Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's not mine

I used to tease JD when he drank milk using milk bottle. He even changed the name of milk-with-Milo to "celebration time". So few days before his 6th birthday, I took his pic while he was drinking his milk. He quickly drop the bottle and said "it's not mine!" haha

But since the day he turned 6, I told him that when people turn 6 years old, they cannot drink with bottle anymore. He hesitated at first, kept asking "why ppl turn 6 years old cannot drink bottle anymore?". But it's been 2 weeks since he started drinking his "celebration time " with cup and he stopped asking only after a few days. I can say it was an easy one probably I prepped him for a very long time before I really made him quit drinking from bottle.

Bye Bottle! Hello Big Guy!


  1. Another milestone for Jayden.

  2. The day my girl stopped the bottle, she also cut down her milk and eventually no more drinking that too.. regrets! :)

  3. Congrats! Ashley's still drinking from the bottle :)