Thursday, March 22, 2007

When men cheats.

Oprah’s show today spoke about why men cheat ( I got this on Astro max, which I’m so gonna watch it over n over again!), where she invited several men to confess and tell why they initially cheated. Surprisingly, some cheated when they’re still not married, during wedding ceremony and of cos after wedding. There’s one guy that went for his wedding, thinking about his mistress.(then shouldn’t get married right?)

Gosh! That guy is crying now, saying how he regretted cheating on his wife after 18 years of marriage. He said that he met the woman who is also married at his son’s scout’s den, always drive to somewhere to have sex, to alleys, next to police stations, in the park, behind supermarkets and blablabla and you know what? His wife is backstage listening to all these. Imagine the wives at the backstage listening to all the men confessing how they cheated, why they cheated and how sorry they were. Who suffers more?

One guy confessed saying that he still love the wife (don’t they always say the same thing?). Why did he looked for other woman? He said it was a mutual thingy where the eyes spoke like “I KNOW you want me”. Niabeh….If that’s the case, I’m supposed to have affairs so many times edi la..

And another guy said that he looked for other woman cos he was not “adored” at home. He said the feeling of being adored is very important. So Oprah asked him back, “well did you do the same to your wife? Adored her?” and he replied, “No. I didn’t do that". Shiat. Then you expect her to adore you, when you come back home, throw your blardy bag, take off shoes, fling to the left and right, sit down and asked what’s for dinner. When the wife gotto run here and there, trying to juggle between the house chores, kids, dinner, laundry? Men….so so so selfish!

Another said that it was so nice. Cos’ he wasn’t expected to help to wash the dishes, help with the kids and all. As soon as he went to the mistress’s house, he will just sit down, and waited to be greeted in sexy lingerie with dinner all ready and hot sex for dessert.

Oh another guy is crying…..Oprah said to the guy who was crying… “all these tears doesn’t mean a DAMN thing. ANYTHING at all. The most important thing is to be clean and to tell the truth” on national TV.

Another man confessed that his sexual desire is higher than the wife. So the only way out is to find someone to fulfill his needs. Oprah really made them feel so shameful. Haha “So after you sleep with the woman, do you go home and bath and have sex again with your wife?” The faces all became like ham choy (Sayur Masin).

I always thought that how come the man always blame the wives for then to have affairs? They expect the wife to adore them, treat them like a king, and treat them like they’re newly in love and all. But are they doing something to get that in return. So if the wife didn’t get treated the same way , does that mean that the wife can go out to have affair???

If its about sex, then they gotto work it out. Buy Viagra ka, buy Gambir ka or Kacip Fatimah ka…Anything la. Or just talk it out. There must be a reason why there’s no “bed communications”. No matter how, (not suggesting that everyone should go home and have sex tonight k? tomorrow also can…) “married” couples should be intimate once in a while to keep the relationship healthy. Cos woman normally after giving birth and all, don’t feel like having sex anymore. For many reasons, be it scared to get pregnant, tired, or simply think that the husband is not worth it or many other reasons. You need to work it out for your kids sake ka…for your own sake ka….Need communications if you want it to work out! I believe that being in a relationship needs communication and open-ness. Need to spill it out whether its good or not at least they need to tell the truth.

You know lately the police has trained some dogs to sniff out the pirated CDs? Maybe I should train my BoBo n ChaCha to sniff out men who just cheated on the wife. And straight away punish them by biting their DingDong. You think I can make money? *Kaching! Kaching!*


  1. wahhh say ... sasha.. u can be the next oplah lah .. lidat ... go and do an e-oplah show on your blog here lah .. wahahahaha....

  2. if bobo & chacha can do the "sniff" test...u sure become million-hair...very soon!

  3. Men who cheat are always full of excuses. Dunno why they want to go live on Oprah and cried. Remorse? Nah...they'll do it again.

  4. Sure got people pong chan laa... go train em up asap....

  5. Looking at this, seems like the only reason men cheat is for sex. Which is why I say, celibacy rules hahaha

    Eh, if you can train your dog sniff out unfaithful men, you'll be a millionaire in no time! =D

  6. MEN!!! They do it, it's a norm, we do it, it's shamless!!!

  7. don't understand why these supid men want to confess on national tv and let everyone knows they cheated...what, they think people will pity them? expect the wife to forgive them? go to hell.

  8. aiya...i wud prefer to smack the piao-mei's...if i were oprah.

    of coz..smack the batang also la.

    ooooo...very s&m..hahahahhaa!!

  9. All men will cheat if given the chance. Just like how the sun rise, sun set. Hehehe.

  10. Wei, i know a guy who cheats and said he's sorry, but he's not turning back to his wife nor the "whore" too. He wants to be alone now, he said it's not easy 2-timing. He's alone now...
    He deserves this huh?

  11. that'd be really good! and sure you'd make lots of money!

  12. err....can pinjam ur bobo and chacha anot? u hrly rate yau tim wah leh?..sometimes it really baffles to diagnose infidelity ar?..

  13. Good la.. Then you dont need to buy anymore dog food for BoBo and ChaCha.. so many DingDong supplies :D

  14. Esther4:44 PM

    Hey! since u so free, then i send my 'Blackie' (my dog) to u n u sama sama train my one with ur one lor (so hor, i also can earn some pocket $$) HeHe

  15. thanks for your well wishes. appreciate it.

    anyway, in the cheating world... it takes 2 hands to clap.

  16. Oscar's Mommy7:04 PM

    aiyah pls la. cheat cheat la. dont blame the wife ok idiot!

  17. Do u know those men who went on the Oplah show all kena chop by their bini after the show was shoen on TV ? HAHAHAH! Betul betul sorhai !

  18. Which cat don't eat fish one?
    funny thing is...they think they will NEVER get caught.

  19. Dun worry my hubby design cellphone wan, I go ask him to install GPS on cell phone (I think they already have one) so we can track hubby, when you call them, GPS immediately let's you know their location. Lidat if he say he got late meeting, you call sekali GPS show he at red light district or aprtment/hotel somewhere, then ah-hah.

  20. Teach you a tactic to see if your hubs has been cheating...

    When he comes back from outstation or overseas, make him sit in a pail full of water.
    If his balls float to the surface, that means he 'offloaded' somewhere already.
    But if his balls sink, that means he didn't do anything. LOL

  21. If your Bobo and Chacha can sniff out cheaters.. let me know.. I must hire them occasionally liao.

  22. except for viagra, gambir, kacip fatimah, lim peh strongly rekomen kopi jantan and tongkat ali!!

    Siang Minum Sajer
    Malam Jadi Raja
    Isteri Akan Bahagia
    Jangan Tak Caye

    pour some into his night drink and he can become the king!!

  23. i sappot u i sappot u!!!
    i will train my fierce fierce house dogs!! =D

    men..pFtTttT..they think with the wrong head wan! >.<

  24. they are the stupidest man in the whole wide world!!
    where got men cheat oredi somemore go and tell wan!?
    Die oso cannot tell lah!

  25. Hah! I have a friend who has a beautiful and intelligent wife and 2 very handsome looking children too. He ditched his BMW, bought a Ferrari and started going out with 18 year olds. Reason? Coz he is bored and thinks he's about to hit mid-life crisis. Errrr, mid-life crisis starts at 30, meh? Doink! Suffice to say, he regrets his actions now because the wife and kids left him. But you think he really really regrets it? Naaahh.. I don't think so!

  26. Wow, that's a good show man. Hahaha! So sick of their excuses la. Wei, I think a good idea, but how r u gonna traine ur dog to sniff out cheaters arr??

  27. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Wahsehhhh...haven't open biznes already so many customer queueing up, need to join the new company la, train up your Bobo ChaCha.., and rescue the world hahahaa...

  28. janicepa: Hahaha I shud start a show, tell sasha.....hahah

    mommy of two angels : Yeah! u wanna pongchan me or not?

    Mommy to Chumsy : Hahaha Yeap cry only dramatic ma...

    sue: Kah Kah Kah U wanne be my customer?

    Merv Kwok : Celibacy Rules? Kakakkaka Yah I will be million-hair soon!

    IMMomsDaughter: Yeah ....we must change it. Hahahah

    TheBlueRanger : Eh then can get forgiven on national tv ma

    mott : Yeah smack both batang and abalone! : So must stick near near izit?

    shoppingmum : Aiks..ini org ada problem dei...

    mom2ashley : Hahaha have to train my dogs liao,,,Hahaha

    eve : Muahaha Can Canbut let me train em first . Ask them to smell the piao mei smell hahah

    Etcetera~Mommy : Wuah! i sked my dogs choke on the ding dong wei!

    Esther : Wei train blackie ah...let me try first !

    zewt : Yeah need two hands to clap..

    Oscar's Mommy : Yeah shud blame ownself!

    Lin Peh: Yah Yah chopped 18 pcs!

    King's wife : Hahahah yeah which cat wont eat fish? i hope mine is a good cat....Meowww...

    FireHorse : Eh better stuff the gps into the arsehole. Then can track anytime. not worried if no battery ma..

    Cocka Doodle : Sure yr wife always do that to u la!

    Zara's Mama : Eh wan meh? Zara papa shud be okay kua...

    Ckyeo : Muahahahah u and yr stuff!

    Huei : They think with the 2nd head mah

    Ah Pek: Ah pek Soh!!! Ah pek that day notty!!

    Nadia : No....I dun think ge regret it!

    Allyfeel : Yeah a damn good show!

    Rachel : Yeah i kaya edi! hahaha

  29. aisay, why so serious one...

  30. That guy so stupiak wan..mati mati oso dowan tell la somemore he go tell oprah!

  31. Angeleyes11:58 PM

    No wonder you don't have to do PPP to earn extra $$$$... you have better income! :P

    Men can have 4 wives but women can only have 1 husband.... where got fair one in this world??

  32. men cheat coz their wife kenot satisfied them... ;)

    *gv men a break*

  33. Do oredi then say soli and regret, what lar? Don't put all the blame on wifeys. Ask them to go and fly kite.

    Ya, ya, go and train ur Bobo and Cha Cha and test them on Mr. Chan first (ngek, ngek, ngek).

    Ah Nel - Give wifeys a break too lar!

  34. well said girl!!! men are bloody selfish!