Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can you come....

Justin argued with me. So I said..

Me: okay fine. I'm not talking to you.

JT: okay fine! I'll talk to dadi.

Dadi: No. if mami don't wanna talk to you, then I also dun wanna talk to you.

JT: *sob* nobody wanna talk to me....*sob sob sob* pls.. talk to me?

Me: nope. Cos u're naughty. So I'm not gonna talk to you.

JT: *sob louder* but.. nobody talk to me anymore...

Me: If you're naughty, then no one will talk to you

JT: Uwa... Uwa.... Uwaaa uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mami.. uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa... *walk out of kitchen*

Me: aik. go out edi.

JT: uwa... Kor kor.. can you please come and listen to me talk? Uwaaa nobody want to listen to me anymore. Kor kor come.... uwaaaaaaaaaaa

JD: *playing ipad* yeah.. u talk la.. u talk..

JT: kor kor.... Uwa.. dadi and mami don't wanna talk to me..

JD: yeah ok! ok! *continue playing ipad*


  1. Justin is forever cheeky and cute boy.

  2. Hahaha...this happen like everyday right?


  3. hahahah so engrossed!

  4. Wuahahaaha.....good thing he didnt notice you were talking to him right till the end anyway.