Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Boy....

Sent Jayden and Justin to school and then while we're at the assembly hall, Jayden ran to his classmates. Justin, he looked around and then I saw him running towards S with both hands raised up. And then S saw him and she ran towards Justin and held both his hands with single hand, just like this ..

And then, they sat down.

Another boy came and wanted to sit next to Justin.

She pushed him away.

He then sit closer, his legs touched Justins'.

She pushed his leg away. At this point, She is still holding onto both Justins' hands, all the time.

Then the boy wanted to sit next to her, she pushed him away again.

And then she brushed Justin's head, shirt, leg and hand, just like how a mom would check on her kid.

Justin, was smiling all the time with both hands surrendered to her.

Oh Boy..............


  1. I foresee you will become the most young and yummy grandma.

    1. hahhahaha MM HAI KUA?????

  2. .....fate has brought them together, and they live happily ever after !

  3. haha,they are just too cute to be separated.

  4. Have you met S' parents? Do they know what's going on? But both children are so cute!

  5. Do I need to save money for the angpow?

  6. aiyaiyaiyaiiii hooboy justin..

  7. Wah start so young! haha

  8. Good personality always attract... See, both boys have admirers in class. :D

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  10. kids are so pure and sweet hor...i love seeing my kids interact with their friends in school too. Somehow they surely will say words very meaningful to each other :)