Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What The???

The other night, I was sleeping very soundly and suddenly I heard dripping sound. I thought "Omg! Rainwater dripping from my ceiling???" And I opened my eyes and I saw a shilouette right in front of me, peeing on my rug! Quickly on my light and I saw Jayden standing right in front of me, peeing with his eye closed on my rug. I shouted "HEY!! what are you doing???" and quickly pulled my hub and told him "You SEE lah!!!!" Hub woke up and said "aiyoh!" but Jayden didn't respond to me. In fact he fling his lil dicky and then put his pants on and walked back to his bed.

I was like "what the????" cos it was middle of the night and he peed on my floor and I gotto clean it all up. I told my hub "You deal with it!" And he woke up, took the rug and shoved it into the toilet. O.O

Then we woke up and I asked him "do you remember that you peed on my rug?"and he was like "huh? when?". So obviously he doesn't know what happened. So fine. I have heard stories about my friend's kid peeing in their cupboard, or the wall, or the rubbish bin at night. So I thought, hey.. I got my own story too. heh! And probably that will be my last one too.

Dead wrong. 

Last night I heard the same sound again. So I quickly opened my eyes and I saw the same shilouette peeing at my toilet door! I said" what the???? JAYDEN!!!" and he opened his eyes and looked at me. I scolded him "hey what are you doing??? why didn';t you go into the toilet?" And he just looked at me, then looked back in front and wore his pants and went back to bed". Angry, I reached for the rotan and smacked him. He just moved when I smacked him, then looked at me and went back to sleep. How? throw towel on the pee and deal with it tomorrow la what else? hahahhaa

This morning I asked him "do you know what happened last night? you peed at my toilet door you know? See the towel there?" and he went "huh? when? why I pee there?"

So okay la. Maybe he is just too tired or stressed up cos lately the homework started to pour in and the schedule went haywire and I'm trying to get them back on track again. Probably this will be my 2nd and last time experiencing with this. Finger crossed.


  1. hey Sasha... serious ah? Gosh... people sleep walk.. Jayden pee-walk? or walk-pee? :0
    Anyway, whatever it is, I think stress is the culprit? Ask some Professional Aunties and see.. hahahaa.... they might have similiar experiences too...

  2. Never experienced this before but my boy did wet his pants a little in the morning a couple of times sometime last year. It stopped after I made him wash his own peed pants. Hahaha. Bad mommy.. Guess mine was due to laziness to get up in the middle of the night.

  3. My friend told me that when she was a kid, she woke just in time to stop her little brother from sleep pee-ing ON her body ;)

  4. Oh this happened to Jeremy once . He pee on the floor middle of the night . Hopefully no second time :(
    AFter pee'ing hor, he when back to sleep soundly, he doesn't know what he is doing , i think la .

  5. Oh My! I didn't sleep with my girls. What if this also happened to them, I would only get to know in the morning. Thank God, so far, not yet!

  6. Didn't know there is such thing as a sleep-peeing. First time hearing this. Oh what a pain having to clean it up in the middle of the night!

  7. I think he's getting there. First rug then toilet door, he's a stone throw away from the goal. :D

  8. Here is what I read, practical ways to reduce this:

    Other ways to help minimize sleepwalking episodes:

    -Have your child relax at bedtime by listening to soft music or relaxation tapes.
    -Establish a regular sleep and nap schedule and stick to it — both nighttime and wake-up time.
    -Make your child's bedtime earlier. This can improve excessive sleepiness.
    -Don't let kids drink a lot in the evening and be sure they go to the bathroom before going to bed. (A full bladder can contribute to sleepwalking.)
    -Avoid caffeine near bedtime.
    -Make sure your child's bedroom is quiet, cozy, and conducive to sleeping. Keep noise to a minimum while kids are trying to sleep (at bedtime and naptime).

  9. sorry, just have to LOL ...

    Try Michelle steps .. hopefully it works ... good luck!

  10. must be sleepwalking. Must have made u worry...

  11. Ohmigod. I hope its the last time also. Must be very stressingggg out.