + Hot
Status : Green + Hot!

With amah, the person i held hand on my right hand . We went to set hair and did our mani and pedi together-gether. Stuck in the traffic together-gether. Thank u amah for driving me!!!!

And the tai kor, AceOne. Hensem or not?
Status: Virgin (only in blogsphere. Real life kena devirginesed by piao mei long time ago)

And my yellow digi man!!!!!!! wingz!!!!!!!!!
Status: Blue + Hot + No longer a virgin (never get ang pow after open cham!)

Nick : 5xmom
Status: Pink-ier than laptop + Sizzling Hot!@

And 5xmom the celebrity, pink-ier than her laptop. That's why her laptop jeles with her and merajuk with her until she cannot blog live that night. She's a very happy go lucky kind of person. She was even smiling when she told us her son sudah rosakkan her camera. I guess that's the secret for being fren fren with yr kids eh?

My Ah Pek, come all the way from PD to gather-gather with us. So pei meen! I was just checking whether his heart got "BOOOOP BOOOP " tiew or not...cos just now he baru met with 5xmom ma..! And then hor..must be fren fren cos PD so near ...then when i visit PD with my family can get free stay and makan wor. You dun want meh?

And Ah Nel....Hensem or not?
Status: Virgin (in blogpshere and real life. Who wants to open flower? Give ang pow please..)
Some pictures stolen from Tai Kor's blog:

Where i sit.

The signatures of all that attended this event. Can you spot my signature?

I joint the fun, and won something. Opps the pose was abit off. But who cares?

Got caught red handed by Committe for taking more than 1 goodie bag. was for Desperate Mummy who paid but couldn't make it...and mine was taken away when i went for makan Ace (very nice fella)he brought me my extra bag.
And the very long awaited group picture. Can you see me?

It was a cool gathering. Nice to meet everyone esp those annonamous bloggers like cocka (Picture in amah's camera, later show!!!!), Ah Nel, Ace,Lin Peh, Wingz . We're the last table to move our ass from that room. James, Mae,Mott,Amah, Me, Lilian,Wingz,Simon,LinPeh, and samo who ah? sleepy edi..blur blur dei tim......yakked and yakked until the cow come home edi we're still there man! Too bad desperate Mummy couldn't make it. The gathering was so packed, until BB, Sg Wang And Lau Yatt no more parking for her. :(

And of coz wanna say THANKS to the committeeee members for doing such a great JOB! Because of you guys, we're united in a small gathering. Hope that next year gathering will be a major major one!!!! (can feel WINGZ gonna pau huit kun soon)

I reached home at 12.30 am or something like dat. Then i went to bed. And before i sleep, i kissed and kissed my Jayden. He called me twice at the gathering, ee oo, yah yah yah ...dunnno what he was trying to say. Hmmm i guess he missed me...and esp the person behind him telling him to say .."Tell mami u miss her la.."


  1. looks like a lot of fun...wah you and amah went to set hair and all again ah?

  2. Wah, u gals look great and hot ler. U really slim down a lot. I like the photo u take wif Wingz so cute :D

  3. Wah so nice hor...

  4. Adoi!Jeles jeles many pretty girls.....nice photos lei!

  5. Eh.. how come no pic of you with your college mate keh???

    Hahahaha.. aiyoh.. jeles lor.. Looks like lot of fun..

    And you're HOT + HOT la.. !!!

  6. Nice meeting u ! ;-)

  7. Wuah!! You cam whore until 'pau kei' la wei!! TanK Q you for kam-bing to this party. You're such a lovely person. pic with you 'yau yeng' leh!!

  8. so happy to have met you!!
    call me when you cum to PD next time. I blanja you Ohkau!

  9. Wuah, jeles sial, you fatt hou with my AhPek. LOL. Now I only know that the white t-shirt guy is Egghead. Adoi, I saw Eugene on the tag. My eyes blur liao. I dare not ask him who he is. Sei lor, he must think I am the most lansi blogger, never shake hand with him oso.

  10. oi since when yellow man is bulu in color one geh???!!!!

  11. WAH, now I can see your real face, so sexy & hot !!! I'm sure you enjoyed the gathering. How I wish I can join next time...

  12. leng lui sasha!!! another cam whore who owned the party!!

  13. sasha ! channnnteeeekkkknyyyaaaa you...............................................................................................punya rambut ! :D

  14. I like your blouse! So nice!

  15. Pwuahhhh!!! All of you so hot leh. Too bad i cannot be there.
    p/s: your blouse very nice.

  16. simon2:55 PM

    nice to have met you! eh never show you F&N bag ah? Work so hard to win THAT prize...!

  17. I think daddy missed mummy more than Jayden lah.. hahah!!

  18. wow, so fun ya!

    eh, u not look hiau meh with the yellow man! LOL

  19. Wahhhhh, so many pics. So nice, can have such a good time and meet so many new frens. Me stay home sulk oni, lol.

  20. Great night for camwhoring. ;-)Good pics, you are very photogenic.

  21. I should've mingled more instead of getting hooked on that helium balloon...*smacks forehead*

  22. warao eh now i pressure to put up a post!

  23. aiyor this sasha ... SEXY leh ... weeee wiiiiitttttt

  24. Wahh... promote me kaw kaw ah? LOL... thanks ah. Eh... I hot meh? Maybe the aircon not working well that night kua... LOL

  25. hey didn't get to meet you but just wanna say that you're really hot! i'm straight so u ppl dont think otherwise ar! :P no seriously.. being a mother and looking that great is really amazing :) aww now i wanna grow up and be just like you! haha

  26. I like ur hair! And also your hiao hiao-ness! kaka!

  27. wah look so syiok...and u & amah look gorgeuos leh

  28. You really look more lenglui than your picture....*drools*

    It was indeed a pleasure meeting you!

  29. so much fun, nice pictures too. even though didn't attend the gathering but feel i met more people thru your pictures. =)

  30. mom2ashley: Only set hair once ma.

    Desperate Mummy : No wingz made me cute.

    Julian: Yeah. U will know on the 25th

    Annie Q :Apa jeles. Panggil pergi tak mau.

    Etcetera~Mommy : Who who? hahahaha I know who u saying la. Shiat.

    Lin Peh : Lin Peh, Nice meeting u toooooo

    aceone118 : Eh u camwhore until no battery okay

    Ah Pek : Yes! oh Kau on Ah Pek YAY! : Hey, Lilian, U "finished" with Ah pek edi ma...share share la

    Wingz : U different ma. That's why bulu colour lor

    Lovely Mummy : Eh my face memang in my blog wan ma..haha Come next year okay?

    Ckyeo : Yes CKYEO Leng Chai! U also Cam Whore kau kau what!


    shoppingmum + Shooi : U onlylike my blouse? HHAHAHA

    simon : Got got i show in another post!

    mama bok : Yeap...hahaha

    Jesslyn : Yes, i purposely take the hiau picture for u to see ma u dunno meh

    Samm : U dun say so much. Next time u also come

    King's wife : Ten Kiu Ten Kiu....Tot u virgin face cannot camwhore. If not i take picture with u edi

    Gallivanter : I missed the helium session. If not i wil join u!

    laundryamah : Yeah la so slow la u!

    Jessie Woo : shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Kenny Ng : Yeah the blardy air cond not working . Shiat.

    penny : U look HAWT! and i was asking lilian ..who's that hot.!

    Rabbit : U dun talk so much! ask u to come dun want!

    jazzmint : Ten Kiu Ten Kiu. Only once in a long long time liddis nia..

    Cocka Doodle : Cocka! u look exactly like how i imagine u to be!

    wHOisBaBy : Yeah hahahah share share with u mah

  31. Anonymous12:17 PM

    sasha : said your lambut chantek not eppy ah ?? then ok lor... u from kepala to your last toe also berry chantek, eppy? :)

  32. aiyo, I'm the last here to give comments wor....
    The gathering seemed to be very fun and hot....becoz with all the pretty and "hot" ladies around. I also want to join next year....then we can meet meet lor...

  33. Wow. so happening. so nice. so leng lui.... Glad you had fun!

  34. Anonymous3:58 PM

    wah seh.. really nice pics. U really looked hot and sexy too haha.. dont look like a mommy. SO much fun yeah... at the gathering.

  35. I so outdated.. now only come and see this..

    Now I know how Mott looks like liao.. who's the other person in the photo with you Mott and Ah Mah one?