Friday, March 09, 2012

Sasha Cook: Stuffed Chicken Wings with Ham and Carrot

Okay. So I got my HCP and been toying around with it for a while. And I suddenly felt like eating chicken wings. And I don't have much ingredients in my fridge, so I just make use of whatever I have and created this chicken wings.

You need:
Chicken Wings , Remove tip and cut the wings at the joints. Debone by slowly snipping the joined flesh from the bone. DO NOT BREAK the meat. Make sure you only remove the bone and leave a hole in the middle of the wing. 

Marinate (rub it outside and don't forget the inside too) - 1 hour or better overnight: 
Soya sauce
Crushed black pepper
Garlic, minced
Ginger, minced 

Stuff with :
Ham , julienne roughly 
Carrot , julienne roughly

Mixed all together:
oyster sauce
sesame oil
soya sauce
Shiao Shing Wine

1. heat up HCP and add in some oil. Just a lil will do.
2. gently put in your stuffed chicken wing.
3. pan fried it both sides.
4. when both sides are browned, remove from HCP. Without washing HCP, pour in Sauce mixture and let it boil. Then add in your wings and let it simmer till the sauce is thick.
5. Ready to Serve :)

P/S: I like to debone my chicken cos, its for the kids to eat and also I will use the bones to boil soup the next day :) don't waste ma...


  1. great ! tis one must try but the skill lies in deboning the wing.

  2. Food looks good. You are so clever to think saving the bone to boil soup

  3. This look tasty! I must try it out. Thanks for sharing.