Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sifu! Saya Sudah gagal!

Yeah 3rd post for the day! Gila or not? Who asked me to have so many things to talk about. Hahhahahah

Today is not Eat-Full-Nuthing-To-Do okay. Today is Hungry-Cannot Think-Gonna leave company-Hungry-stomach empty punya blog. Haha

So the post title is : SIFU saya sudah gagal! Gagal apa leh? *sigh*

You see this?

This Wen's Cha Siew Bun Egg. So perfect. So "hiau hiau" me. I also want to try la. Samo hubby went outstation will be back late and I lazy wanna go out to tapau makan, i simply just cook maggie mee la. And what is maggie mee without egg right? and this is my version of the egg..

Saya sudah Gagal!!! i tied the knot too loose and left too much space for the egg to DingDong Left and Right! Come out like this. *cry uwaaaaaaa* Nevermind..i will try again and again. KamBaTE!!!
While i was eating my Maggie Mee on the stool, kangkang-ing and trying to block Jayden from reaching my bowl, He was munching on Gerber's baby biscuit.

This is his latest trademark besides the hulk hogan action.

As usual he will share some with me...eyerrr so dirty.

(more of jayden's pic here)


  1. Hahahahahahahah.. alamak I nearly fell offf my chair looking at the egg.... No worry do sumore.. Kah yau kah yau.. sure can one... Psst psst:Tips hor when U tie try to turn the egg so tat the shape of the bun will come out...

  2. wah to do this egg when i went to wenn's site i the egg picture didn't load properly so i didn't read one leh

  3. eh..3rd post of the day!!????

  4. Wahhhh... very cute leh, must try must try :)

  5. *gggrrr* tummy making noise adi :P

  6. What stunt u wanna do on the egg leh? Wanna make it look like bun ar?

    My god!! Jayden.. sai mm sai so all over the face.. :P

  7. Eh, name this Digi egg la, baru mia brand!!

  8. Wow, your jayden decorate his face with food...:P

  9. your eye is retarded !! ahaha.. still my sister egg is better !!! hahahahaha.... look more watery !!

    yes i m teasing cos i aint gonna gif it a try !!!hahahaha