Monday, April 07, 2008

Weird Cravings *updated*

I'm having weird cravings. I think I'm going to eat shit soon. Maybe cos I never buy the MLM RM1600.00 pendant. Muahahhaha Joking la... Joking!

But seriously, I tested my husband's IQ last saturday.

I told him I felt like eating something. And he asked me what is it.

I told him I wanted to eat something sweet, satu bijik satu bijik and need to peel to eat wan.

He asked me what is that.

I have no idea too.

Weird or not? Muahahhahahahhahahaaahahahaah

**Updated: Initially I wanted to eat rambutan, not in season. Duku Langsat: don't have. Mangosteen: Not in sight. So dunno what to eat lo....**


  1. apalah lu....u gave all the clues but in d end, u also dun know what you want??? no wonder u said weird lor....
    btw, satu bijik & need to peel...can be a lot of thing lor!!!

  2. Man, you got it bad.... orange ah? kuaci ah?

  3. pisangggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!

    aikkk where got bijik kan :D

  4. Strawberry mai no need to peel lor.. mai bijik bijik lor..

    or even grapes ... berries..

    i know... "tang yuen"

  5. rambutan coming soon... cos I can see the tree in my house blooming... but maybe take a month plus more before can see it turn red

  6. wah....really got funny cravings lah you. so what? mangoes ah? egg also satu biji and kena peel...hahaaahaahaa

  7. Jacss:but the problem is whether the fruit is in season or not

    Giddy: orange ah? Kuaci also not bad eh.

    PPJ: Pisang? Hmm can also

    Janicepa: oi need to peel wan la.

    Julian: how to wait for one month. My mom's house also got.. but dun wanna wait for so long

    Barb: Eggs and Mangoes also not bad eh..

  8. There is still canned rambutan.

  9. need to peel i know shu bola..very nice :).

    i told my hubby i want chips...he got me french fries as chips rather than potato chips grrr...

  10. Sasha,
    I see I already know you want rambutan. Still want rambutan or not? hahaha!

  11. not so weird lar
    u been craving rambutan quite often...

  12. first thot..rambutan!

    sigh...i sure miss it!!

  13. did you know why there's no more mangosteen to be seen? Apparently now the mangosteen juice is supposed to be very popular as a health drink / diabetes cure overseas, so that's where all the mangosteens disappeared to.

    I'm sad ler, because i love eating mangosteens :(

  14. I can only think of rambutan, sweet, peel and satu biji satu biji eat. Eat it cold..yum!

  15. etceteramommy9:00 PM

    I thought of longan right away...

  16. Mata got, very sweet.....I have been eating everyday - YUMMY!!!

  17. what about grape? biji biji, and you can peel off the skin if you want! hahaha

  18. wow is a real test my dear satu bijik & need to peel.I thougt is grape to start with kekekke.
    we all very wire when we preggie kekke \i love to eat ice cream with bun my hubby say I gone crazy wor . when got ang moo eat like this one he say so I tell him I am not ang moo I am Malaysian wa that why la kekekke

  19. whoisbaby11:16 PM

    rambutan was my first guess!

  20. hmmn so kesian u..try eat manggo lah..peal oso and got bijik ;)

  21. longan...?

    aisey. now i teringin longan and rambutan.

  22. Grapes! And ask your hubb to peel off the skin of each one for u.

  23. hahahah, I cannot guess what you wanna eat??
    Lately seems like you had too much cravings..maybe tonite your dreams will satisfies your cravings =)

    Take care

  24. wei, no need to eat shit la, come come share my nasi lemak la...

  25. mybabybay: that one got pineapple, i cannot eat pineapple neh...

    jazzmint : OOOOO FAN SHU BOLA!! NICE!!!

    Kok: I want ler...but belum menjadi lagi la.. now is blooming season

    ShannonC. : now i want other things besides rambutan wor

    mott : Yeah....*sob*

    tinytapir: *sigh* mangoesteen...i miss them

    Elaine: Yeah cold is the best!

    etceteramommy: That one cannot eat too much, sakit kerongkong later

    Big Pumpkin : Eh dun eat too much yeah

    chooi peng : My hub bought me grapes and i vomitted after eating it hahahah

    PEARLY : Eh ice cream with bun is nice..... they ang moh mm sik for la.. hahah

    whoisbaby : yeah rambutan.....*drool*

    jppmom : Yeah mangoes but my hub say he wanna eat the greenish one. I want the ripe one. So never buy. Macam he preg pulak

    BabyBooned: I want something also..but i dunno what

    shooi: He?? peel for me???? i slowly wait la.. slowly.....slowly.....*snoreeeeeeee*

    Moonlight_tears: Nope. It didn't happen and i didn't even dream of it also. :(

    Oscar's Mommy : Nasi lemak eat until i dun wanna eat liao . Change craving!

  26. grapes!! Longan!! Lychee!! Orange!!whatelse!!
    hahaha....u should ask Jayden whether he knows what u want or not! probably Jayden can tell!

  27. ok la.. go buy some grapes.

  28. Gee.. I hope Big C's coping well with this pregnancy. :D As it is, it can be quite diff to fulfill all ur cravings. What more when u don't even know what u're craving for. *really scratch head* hehehe

  29. that you remind me about duku langsat, i got craving for it now!!!!

  30. mango is in the season and oso satu biji satu biji but bigger only..hehe

  31. The first thing that cross my mind is RAMBUTANs.

  32. sasha, as long as no craving for sabun, u are safe!!

  33. Ahh...blackcurrant, sweet plum, my favourite

  34. Got other things satu biji satu biji (add up dua biji) also.. a bit like rambutan also.. try la.. maybe will satisfy your craving..


  35. Ha ha ha, you are so funny. Especially when I remember your post about the MLM thingy. LOL.