Friday, April 04, 2008


Do you have something to vent?

Something you wanted to complain or just rant but you can't do it on your blog? Come, do it here. Rant all you want. Comment with your name or comment Anonymously. Heck I don't care. Just say what's bothering you. Be it about people commenting about your kids, about some aunty that likes to comment saying that yr kid is still with diaper and her kid is not, About yr boss that you so wanted to cucuk her eyes with pencil when she does that eye-rolling thinggy, about yr husband, about yr mistress, about yr crazy Monster-in-law???? Just whatever la! Just Talk la!!

It's friday. Get it all out so you can enjoy yr weekend! Woooo!!!!!!!

Damn...I'm hyper today! Woooo!!!!!


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM first. i need to vent it out. i can't stand these people who always brag whenever they open their mouths. brag about changing another more powerful car, investing in another house, getting the latest state-of-the-art tv. *yawn* farking insecure if you ask me. then these people have the guts to go ask their family members to pick them up from airport or send them off. can brag about buying stuff, investing but too blardy cheap to get a cab!!!!!

    thanks for letting me rant.
    from sick & tired :D

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    actually i dun really have anything serious to vent about!

    but i think i kena april fool prank! this friend of mine that i'm not very close with initially...has been real nice to me when i was sick. we sms-ed alot during that those wee wee hours of the morning when everyone was sleeping...when i'm too sick to sleep..he will be the one to read all my emotionally crap.
    he is so utterly nice and concern about me that i decided to add him to my 'my lifetime friends to keep' and then, now that i'm well, i asked him to meet up for dinner to thank him for being there at my most trying time....he refused to see me.

    maybe it's April fool day -yeah...but now it's April fool over, he still refuse to see me?


  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I don't understand why people need to compare their children with our children. I mean, waddaheck? What gives them that right? So god created everyone differently - move away from that topic already! No need to say, see, my anak no more pacifier, but yours still using. Or see, my anak can poo in the potty since god-knows-how-many-moons-ago, but yours can't. See this, see that. You go and see yourself lah - whether or not you're showing some blardy good examples to your children. Geez!

    And don't even get me started on those who brag that they've got a big-ass house, some powerful souped up car but living off parents' money. Get a life! There's more to life than to be a show off.

    Still got more to rant, but it'll probably take me 3 days & 3 nights to finish - especially when it comes to monster in-law. Haha! Maybe next time, yeah? Thanks for the space!

    -me, myself & i-

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM

    i work just as hard as my hubby. earn just as good. i never ask for a cent since i'm married...pretty okay on my own and happy about it.

    i did just as much as every wife or mom did. i nurture my kids. i cook. i clean. i pay bills.

    but why is it i always come across as not doing enuf in the eyes of the in-laws!! darn!

  5. Anonymous12:16 PM


    in laws eh?

    this comment box to short leh.

  6. wahahaha
    i don't need to vent here lar... i vent to u direct, then at least i get some feedback... hahaha.... that is if stupid gtalk don't eat up our messages lar...

  7. nothing much to vent other than colleagues bothering me all day long for petty petty things. but will come back here n vent when i have something :D

  8. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Alright. Need to get this off my chest. Why do some bloggers like to write about how much they are earning from their blogs? Besides that, they also never fail to remind people that they have like 20 over blogs and some are secret blogs lah, with PR lah, earning mega bucks lah. Tak malu ke?

  9. Nothing to vent...just say say say..hoooo!

  10. why there is so many celaka ppl in this world. Sian lah...need to work with all these types of people, and who the heck started the rule saying that we need to work in order to earn a living!

    Some people likes to compare their kids with others. If and ONLY If GOD created everyone same, then we all will have same progress. Yeah lah, some kids are smart when they are small, but doesn't means they will remain smart throughout the way, ok!!! BLEH!

    And how come got some people like MIL, no need to work, keep asking the other son to ask hubb to sponsor this and that...thought we are printing money over here kah!!

    ARGHHH!!! Wanna go crazy with all these people.

  11. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Love you Sasha, I have so much to vent.Thanks for this kind of open postings! Normally, I am very nice to every blogger and welcome and enjoys every post regardless what they are writing about. I have always hold on to the concept of if there is nothing nice to say, dont say at all.
    However, after my so many bazzilions rounds of blog hopping, I came across a blog which makes me so utterly astonished. In fact, I also could not believe that a male blogger who could churned out this so called "fantastic" blog. Pardon my french, I am being insulting here. This daddy in particular is ...hmm, let me find the right word to say...unamazingly "boastful"and "bragging" about his dear little angel...gosh and people who read this, please don't pass judgement on me, I am here to vent, not to make enemies. Neither am I a sour grape, as I do not envy or jealous of this "daddy's little girl's achievement". In fact, I am so proud of my own son's achievement but there is no point to brag or highlight about it. Need to be humble, right???
    Why on earth people can feel so proud when they weaned off their kids of pacifier or "binky". I was told by my paed that babies/toddlers are not supposed to be given a pacifier/binky to begin with, so what is all the "yayy, yayy, yahho, acievement" about! So cliche!!! Achievement is something that a kid does/shows/potrays and it's something beyond spectacular, not something that you aren't supposed to do in the first place, then you stopped doing it.
    Please to the bloggers out there, it's okay to be proud of your kids, but for pete's sake don't overdo it!
    Every kid will go through a cycle that they will learn to talk, walk, climb, etc. It's just a matter of time.
    So in case the so not nice bloggers gonna tell me off, if you don't like, don't read itthen, yeah, honestly, I stopped reading that particular blog after I found out that I could only digest/ingest this much of over-dramatic boasting!!! So deal with it yeah!!! By the way, I am dealing with it so well, I am so venting it out like a super biatch!!!
    Thanks Sasha for letting me to have this golden opportunity to vent.....

  12. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Some human being thinks that they are so damn good with certain skills. E.g Photography skills. Like to show off and even teach people about certain things which they already know.

    Come on, look at your own skill before you start to be a smart-ass and try to teach people.

  13. I vent directly in my blog. Don't care read la...I "song" enough di. :D

    But today I got nothing to rant.

  14. Sigh,I'm damm angry wif those lazy parents who dun bother to teach their kids on their homework. They rather go to school early and copy other kids who's same class with their kids. Really feel like *fk* them when they sit next to me.

    U saylar angry a not!!!!

  15. Anonymous3:26 PM

    sometimes little things like that demotivates you from blogging! you blog about something, for memory sake, then some ppl think u are trying to compete with his daughter, and few days later, you'll see him posting that his daughter can do such and such also! you wanna compete you compete lar, dun come and make it seem like i want to compete with you. I'm happy your daughter is smart, i'm happy she can do lotsa things, so wat? every kid is different, you win in this and u lose in another, i pity your daughter next time, when she goes to school, will she get stressed up because you just can't stop comparing her with that daughter of the cleaning lady in your company...

  16. wah...why so many anonymous one LOL...nothing to vent, i vented on my tummy more eat more :P

  17. hahha as per Jazzmint sd, why so many anonymous ??? Anyways, I love reading especially those anonymous' it so makes sense.
    I have nothing to vent too, but I love reading everyone's opinion and I agree that people blogs for memory sake, not to show off or to compete. But somehow or rather, certain people do it for notoriety's sake, like wanna get famous because their kids are superb compared to other kids.

    Pity me, now my self esteem is so low because my poor kid is not even on par with any of those superb kids. Maybe I should kill myself off from the cruel blogsphere *sobs* sobs*.

    Anyone would like to give me some tips or words of encouragement, please do so.
    My kiddo is not even weaned from pacifier, not even potty trained, not even talking in sentence...nevermind then,I should just blog about it then, no one wanna compete or compare with my kid anyways..

  18. Anonymous4:17 PM

    wa, a place to vent. alright, first, i think my in laws are the most cilakak people. dont think before they talk. second, i think i am goin to explode from being overworked but underpay. hey come on, i want my own time also but heck, so darn over worked, when i am home, i just want to knock off and sleep.

    talking about blogs, there are a few particular blogs that brag about their kids achievements *yawn*, that brags about what they bought/shop over the weekends *yawn*, that brags about how many branded stuff they have *yawn* and tell ppl how to treat maids! uurrgghhhhhhh time to have a kit kat!

  19. Anonymous4:29 PM

    All blogs should be rated by other bloggers, whether is deemed appropriate or not. Too much of child bragging----> Blog should be shut down!
    Too much of stand offish---> shut down the blog.
    Too much of craps----> Shut theblogger down too.
    That is the way it should works, coz too much of everything sucks, people get bored and sick of it, bleh!!!!!
    Should make them pay my doc's fee, I have been puking reading too much craps.

  20. wooo... when I read your post, I didn't expect so many venting.. somemore TGIF mah.. thought ppl in good mood.. luckily got you lah sasha, you just help many ppl "lepas stim" :-) err.. you preggie got mood swings ah? wanna vent? just kidding.. LOL!

  21. own vent post but now only i come and vent. Well like Sting said proly my preg hormone make me wanna vent. But then I am sure even if i'm not preg there are certain things that even IF i'm not preg i'll be pissed off la.

    1. My single friends who likes to show off how successful they are, how they are climbing the corporate ladder and all. Good on them. I dont need to climb cos i chose to get out of them corporate life.

    2. My nanny that likes to make fun of my son cos he is still with diaper and the other girl is not. She pays 200% to the girl and neglects my son. She doesn't even know that Jayden knows how to count from 1-5 and knows ABC.

    3. My aunt who just studied about autism kept asking whether Jayden can talk or not, whether he can do this or not. Dumb also know that she is trying to find out whether he is autise or not. Chey, know abit like wanna predict things. Pergila. My son doesn't speak to her doesn't mean he dunno how to speak ok. He choose who he wanna speak too. Blek!

    4. My ex boss who is reading this now. Why? surprised I'm talking to u? why? cannot take it that I'm doing well altho i left the company? Yes, i'm stil alive and living my life happily. Thanks for visiting and snooping around yeah?

    Okay I wanna go eat my tempura now. Thanks to all for venting here. It's nice to know what is bothering some of u. Hope by getting it out of u, u can have a good weekend. Cheers!

  22. Wah, interesting comments here. You have allowed people to vent anonymously. Great idea.

    Have a great weekend!! I am on 2 weeks holiday liao!! Yippeee! :D

  23. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Sigh~ So good got place to vent. Why people always comment I'm too thin as if it's their freaking business. I didn't complain they fat also. I also eat so much more than them, just that I cannot fat. If I can I also want to have Giselle body right... thin thin samo got boobs. Everyone thinks I like to be thin thin like lamp post. Always complain and say why I cannot fat. If you know how, if I know how, I don't have to be thin already. Then samo show me the disgusted face when comment I too thin. Why so rude... if I dare do back because I comment they fat... everyone will say I mean. Why when they comment I too thin it's not mean leh? WHY? WHY? WHY?

  24. Anonymous5:47 AM

    i want to vent, but i dunno where to start. hahaha ... too much to vent i guess.

  25. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I love to vent too but ...... I have a f*&%@K mood today after reading one of my relative so rude to post up about my parent stay over to her parent house and in fact my parent didn't plan to stay over just stop over for a visit .
    but in the other hand my parent had giving her mum and sis their home key to stay in IPOH and make use of the whole home of my parent no complain wat so ever.
    wat a double standards of her .
    also very ass face to be nice to ppl in front and shit beside back . only some of my family member. is so blink didn't see the real shit ass face .. this kind of relative make me real sick .

  26. I just hop in to say hi. .and have a great weekend.. :)

  27. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I feel I am not alone after reading so many anonymous vent ;)..

  28. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Ok...let's compare our sons kukujiao. My son's one sure longer than Jayden's. LOL

  29. Anonymous2:19 PM

    aisayman,a place to vent aah? So I can just tell whatever on my pissed of mind hor?
    Today, dunno what moodlar, went to read a blog about someone's kid was involved in movie? advertisment? haiyar, dunno what lar, didn't pay attention much becoz suddenly read that the kid is just an xtra on the set. okaylar, no big deal one becoz the blog seems to be one typical honest blog lor becoz if people wantto action a bit also won't tell the kid is xtra on the set mah, but this one very good.
    so again hor, I continue reading, quite okaylar the blog can make me read some more, haiyor, knn, saw a birthday blog one, by the way the birthday party is very grand one, nolar don't think show off or action have big party. The most ironic thing hor is the person sd that someone didn't bring present wor, the name of the person also posted out, like that also can want meh? Birthday party mah is about happy and fun, who cares or not have present or not? This person hor make himself look so kiasu and kiamsiap one, and the funny thing he is not a singaporean, thout only singaporean like that one. who knows, really no shame lar, sound like " hokkien sd "lui bin", also hor whoever didn't satisfied him like not turning up or whatever wont be hearing from him??? Cheh, better don't invite if in the mind is want big expensive pressies??!
    guess vent enough already lar, my english also not good one, later people complain me no go school. yeahlor, you all can paste the sticker I go to what University what university, so what? " I DONT GO TO UNIVERSITY" cannot meh??? At least I am not action lar.

    from: "kiasusism is not in me".

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  31. Firehorse9:31 PM

    Wah dis post is reli 1st class.

  32. jacss9:45 PM that also can ahh????
    now, that's what i call...the power of sasha lor!!
    so many ppl responded to your call...hahha
    my only vent is....weekend too short la & niamah, tomorrow have to work....shit!!!

  33. wah.. sasha geng ar .. open up ur comment for ppl to rant and vent.. i salute you..

    no wonder you asked me to rant anything in ya blog.. kekeke... it's so well accepted.. kekeke...

  34. Wuah! Suddenly got so many anon visit your blog. Hahaha.

  35. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I have recently come across your blog. And I am really touched by your unconditional love towards your son. I am so envious that you are the mother of your child, you have a supportive husband, and you love your life…
    I am married but I dare not have a child. I hate myself for being so selfish while other women like you have such beautiful soul!