Friday, March 09, 2007

Feeling Guilty....

I drove passed nanny's place just and saw Jayden playing in front of the sliding door with the nanny.And i felt so bad. So So bad.
Tonight I'll be going to the gathering leaving my 2 guys at home for the first time ever since he's born.
Hmmmm now I'm at home, trying to write a proposal for the new company's director. Chasing me for a report even before i start to work for them. Cilakak. And i cannot think of a single word. I can only think that my baby is over there, probably eating porridge now...or sleeping.
Awwwww..beh tahan. I wanna go see him later before i head of to the gathering tonight.
But I'm sure I'll thinking about these 2 guys when i'm there .
Babe if you're reading, i have something for u in the fridge okay. I see u tonight at 1130 or something like dat. And thanks again for taking care of Jayden boy while i go party. Muaks!


  1. Don't feel quilty babe cos u seldom go out by urself from what I knowlar :D

    I'm sure Mr Chan will know you don't worry so much and enjoy your nite out ok !

    Psst .. Mr Chan don't worry I will help you to take care of Sasha ok !

  2. wah.. so loving... hehe.. enjoy the gathering

  3. aiyor..don't feel guilty lar...u need to take a break and have some time on your own jugak mah...don't think so much..just few hours only...and i'll bet you gonna have so much fun tonight....

    Enjoy your together gather gathering yah!!!take lots of pictures and show us yah!!

  4. mom2ashley1:57 PM

    have fun!!!

  5. aiyo... ah ma.. you so "wai tai" ~~ not hahahaha... enjoy urself lah .. once in a while .. mou man tai lah .. dun always lidat mai tak lor ...

    see you !

  6. So lovey dovey. Enjoy your night!

  7. Dont think of Jayden as the cutie cutie.. think of him as the naughty naughty... then u wont feel guilty. Muahahaha... Enjoy yourself B.. :D

  8. wey wey dun like this la .. enjoy the night ma .. k k

    PICTURES !!!!!!!!!!

  9. I've said my view to you on msn... but have to add, HAVE FUN...