Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Lil Justin Boy

Time flies and he is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days today. He has been attending school and can really argue justify his doings and many times he can get away easily especially with his dadi.  Jayden is like his "maid" always helping him to carry his school bag and water tumbler from the car. He's always telling me " I don't know how. I forgot how. I don't know where the thing (whatever I asked him to help to bring) is. Laterlah. Nevermind." Sometimes he left us speechless with his answers.

He is much more matured than Jayden when Jayden was at his age in terms of thinking and also speaking. However, Jayden was off-diaper when he was 3yrs old for night and day. But this tiny fler, still can't go without diaper at night. And his dad kept saying "Nevermind, train him to sleep without diaper" when I asked him to buy diapers. Now, do you know where he gets it from? lol. So here I am jotting down some of our conversation that we had lately, just for myself to view when I'm old and lonely later. *sad music* LoL!

He loves map. He always hold a map and pretend that he can read maps. And he gets very excited when we use GPS in our car. He'll repeat whatever that woman is saying for example "turn left...." and he will shout "DADI she say TURN LEFT. DON'T TURN RIGHT AH!"
So we're at the traffic light the other day:
Justin: Mami! I am looking at the map and see where we are now *pretending to study the new LRT map*
Dadi: Oh. Can you tell me where we are now? (referring to the map)
Justin: Oh.. ermmm... we're at the traffic light.
Me: Haha Zhar dou!

He loves school and everytime I pick him up from the school, he's the leader running around and many will follow him. Today, teacher told me he has a new nickname: GRASSHOPPER. Cos he never walk, he hops. lol!
The other day,  back from school:
Me: babe, do you have homework today?
Justin: Errr , YES!
Me: *search bag* are you sure you have homework today?
Justin: yes, I am sure I have.
Me: then where is your book?
Justin: ermmm *think think* It disappeared!
Me: How can the homework go disappear?? So got homework or not wan?
Justin: Erm.. nevermindlah!
Me: *vomit blood*

Yesterday, After school:
Me: Justin, where is your water bottle cap?
Justin: oh, missing.
Me: when?
Justin: when I opened and pour away all the water that time.
Me: Huh? Why did you pour away all the water?
Justin: because I drink very slow ma.. So if I pour away, then my water faster finish lah.
Me: WHAT! no wonder everyday also no more water la. You pour away all the time
Justin: Yes, because i drink very slow ma. I cannot finish. So I pour away lah.
Me: @___@''''


  1. He is indeed smart and cheeky.

  2. LOL...really char tho dai sai

  3. I was laughing when I read the last part of your conversation with Justin. Really speechless :))

  4. Hi..I think this is the first time I drop by your blog.
    I find your little boy is very smart and funny. You will have lots of fun with him. :)

  5. Justin Justin..u r so cute.

  6. Zhar dou...pour away the water..hahahhahah