Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bitching Time!

Yeah! I long time never bitch edi. Yesterday i went to bulan lima bank. In fact I went last 9th March. Said that my Add in my IC is not near their branch. Asked me to go home and bring a credit card statement. Why credit card statement leh? I told them i dun have credit card statement, only sub card. "So bring yr husband's credit card statement". U think I'm blonde? My hair is black okay?

So if I bring our credit card statement , straight away u guys will ask us to buy this bond, apply credit card for Big C's piao mei (joking la), Credit card for MIL, BIL,SIL,FIL. NO WAY!!! Cos it happened before in another bank, once we banked in alot of money, the next thing you will receive a phone call asking you to buy this and that. Not so professional also that bank....no privacy. Baik simpan bawak katil like dat man....

Anyway, so i pandai. I bawak my BE form siap with my new address. So i purposely went at 3.30pm. First cos its less traffic and 2nd because they cannot delay my application , ding dong here and there. They also wanna go home right? Muahahahah So the guy punya face like i killed his whole family...like hokkien mee face you know?

Tik Tak Tik Tak, he keyed in one by one the details in my form. I was like, cilaka type so damn slow. Shud just let me type from the beginning then no need to waste the piece of form. Environment friendly ma.

Then he said " You MUST fill in yr employer details". And i said, " i resigned edi. I havent found a job". "NO YOU MUST!". I was thinking, what if I'm a SAHM, no income? How? So i said," put old employer wan can?" He said "Anything also can." Ah? anything? Then i saw a Mamee on his table and wanted to just copy the entire add on the packaging. Then i thought, "Choi..tai ka lai see. i dun wanna work in Mamee" So i called my ex colik and asked her for the ex company add". And then after I filled it up, he continued to type. Tik Tak Tik Tak and then he smirked. Dunno what the hell that guy was thinking. Maybe he was thinking "so big company also wanna resign." Okay apa apa saja la...

Then suddenly he asked me "how many kids do you have?"
I replied "1. why?"
He asked again totally ignored my -Why? , "How old?"
I replied, "Going to turn 1, why? "
He replied.."HUH??????" .
I replied again " Going.......to.......turn.......one............why???????"
And he said "Huuuuuuhhhhh????"
Niabeh. Which part he dun understand i really don't know.
"So i replied again..He Is going to be one, this 21st March 2007. One Year Old. WHY??????". "
And he replied, "nothing".

Cilakak asked so many questions make me replied so many times....and NOTHING????? Must be gila or eat full nuthing to do. Or maybe its the "Smile and Be frenly policy" But how to be frenly when ask question and end with nothing...and how to smile when the face is like hokkkien mee face? Yiu Tell Me?

So nevermind....he then gave me my account card and they asked me to go and change my pin number. You know what i HATE the most? ppl standing there looking at you making transaction, be it change pin ka or take money. I no Suka. The worst, a guy standing there waiting to solicit you, asking you to sign up for credit card. Argghhhhhh!!!! "Miss Miss credit card for you? Free For LIFE!" with the face hoping that I'll say "YES PLEASE!!".And i replied "No Thanks" And gave him a big GRIN. Poor guy.

So everything done in 30mins. YAY! So the lesson for today, go at the end of the day, everything seems to move faster when they're about to close. And when they ask question simply just give other answer...cos the answer at the end is ..NOTHING. Blek!


  1. Yoohoo... finally first to comment. Must learn from you. Last time I waited 1hr 15 mins just to open Ryan's saving account....

  2. gotta learn this trick from you...go at the end of the day...cos usually i go very early in the morning to avoid the queue...simple things that can take 10mins to be done...they can drag it for 1hr...

  3. now tok about banks, must include me... wahahaha...
    stupid bulan lima, i open account took WHOLE DAY...

  4. wah no wonder they ask u to buy so many things from them la...so much cash stash up! hahaa..help u to distribute loh.

  5. mebbe the teller trying to date u leh...kah kah kah kah kah.....!!!!

    pity the bank fellas la..they also got anak anak to feed like u, mah....

  6. nowaday, the credit card salesperson r scary..... in order to avoid them i walked far far away.. or just tell them off by saying "I'm Still A Student" muahaha

  7. Their application got ask u to fill in your blog address bo ? HAHAH!

  8. Maybe he asked you how old are you la..

  9. I tell you, some people ought to be shot because they're just plain dumb! Itu lima bulan bank thinks so highly of themselveslah. Everything also charge. Dumbass! And BNM ALWAYS ALWAYS approves. Dia NAZA of banks. Hahaha! Just like how MITI will approve everything for NAZA!

    Okay, lari topic already.. :P

  10. Esther3:59 PM

    luckily, my workplace got my bank, so if i wan 2 do banking, me always 'snake out' during working time or else use machine lor. HA HA HA

  11. What is bulan lima bank? Buku 3 lima i know la... LOL

  12. Bulan Lima Bank is a new bank ka?

  13. you should fill in CEO mah! LOL

  14. maybe he was trying to pick you up :P

  15. Kaka! yeah like jolene, i always say i am still a student, cannot afford a credit card, then faster run away. Keke!

  16. Apa bulan lima beng oh? 5 moons bank ah? or maybank... OHHHHHHHHH MAYYYY BANK.. idiot me... hahahahahahahhaha...