Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You are my sunshine....

I received a call from my niece, Jasmine the other day. And she told me she is so tired getting selected to attend school activities (cos other kids just looked at the teacher with the blank face all the time). She got selected (again) to go for school competition and this time, she got to wear the stupid sun made out of Styrofoam on her head. And she sang the entire song for me while i was driving home.

I went home last weekend and she was giggling and told me, "Mai-Mai? Wanna hear my Sunshine song again?" And i replied..."nope. Already heard it". She said..."No this is different". So i said "Okay and continue to eat my dinner". She sang....

You are my asshole,
My only asshole,
You make me happy, when i shiiiiiiiiitttt,
You never know dear,
How much I love my asshole,
Please don't take my
asshole away...

Everyone nearly choked and she giggled. Goodness...And she told me my BIL taught her that song . Probably they're so sick of her talking all the way from PD to Melaka during CNY so taught her a new song so she can enjoy herself singing away. Haha


And another day, i went home. I heard a commotion. Her dad was scolding her. And i asked her mom (my sis):

Me: What happened la
Sis: She said yesterday she dun have homework.
Me: Then
Sis : So i asked her to take out her books so i can check her books.
Me: Then
Sis: Then she said ..O O got one homework. So i asked why just now she said dun have.
Me: Then?
Sis: She told me that's "the other" day's homework. You say die or not?
Me: The other day's homework. (true mah..u ask yesterday got homework or not. You never say that day got homework or not ma)

Her Dad went to fetch her. Teacher managed to get hold of her Dad.

Teacher 1: Mr Andrew, I want to talk to you about Jasmine.
Dad: Yes. What is it?
Teacher: She always talk non stop in class and then she never copy anything when i write on the blackboard. Not only that, she kacau others until everyone also cannot copy what i write on the board.
Dad: (Stare at Jasmine...)*blush*
Teacher 2: Is that Jasmine's dad? Mr Andrew!
Teacher 3: (following teacher no.2)
Teacher 4: (following teacher no.3)
Teacher 5 : (following teacher no.4)
Teachers: Blih Blah Blih Blah.
Dad: (speechless)

This woman girl really is a smart girl. But like normal, smart ppl will be naughtier. In Kindy, she was asked to stand in the corner for 2 whole weeks. Why? Cos she was walking around in class and when teacher teach, she sapu lantai. Die or not? The reason why she walk around in the class is because.. " i already know how to write my name. I already know how to write ABC until Z and i already know how to write 1 till 100. So boring!". *sigh* blame who? Sometimes we just gotto listen to them and understand them abit. True also...how many years in kindy and learning the same old thing...of course bored la. The education system here, *sigh* is all about memorising memorising. And not teaching them to understand. As long as can score in exam, means smart. I really dunno how to choose a school for Jayden next time.*thinking*
Naaah...think later la..
For now...i'm gonna sing the sunshine song today tro entertain myself ..hehehe


  1. Hahaha! ur niece is really a smart girl the sunshine song is goodlar.By the way, how old is she ler?

  2. u post summore of ur niece's tokking la...afturds ur jayden oso tok liddat then only u know ah! eh...i tagged u..this one i promise not mo liu one..very good!

  3. chewren who walk around class is of course, bored. Becoz they already learn everything at their level..sure get bored one. My son also like to walk around..not only the class, but the whole school. Very fame already he.

    All the teachers scold me. I just shuddup and smile..n say sorry la.

    What to do? Who ask the mother to everyday shout at him, "HOW TO SPELL...(blablabla).........????"

    my fault. always the mother's fault.

  4. Your niece is too funny! Next time when I'm back in KL..you have to bring her too..hahaha..

  5. haha..jasmine are so cute la..very farne. must be inherit this "talking" habit from "mai mai"? hahahahaha *run away*

  6. What a nice song to sing on shitty days. LOL. I come by to peek at your killer shoes. Want to wear on Friday or not? Talk about that, aiyor...I bought one dress for CNY and my son said it looks like a bathrobe (geisha type) Niamah. And the dress suddenly become too big for me pulak. Now, must go buy baju pulak.

  7. mom2ashley3:52 PM

    wah..so smart also kena punished for it by teachers ya...not fair also right?

  8. Aiyo.. sometimes not very good to send them to school so soon hor? So clever some more kena from teacher.. poor girl.

  9. Schooling here not good, everything cannot. And the teachers just want an easy life at school, so anything new is a no-no. That's why a lot of Malaysian can't think for themselves *sad to say*, they're spoonfed at school.

  10. Song's funny! Hahahaha!

    And yeah, I know how she feels, coz I was in her shoes too. Was in kindy since I was 5. By the time I got to Standard 1, the classes were all so boring and in the end, kacau everyonelah. Hahaha!

    Biaselah tu.. Malaysian education system sucks big time!