Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When ppl call u stupid...

4th post of the day and counting!!!
I have a fren, she always kena call by her bossie different names. And he uses vulgar lang when he talks to her. Yeah la. You boss, i know. But dun la use vulgar lang and call her names. Come i tellyiu a secret. Sasha last time kena torture by her japonese bossie before. NOT PHYSICALLY okay...just mentally and verbally.

That Japonese used to call me name. Stupid and Orang Utan. At first i was very pissed and will be angry. Angry of cos the mouth also longer. So long until can hang hanger edi. But one thing about these kinda ppl. They are sadist. They love to see people suffer and upset when they call them names.

So what i did? Being Sasha.....*evil grin* of course i will have my way la. First you flirt with the fella. Then you wink wink that fella. Then you hiau hiau tell that fella you wanna toot toot with him. Then he syiok then he will set a time for you! Then you go to that place and hiau hiau with him samo.. sure he listen to you edi la!!! Ask him to stand...he wont sit. Ask him to sit he won't stand. That's how la!!!!!!!! After dat he will call you GODDESSSS okay!

Good or not....

You say will work or not?

YOU CRAZY AH?????? Sasha not like dat wan okay? Siao cha bor betul ...hehehehe

i tell yiu my story...

He calls me names...ORANG UTAN was the worst. I cried when at first he called me that . I resigned on the spot. He don't let me go. In fact i resigned 3 times only i managed to get out of that place. I stayed because i love the job, i love the brand, and i love the fact that I'm working in a lingerie company. And i resigned not because of him.

He loves it when i cry when he calls me name. One day while he asked me to stand in front of him and listen to him talking in his japonese and english accent. "U ah...No good ah! You know.. You're orang utan. Stupid..blablabla" And i thought, if i'm orang utan, then he's a bigger babboon cos he selected me from 15 candidates okay".
So i just look at his facial expression ...exactly like orang utan and his hair is mohawk style...always pulling and touching the hair and make straight in the middle....and i imagined an orang utan talking to me.....
And while he was scolding and scolding i giggled. He shouted "YOU STUPID! WHY I SCOLD YOU AND YOU LAUGH!!???? WHY???!!"

And i replied... "Because I'm stupid".

He said "WHAT?????"

I replied him again "Yes, because I'm Stupid and I'm orang utan"

He said " GO OUT!!!"

From that day onwards, when he scold me..."Why you make mistake???"

I will reply "Because I'm Orang Utan".

And he will say..... "Okay lar...HAHAHHAHAH. Go out and do again. No more mistake okay?"

And we became frens.

So next time when people(your boss) call you stupid, just smile and imagine that they're stupid-der, because they hired you. :)

Do you know that I got hired in my new company because they know how shitty my previous employer was and they needed someone that can handle shits like this. So you can imagine how shitty my new company gonna be. Cheers!


  1. Huh? Like that also can? If here sure kena sue kau kau already.

  2. O.o he call u ORANG UTAN -.-"

    but i love the way u replied him hehehe

    way to go SASHA !!

  3. Hmm.. yalor, if we're in the ang moh country he sure kena sue liao, for defamation maa..

    But you good ah, dare to reply like that, lucky this country still got people like you la, teach them they're not always right *wink*

  4. to learn from you lar

  5. wah really one super gila jepun kia!!

    but thank god u more terror than him! hahaha...u always get the upper hand la...last word hor...

  6. Aiyoh.. horrible lor your Orang Utan boss. wonder which lingerie company?? Hmm...

  7. wow...u are tough and steady! that fella is really uneducated to me. at last u gain a friendship from it...cheers...we rather have more friends than enemies, rite?

  8. wow...u are tough and steady! that fella is really uneducated to me. at last u gain a friendship from it...cheers...we rather have more friends than enemies, rite?

  9. Thumbs up for you!!! Sometimes i can even imagine you will roar like lion if someone step on ur tail! :)

  10. hahahaha.....this post really give me a good laugh la...

    Tabik u lar! LOL

  11. Gila mia Japunese! But you steady steady liddat wor..I like your imagination that the Japunese is a babboon!! kakakaka

  12. my gosh! what kind of a person he is man...

  13. sound like my lecturer...
    she always said we r stupid and dont know how to do this and that
    so i beh tahan... i said... wah miss u experience and do this stupid thing b4 hor... or not how come u know... muahahahah

  14. I probably sue him till he "lat fu", abusing people like that. You should answer him..."It takes 1 to know 1". Seriously, you can take action against him by reporting him to labor office.

  15. Wa lau, you are one strong gal!

  16. wah seh...woman...i really salute you lar...can tahan kena torture like that...

  17. From my experience, I believe that these sort of people are an inferior lot. They are so inferior about themselves that they resort to calling others names so that they feel good about themselves. Sadist, innit?

  18. Hehehe, very cool reply neh!