Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Baby Akmal

I think it's my 2nd or 3rd time, I don't know how to begin to write a post. Normally I can write and write many post, some I'll keep ad draft and most I'll just deleted it. But today, although I'm not as happy and gila like always, I felt I must write this and share with you guys what I've read yesterday in Parenthood Magazine.

It's about Akmal Harith. Let's cut things short and let me summarize the story for you. Sorry, I'm no writer. So just bear with my scribbles and whatever that is floating in my mind today.


He was only 3 months when he was thrown out from the nursery hammock, hit the wall before he fell to the ground. And then he had seizure for quite some time before the nursery actually made the call to inform his mother about it. When the mother arrived, the nursery's babysitter was too scared to hand Baby Akmal to his mother and never even bother to follow the baby and his mother to the hospital.

Kak Ina, Akmal's mom rushed him to the nearby clinic, the doctor failed to revive him since he had a seizure for too long. Then they rushed to the hospital. Kak Ina and her husband cannot even explain to the doctor how it happened as the babysitter never even bother to be present at the hospital. The impact, based on the doctor was similar to the impact of a frontal crash of 2 cars moving at high speed. Besides that, doctor also found some old blolod clot in the head. He suffered very bad internal bleeding and part of his right skull had to be removed.

They couple lodged a police report and they found out that the babysitter that was taking care of Akmal was in a bad mood and was tugging the baby hammock swing like mad. The rope snapped and baby Akmal was thrown out of the swing, hit the wall and then fell to the ground. However they can't do much because it was stated that the incident happened because of the baby sitter negligence and its not the nursery's fault.

Baby Akmal was alreday in coma when they perform numerous of operations on him. One of it includes the amputation of his right foot. Due to infection doc advised them to amputate his right leg to stop the germs from spreading.

Not enough with all these, his head began to enlarge due to water rentention in the affected brain area. because of that Baby Akmal lost his eyes.The prolonged exposure to air whenhe was in coma made his eyes dry and the cornea was thinning from day to day. His black pupil began to protude from his eyes. because of that, doctor advised to stitch up his eyes. However, the stiches on the right eye keep snapping because the pressure of the back of his eyeballs. The last option came, they had to remove his eyes.

Until today, he had 12 operations. He's stil alive and is tube-fed. Kak Ina gotto transport him in a trolley to the bath area for his daily shower and she's still working as a teacher in Kajang.

After I read this article, I felt that I need to do something. I know I cannot help much or make a big difference to baby Akmal or his family's life. My little donation can probably help abit to ease a day or two but then how long can it last? I don't know. What I know is that Baby Akmal's will to survive is great and his mom is not giving up until the end.

Man....I dunno how to end this post. I have been typing and deleting it so many times until I'm so damn blur. Like I said at the beginning, I'm not writer. So please use your imagination and imagine that I end this post well la ok?

You can read the entire article in ParentHood Magazine (April Issue) or you can view it here (Thanks, Shannon for scanning it for me).

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