Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wei? Sasa?

Received a call after work today from an ex colik. An ex colik who used to bully me in my previous company which is dealing with electrical items. This fler, together with another guy and my boss are known to be the "evil" + humsup guys in my dept. The last time i spoke to him in my previous company, he scolded me cos i touched his blardy faggot samsung kecik fone( the small small one like Nokia 6111).Nmh..shouted at me asking me not to touch his lc fone. Nevermind...nevermind. Samo u know what, during my farewell with another colik of mine, they (the 3 idiots) complaint saying that the meal what to expensive. Nmh..the both of us squeezed rm160 and paid for our own farewell. Talk about him also angry edi.....samo today wanna call me after so damn long...

Ah beng: Wei? Sasa?
Me: Oi. i call u bek. No battery.
Me: Helo. What can i do for u.
Ah Beng: U stil working in cock ah?
Me: No.
Ah Beng: Why? Why u no work in Cock anymore?
Me: I got another offer.
Ah Beng: Og. I working in Sansung now. I want to do joint plomo mah.
Me: So?
Ah Beng: I tot u working in Cock maybe we can do joint plomo mah.
Me: Nope. I left edi.
Ah Beng: Cock no good meh? Why u dun wanna work in Cock anymore. Where u working now?
Me: XXX. Selling XXX.
Ah Beng: HUH? WHAT? Why i dunno this company wan?
Me : (nmflt. U only know cock la.)...Dunnno dunno lor..
Ah Beng: You think Cock wanna joint plomo with me?
Me: I dunno. You call and ask la.
Ah Beng: You got number ah?
Me : (diu.....so pandai find yourself la. If not go buy one cock and see yrself la) Wait.......nah general number,,call and ask for cock brand.
Ah Beng: You cannot give the person in charge name ah?
Me: She went to give birth edi. You call and ask for Cock la.
Ah Beng: You do what in new company?
Me: Marketing.
Ah Beng: Oh, you do what Brand. What type of product?
Me: New product. Cannot tell.
Ah Beng: Oh, you do what Brand. What type of product?
Me: *sigh*...Secret.
Ah Beng: Okay lor. Maybe we can do joint plomo next time
Me: See how la.
Ah Beng: Ok bye. *click*
Me: nmflt. where is my thank kiu......grrrrr Pigi Mati lah!

forgot to tell u guys...this guy talk like he is holding his nose wan...like donald duck. He is short and skinny and wear specs.


  1. He investigate you ler see what produck you sell! kakaka competitor "kot"

  2. Walao, ten kiu also tarak ah, ask got beat small people him laaa...

  3. Wow..! you got patience lah..!! if i... i would have already hung up on him.. a loooong time ago..!

  4. may be ace was rite....

  5. Desperate Mummy8:18 AM

    I hate this kind of ppl also :(

  6. whack that fela... tarak 'limau' ka? wahaha...
    oi, know wat? all through the conversation, maybe cuz u call him ah beng and also the spelling u did for the words, i oledi imagining him talking like donald dluck dluck... wahalala....
    tell him, guan lei meeeeeeh si?????

  7. ok.. i salute your patient..

    but tht guy u mentioned how come sound so familiar wan ... hahahaha...

  8. if i were u..i wouldnt have called back!!!

  9. aiyoh, he acted like u owe him tim! Dun layan him lar! :P

  10. aiyoo he sound so irrrriiitating...u are sooo nice still!! beh tahan.

  11. Your words are so mean la. But again if I got ex-colik lidat, I also ask the fella to go fly kite. ;)

  12. Why did you even bother calling him back? Don't layan him next time around. And ask him to pay for his own farewell too! Bleh!

  13. you velly good lah..layan ppl like that...

    I sure smack straight away one...wasting time!