Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Kissing

So you've heard about S, Justins' self-proclaimed gf. Actually S also acknowledged him as her bf. *pengsan*

Anyway, I was talking to JT in the car while waiting for his dad:

Me: Justin, I tell you first ah.. You go to school, can have friends. But No Kissing. Okay?

JT: But, S kissed me first.

Me: I know. I saw. But then, you don't kiss back okay?

JT: but why she can kiss me but I cannot kiss her back ?

Me: eh cannot.... you know. Her daddy is as big as a bear. Later S go home and tell her daddy that you kissed her, then tomorrow he comes to school and look for you, wanna smack you. How?

JT: oo very big wan ah?

ME: yes... very big like a polar bear like that.

JT: ooo then I don't kiss her.

ME: but....did you kiss her before?

JT: no. I never. Only S kiss my hand. I never kiss her before.

ME: good good.. no kissing okay? Later you gotto yum seng (get married) with her.

JT: *kiss* Now, I kissed you edi. I need to Yum Seng with you *cheeky laugh*

ME: haha Notty boy!

Aiyoh my son is only 3 years old and I am telling him that he cannot kiss girls in sch. Can you believe that?  *smack forehead*


  1. So cute la! He teased you somemore.

  2. kissing already happen over there? hehe...very challenging for you parenting the boys at this age now :)

    1. haha the girl kissed him not the other way round.

  3. Adoi! My goodness... parenting is so much easier when we were kids isn't it? hehe..

    1. much much simpler and easier!

  4. LOL Really cute lah that cheeky lil boy. Aiyo... not even in their teens we've to worry abt kissing edi. *pengsan* U'know, my girl gave away her 1st kiss in kindy. She kissed a boy at the cheek. *pengsan again*

    1. Ahhh sudah kissing! *pengsan*