Thursday, December 14, 2006

Walking Zombie

Oscar's Mummy said "if baby cry let them cry, Don't manja too much". So last night..Jayden refused to sleep till 11p.m. Both Mr Chan and I was to tired..we just left him in his playpen and hope that he will be tired and goes to lalaland by himself. Popped him into the bed and off the light.


No sound.

Then got a little bit sound.



We continued to pretend to sleep although he's crying like mad. He continued to cry. went on like for 5 mins. He still continue to cry.

DANG! Carried him....He began to arch his body! Twist n Turn!

Pop him onto his playpen again.


Jayden crawled and stood up.
Came to my bedside..
UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the dark also know where i sleep. Just let him cry....

Wah..beh tahan...He's crying like mad! Carried him again...and he fell asleep.

End of story?

I Wish.

Asked Mr Chan to come and hold him while i go to bed (bad wife?). Then he put Jayden to his playpen...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

12+ am : Cry.

1+ am: Cry

2+ am: Cry

3+ am: Cry

4+ am: Cry

5+ am: Cry

6+ am: Sleeping

7+ am: Jayden Woke Up.

8+ am: Work like mad. Tomorrow going on leave. Have to attend LONG meeting. Write Minutes. Have to take over someone's work for 2 LONG weeks. Have to settle everything today. I'm very sleepy. Very Dizzy. Another boss asking me to do work . I told my boss no. My boss said she will talk to her best fren. Let them fight. Nevermind. And then have to take over some woman's job cos she's gonna go overseas. Ask her to go to hell la. When i go on leave she never give a damn about my work hand-over to her. I'm very tired.
12+pm : Now eating shitty lunch from canteen. Damn. Cannot cook better food ka. $%$#%## Why go on leave like not so happy liddat wan? Cos come back have to do double job. I wanna cry like Jayden Tooo


  1. Poor mommi.... So tired hor!1 Jayden boy notti no sleep yesterday.. Ok cum cum my hse I make U nice food....

  2. Wah sounds like Raelynne when she was recovering from her fever. Almost every hour cry and must be carried and consoled.

  3. Is he ok or not? Lucas doesn't cry like that at night except first few days of being sick. You might wanna check with doc if it's ear infection. My friend's baby got it after crying non-stop the whole night! Very painful one you see...

  4. Even in the dark all kids can smell their mom out wan. Just hang in there, this phase will pass. Belle was like that till she turned 1 y-o.

  5. Hey..Sasha,
    Chloe was the same way too..!! must carry all the time.. till sleep..! but there is light at the end of the tunnel.. i assure you..! these days.. we watch a movie with her.. till she falls asleep.. and then we transfer her to her bed.. and room.

  6. Why he kept crying hourly there? You so pity la..

  7. Esther4:29 PM

    Poor Sasha, mental n pysical torture... better ask ur HR to hire an assistant to help u !!!

  8. I'm so sad when I read ur post. maybe u can tell the nanny don't let Jayden sleep too much during day time? I think 7 mths + should be able to sleep through the nite. Mite be baby Jayden kena "Hak" by someone at nanny place. Go n check-check :)

  9. Oh dear. That's quite bad, crying every hour like that. I agree, you should send him for a check up, incase something is not right somewhere and also tell the nanny to not let him sleep too much during the day. Let him be a bit tired and sleep better at night. He should at least sleep a few hours straight, y'know? Good luck tonight!

    And oh, don't do your colleague's work. As it is, you sound like as though you have enough on your plate!

  10. aiks... really sound so stressful leh.... but i still think ar, he might be sleeping too much in the nanny's place, that's why don't sleep at home....

  11. If Western GP can't diagnose any prob, u shud try the traditional Chinese med (not realy medicine la). Eu Yan Sang got sell - tell them baby cry non stop, they'll recommend something. I hv not tried b4 but my colleague said she can't live without it - for her daughter. Worth a shot if all else fail. Good luck..and have a good trip.

  12. Poor sasha!! He's so smiley in pictures..but weepy in bed!! I'm a bit like Oscar's mummy...if nothing is wrong with baby, i let him cry his guts off. the worst is 2 hours of non-stop crying..but after more crying leh.. really!

    i know..i know..evil mum...*runs away*

  13. If you want to try this method, best do it on a Friday.

  14. Poor you, zombie mommy going off on vacation, no wonder so busy. Hope Jayden gets over this crying period. Enjoy your vacation!

  15. ayo why cry every hour one? sick sick ah? ya me like MOTT..cry cry i oso dun care pekak after 12am or just kick my hubby's butt to handle!

  16. Poor Sasha. Why Jayden was so naughty. 'Piak' his butt. Heehee, kidding lar. Babies are like dat lar. They tend to go thru phases. Urs is still very small, way to go, way to go, my dear. But no worries lar, as they grow older, they'll go out of these phases.

  17. aiyoo cry non-stop...really something wrong la! pity u la...can feel ur sleepiness! its infectious!

  18. aiyoyo... what happened to Jayden ah??? Maybe teething ler...

  19. i'm going thru the same phase as u..boy wakes up every hour till 3am!!! Gosh...I really let him cry till sleep, beh tahan oredi...taking too many MC myself

  20. poor poor mommy .,.. must be really tired. not enough sleep ... somemore do ppl's work ... hugs to u ... :)