Monday, March 12, 2007

My Preparation b4 gather gather.

Yeap. I went to set my hair together-gether with Laundryamah, despite me being unwell *cough**cough*. And we did our manicure and pedicure. Sick ma...of course have to make myself happy la right?
First u curl the whole head up like a cabbage. And put under the oven for 45 minutes. See wait until the manicure also become all hardedn and pink liao.

After taking the hair out from the oven, Pull it back straight again. (??????????? why did i spend 45 min in the oven when gotto pull it straight again?)

Then u go to party, and meet cocka. And then after meet cocka meet Wingz and Ace.

And then received a comment from him...asking where is the prize that i bertungkus-lumus run here and there and won....So I played game and won this...Together with a F&N bag. YAY!

Enough camwhoring for i think one year. See myself also sian edi. *vomit*


  1. wuahh....glamer betul. :)

  2. Muahahaha.. I almost laughed off chair when I read abt the hair into oven part.. but very nice la...wat perm is that called ar?? :D

  3. Kakakaka!!!!!!!!!!! the 1st pic 'siew sei ngor' I tot from where this 'lam ah chan' came from. Muahahahaha!!lol

  4. Hahaha! can I know where's the place ler how come I saw many auntie ler :P

  5. love the hair!!
    are they permanent or temp curls??
    I was wondering how do you tell the hairdresser this particular style?!!

  6. LOL... canwhore till vomit also can ah? First time heard leh...

  7. The first pic like a cheeky school girl. :D

  8. wow, u really did a lot of effort to dress up, hair-do, manicure, pedicure. Anyway, you looks stunning, pretty and hot leh...after all after being mummy, if tag along monster, forever we don't have chance to dress up like that now...ei..that day u no need to work? how come can do a lot before the party?

    Good, I can see u did enjoy urself to the max! *thumbs up* lady!

  9. wah ur hair turn out so glamour-rous la!

    must go to laundryamah hairdresser loh!!

    hahha fast fast make appointment...

  10. earl-ku7:57 PM

    how can i missed out shaking this hot mommy's hand ...

    damn ... i want a refund on my ticket!

  11. Eh! Ur first picture itu macam pao zhou por wor!! Got collect rental or not mia u?

  12. wah... lenglui wor.... nice hairstyle ne...

  13. You look so cute --- even with the cabbage on your head! You can really make people laugh, girl.

  14. somehow ... i saw a vision of you with 'that' hair... that's why didnt take picture with u... haha!

    next time la.

  15. I oso wan to go culr hair and put head in oven, but sked afturds Mr. FH luan some more, dun care dis time I go do then take pigcher kekeke.

  16. saw ur hair think of maggi mee...

    *soli last nite cant make it*

  17. nyonyapenang : Nyonya . Glamour in real person or not?

    Etcetera~Mommy : Dunno what perm la. Cabbage perm.

    aceone118 : LAM AH CHAN?????

    Desperate Mummy : Hahah anex time bring u!

    Fashionasia : Actually my hair is digital permed edi. But saja wanna itchy butt go and set my hair

    Kenny Ng : Never try before leh? Hahhahah

    Dragonmummy : Muahahahaha "like": only.

    Judy Chow : Eh where got so much effort.

    mommy of two angels : U know who to find la if u need cabbage hairstylo

    earl-ku : EARL KU! Ya u busy entertaining "other" ppl Ma!

    Rabbit : Hhahaha collect rental . I looked like the steven chow show..with the pau chou por right

    Jolenesiah : Nice hairstylo? Cabbage hairtylo?

    KittyCat : Hahahhaah share share ma..

    zewt : Thats why u never take picture with me la..

    FireHorse : Yeah share picture!!!

  18. Haha! Nice hair! =) Although, yes, we women tend to make ourselves suffer just to look beautiful. Haha!

  19. Vely vely nice lehh... your neighbourhood auntie saloon izzit??

  20. earl-ku4:43 PM

    sad ... sad ...

    i should have "entertain" less ...

    and come over ... hahahahha