Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday is no plastic bag day

We're at Mattel warehouse sale at the last hour before closing. Luckily my friend helped us to book the toys otherwise we will go home empty handed. While paying, JD was angry that the lady placed the toys into the plastic bag and tied a cable tie around it.
JD: I want my Finn micmissile! Don't put into the plastic bag
Me: eh... Need to put inside the plastic bag wan. They will check when we go out. If it's not in the plastic bag then it's considered we stole the toys.
JD: But... Buy why? I thought Saturdays are No-Plastic-Bag-Day. Why you use plastic bag?
Staff: *stoned and laughed*
Me: haha now u know why I have alot of grey hair?


  1. wahahahahaha...pandai anak ni :p...

  2. new toys....always the best.

  3. JT more n more looking like u...especially the smile.
    thank God P dont like mcqueen series anymore!!! this round the sales almost all mcqueen stuff.

  4. He makes sense. I would ask my kids to hold what we bought with hands if I didn't bring recycle bag. We should suppor if they show care to the environment.

  5. LOL....GOOD ANSWER ! THey really know how to talk themselves out of what they want.