Monday, March 05, 2007


Did you see this in the papers yesterday ?

I was there last Saturday. Cannot see me meh ? I was at the back carrying Jayden....see see the left side ...Cannot meh ?

Yalor. Cannot see. You know why ?This many ppl wor. Everyone also wanna see the lion dance. Everyone also wanna see the ppl lou sang. And we're like standing here ...when the yee sang was as long as 520meter.

We wanted to wait la. Wait n wait n wait. And take picture...notice that i long long time never post my own picture in my blog? Hahahaha paiseh ma. Too many pretty woman out there.

As we're busy snapping pictures of these..

Some ppl busy snapping picture of him. I have no idea why....

Why we didn't join and "lou" the yee sang eh? First it was so damn late edi...those ppl talk n talk and so many ppl around . Second the yee sang wan placed on the table..and the table was left in the rain...and we saw ppl using hand to brush off the water on the table before they place the stuff on the table..No wonder it was extremely yummy. You can see yourself..that this long long yee sang....cannot really see the salmon. So maybe it was as the VIP table.

While waiting we went to Kong Woh Tong to have a cup of herbal tea, that's where Jayden learn how to drink with straw. And he sipped and sipped and sipped non stop.

Why was I at the event leh? Not that i kiasu...Just so happened that i went to
Mott's place on saturday for "pai nien". Before heading to her place, we dropped by KFC Sect14 to makan. And Jayden enjoyed himself with the BIG steering wheels.

And then we went to her place. We were 1 hour late, cos Big C wanted to go Digital Mall to look for his laptop Battery. So got there and played for a while. Psst i tell u guys something....Mott's porridge is very nice...nope. I never try it..but Jayden walloped the porridge, he even took some of Mott's No.2's porridge. And then we said bye bye and wanted to go home. That's when Big C said, "i want to go lau yatt". So drove all the way to KL and it was like 5pm edi. So he went to find his battery and i roamed in Metrojaya.

After that we went to hunt for Jayden's bday gift. And i got him this...

Super light sandals for the lil fella to walk. He's gonna walk soon, and i don't want him to walk with those heavy and chunky shoes/sandals. YAY! no more head ache for me thinking of what to get for his bday. And now another headache...the Party itself. Min already agreed to bake a pocoyo cake for Jayden's bday. (YAY!) So i went and roamed her site and found that she made a few more nice cakes....

I forwarded this page to big C and he said.."B, you want the cake ah?" *sigh*

This is another nice cake!

I wonder how Jayden's cake will look like!


  1. I was there too. You didn't see me meh? kekeke

  2. Wah!So happening ler I can imagine how crowded it is. Nice photo ler :D I like the cake.

  3. I LOOOOVVEEEEE the sandals! =) Since I just bought a pair of shoes for Irfan, hrmmm, maybe I'll buy the sandals some other time. Else, the daddy will bising. Nyeh! Haha!

  4. I know what jayden's cake gonna be... cos told me already marrrrrr...... hehehhe

    Wah nice ah, go to crowded places. I for once will not go to crowded plcaes, some more if with kids.

  5. U lenglui mummy ler, why paiseh to post ur pic jek?

  6. happening weekend ar..full of programe..envy envy!

  7. Wowowow.. really happening. I have not touched foot in Low Yat since Ryan's arrival. :(

  8. sasha,
    maybe those snapping Jayden's pic are your loyal blog readers eh? Then, they gonna put the photos on their blog and describe, "This is Little Jayden's of the famous blogger, Sasha!" haha!

  9. pair of sandals...
    did the lou sang go into the msian book of records or something?

  10. Yeah I see you in the first pic, the 2 little dots. :lol

  11. FireHorse4:50 AM

    Wah looks like so much fun leh, sigh, wish I could be home during times like this but never mind now I got you to take picture for me to enjoy right?

  12. Wahhhhh I so wanna loh sang leh!!!! Wait for me wait for me.... heheheheheheh

  13. aceone118 : Ya! i saw u! The one with cap on the right hand side..hehehe

    Desperate Mummy : Yeah. So crowded!

    Nadia : Only for his bday..normal days takde ler..

    Julian : I always go to crowded place and never keep jayden in the house only. Ler him be exposed to the outside and the germs outside to build immunity.

    Rabbit : Aiyah I'm not sexi enuff ma..

    Etcetera~Mommy : Hahaha quiet susah for us mommies also.

    Kok : Hahahah keep an eye for me okay ?

    mom2ashley : Yeah. It was a Msian book of record thinggy

    michelle : Wuah! u keng ah! can spot me. Hahaha

    FireHorse : Hey u went to nicer place okay. We must exchange pics ma...cos we can't be everywhere right?

    Wennnn : Eh sudah over la. We lou rojak got la.

  14. i aso want pocoyo cake!!!!!!!!

    hee hee hee!!!!

  15. wow...jayden got a nice pair of sandals there...

  16. So syiok hor..

    I will not get the chance to join this kind of crowd..hubby dislike to many ppl he said! :(...unless i go alone..

  17. wah mca open house!!! that one super crazy LOL