Monday, March 26, 2012

His Gf

Me: titi, do you have a girl friend ?
JT: hey, I already gave a girlfriend mah...
Me: really? Who?Gaby?
JT : Nolah, Gaby said she don't love me.
Me: then who?
JT: swarnima lah...
Me: what?!! Swar-Ni-Mah???
JT: ya.
Me: but why?
JT: because I love her lah
Me: why not Hope? Joyi?
JT: Nolah. Swarnima enough edi.

Hehe Justin, this is for you to read when you're older and we're gonna have a good laugh.


  1. LOL...not aminah ka?

  2. So young, but he already knows to be loyal to his love.

  3. hahahahahaha!!! i saw this on your fb first, but then, feel that, it's not so appropriate to comment there, cos, what i'm going to say is...
    the gf's name, just can't help to remind me of a bad word, kakakakakaka!!!
    sorry, no intention to offend or insult, but that's what i think of whenever i read her name, haha!