Friday, February 03, 2012

Sasha Cook: Eel fish soup

Before this, I have never tasted any fish soup before cos I don't really fancy fish. So since my hub n kids love to eat fish, I gotto cook fish for them. I was at the wet market, standing in front of fish seller and didn't know what to buy. So I just stood there and observe at what they have chosen and briefly asked them how they cook the fish that they selected. So happened both the lady I spoke to told me that this eel fish (NOT EEL! But a fish that looks like eel) is very tasty to make soup and it's not fishy at all after u have fried the fish and then boil it in the soup. Curious, I bought one piece (rm 8) and halved it for 2 rounds of soup.

They suggested:
Tai tau choi Cha Choi (thanks to Tracy ;) I corrected it)
Soup taufoo
Eel fish (fried and then put in soup to boil)
A lil salt ( since tai tau choi is slightly salty, recommend that you put salt last)

And the soup is really nice. I thought that if I were to cook it in the morning it will be fishy by night. But after heating it up for dinner, the soup is really lovely.

The women also told me that she substitute this eel fish with chicken and pork and it taste nicer. She said its healthier too (didn't hear why she was saying cos someone also bought and I was worried there's none for me ! Hehe)

P/s: super busy with work n playing with my Thermomix. So I thought better blog about this and delete the pics in my iPhone cos the storage is about to burst and I better blog about this so I can refer to it next time (worried that I'll forget how to cook it) cos my brain storage is about to burst too. LoL


  1. that one ikan haruan is it? Said to be good for healing wound

  2. The soup looks clear and nice. I never boil any soup with fish. I normally use port or chicken.

  3. Small Kuching, No wor. Its EEL Fish.

    Sheoh Yan: Same here. My first time. But taste nice.

  4. this is the yellow eel right? I use it to cook black bean soup... yummy! If scare got smell, put some 'chan pei' and ginger.. lagi shiok..

  5. Yummy! Love this soup. I used to boil this soup too without fish but with pork. Miss this soup cos we don't have tai tau choi here. And ham choi, too.

  6. Oh Sasha, good to see you back blogging :)

    I never boil soup with fish too. I afraid it become too fishy and the smell will fill the whole apartment. My husband gonna kill me for that! Haha...

    Will try your recipe real soon ;p

  7. Nice soup, if not fishy, I think I would love to try this also.

  8. Everyone thumbs up. Means can be on your regular menu jor.

  9. same healing effect with ikan haruan?

  10. This is a very good and healthy fish soup. I like it! I also a fish lover and love eating fishes. It is healthier than chicken and pork.