Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Last Dei! (That Day la)

Many of u guys been asking. When is last day? When start work? Okay Last day was 16th March 2007. Start working 26th March 2007. 10 days before i start. So now i blogged at home. My last day supposed to be on the 1st April. Exactly 2 years, I joint this company 1st April 2005. Cool eh? Didn’t know about it , only got to know about it after my hr told me about it.

So last day, trying to clear off everything and get everything being signed off in the checklist of leaving this cpmpany .You see in my company, every person that need to leave the company need to fill up an exit form, where you need to answer questions like, why do you want to leave? Better Pay? Promotion? Blablabla Tick Tick la konon. And this is THE time where you can taruk anyone or anything you’re unhappy about this company. So I cincai cincai tick here and there la. What for wanna make life difficult kena questioned right?

Then this boss of mine (ex boss now) very sked of everything. She sked I taruk her kau kau in the exit interview. So she asked me to show her the form before I show it to HR. Exit interview with her la kononnya….Then she check each and every question. And if there’s an option of :
ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, SELDOM and I chosed SOMETIMES, she questioned me. Why you write sometimes ah? I don’t quite agree with you, you know. Blablablabla…And to make her happy…”oh I tick the wrong box again ah. Later I change….?” I said. If I cannot have any say, then why put so many boxes there? They shud put like only one box right?????

And of course came the most very important question. Do you find it difficult to get things done when it involves other colleagues? Or something like dat la . I said MOST OF THE TIME. And she opened her eyes widely and asked …”errr hard to get help ey? For example ? And I smiled and answered “E.O”. Okay that I know and its very obvious. Especially these few days.” You see that woman was so scared to take over from me; she purposely took mc for soooo many days. Even the new boss (cos my current boss got promoted to be big big boss ma) also complaint about her , even before starting to work with her. Guess my beat small ppl works ey? Although I never even really beat and step on her picture. But I guess what comes around goes around. Anyway, I helped until the last day of my work. I did what I can . So sayonara, enjoy la. I no eye see la!

Then my boss said so many things to me like “Actually I’m sad to be loosing you. Cos I know that you’re talented. I didn’t know that you have such a wide knowledge about so many things and you‘re a person that likes to learn more things. And not like what I used to think about you, a person that will follow instructions and don’t have own opinion of your own. You know what? After I get to know you better, you’ve given me the impression that you will be a see tau por (lady boss) one day. You have the entrepreneur mindset. It’s good. I hope to see you at the top and I’d like to work with you some day”.

Okay, now you know. Now I know. But abit too late eh? Actually hor…why she thinks that I dun have my own mindset leh? You see, to follow instruction is stupid. Don’t follow is rebellious. Better go find a dog la. Malas wanna layan.

So am I excited to join the new company? No ler….cos I haven’t join the company , the director asked me to do homework edi. These ppl also eat full nothing to do. NutCase. So I guess the bitching about workplace will still continue…So dun worry…Sasha will continue to write about her sux working life if she has the time to do so. Anyway I’m gonna miss this view…cos I’ve stared at it for the passed 2 years. Keke Abit miss this view tim……….

And I managed to camwhore with my peeps in the office. No point showing all the posing posing nice nice ones. Let me show you how to pose 2007 stylo!!! (Woi I'm Not Lesbo Okay!!!! This is only for photoshooting purpose!!! No touch wan)

This woman, when I stand next to her, I abit shy . Cos my Ahem compared to hers …like watermelon compared with lemon. So, to balance abit…… And this woman…I really felt like squeezing her Ahem. Of cos I wont, that’ll make her happy only! Cos she was the one that owes owes wanna see what u’re doing in yr pc, wanna read yr mail, wanna know what u’re saying. One word. Bitch! And this picture…she looks familiar isn’t it? See I told u I can draw exactly like real. Althought the drawing sucks….but it looks exactly like her! This woman I also blogged about her before. I dun wanna say which post but its not nice post la. Hahahahha But she’s overall cool!

Okay enuff about the past. Good horse dun graze on the same field twice(Howe mah mm wui sek wui tau chowe) So wait for my new story k?


  1. ur boobies r so corourful!!!!!!!

    i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How come that night at the party your bor bor not so big geh?
    You deflated them is it? LOL

    Confirm! Your department all lesbos! Hahahaha!!! Like to char each other wan.

  3. Oscar's Mommy8:42 PM

    wa shiok nya... you got to mormorcharchar everybody's boobs before you leave ah... haha...

  4. Woah, got purple got yellow geh? So kalerful!

  5. Hamsap lor u.. went ard *char-ing* yr ex colik's por-por. Later u ter-squeeze too hard, silicon fell out how..?? :P

  6. hahaha..i like ur pics LOL..

    so that day saw u is tarak balik rumah straight from opis lah :P

  7. mom2ashley11:19 PM

    your pics funny la

  8. wah..... why all the pics look like u attacking ppl's ahem?

  9. haha...funny lar all yr pics...

    taking full "advantage" of yr coliks before leaving huh...

  10. your office full of boobies grabbers hor!! LOL!
    good luck in your new job!!

  11. yeer... u bin tai wan!! like to grab other people's nen nen.

  12. mott : Okay i reserve for u!! what kaler u want? hahaha

    Cocka Doodle: Eh can hide hide wan ma..only take out for picture taking purpose!

    Oscar's Mommy : Muahahahah Revenge!!!

    Rabbit : U like pink? I buy for u !

    Etcetera~Mommy : Thats why only pretend..sekali the liquid PITTTTT out. Habis. Refund!

    jazzmint : Got ler..go home change pants anbd grab my 2 chans ma

    mom2ashley : Aiyoh...Last chance ma..hahha

    Jolenesiah : muahahah cos they owes char mine last time mah!!!

    Leng : If not how to make u laff?

    Egghead : Thats why abit sad lor

    Ah Pek : Hahahaha u gila wan la . Only pretend wan la!

  13. where u working?? wan hire programmer?? i wannn!! can i carpool wif u?? i wan i wan i wan!!


  14. u r really memang very the creative lor!

  15. now i know why Jayden like to pull ur "nen nen" hahaha....inherit this "unique hobby" from the mummy....hahahahahaha

  16. wah really boobs party this one!

  17. Wow..Sasha..!! what's with all the boobies.. hahahhaha!!
    Good luck with your new job..!!

  18. WAHH...u like to charr nen nen one ar?..in tat case , i think u will love my job..

  19. Your ex company is doing R&D for char nen nen wan ar? kakakaka!!!!!!!

  20. Woi... you "ho liau" (keng) hoh...

  21. Boobies party, huh.

    Good luck in your new job.

  22. Aiyah you should do 2 exit interview form mah, one to show your boss/ex-boss and the other one, the actual to submit to HR. Hehehehe... Do your other colleagues a favor.

  23. Anonymous8:08 PM

    boob za za? hahaa...