Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jayden's Update

Okay, finally managed to snap a picture of my lil worm's 2 teeth!
Can u see? He's always laughing..not smiling...LAUGHING! So Happy hor? If only adults can be so happy all the time...then ppl will think that we have mental problem pulak...susah o... (dun ask me why he is wearing pink colour flower baju..Nanny said she found it in his pile of clothes. O_0)

And he loves to crawl and stand up..liddis..

"Mr Chan Junior...what are you doing? "

Jayden says HI! He can wave BYEBYE nows...IF he's in the mood to do so.. And he's also very KPC now..everything also wanna know, touch, bite, eat..blablabla..Like for example, we went to wedding dinner last saturday. This guy refused to sleep although he's very sleepy. Look at him looking at the bride and groom during the march-in..

There's where he learned how to clap his hands..hehe
Another thing about Jayden lately is that he knows how to answer me when i asked him questions. E.g. Was cooking dinner for him, so put him in the play-pen. Cooked half way..


Have no choice but to pick him up and cook at the same time. As soon as he saw the food in the pan, he started to "pant"?? like a dog and his fingers will move..Angeleyes will know what i mean. hehe so the conversation is liddis:

Me: BB, you wanna eat?
Jayden : mmmmmmp! ( looking at the food in the pan, while moving his fingers)
Me: (aiks..he really know what I'm saying?)Mami cook for you. You Stay in your bed okay?
Jayden : Mmmmp!
Me :(sure boh?) Mami bring you to the room okay? Mami cook fast fast and feed Jayden later k?
Jayden : Mmmp!

So i brought Jayden to his play-pen, slowly walk out and continue to cook. So i was wondering if he really CAN understand me..Yes, He can understand and can answer, only for a while.. then right after finished blending the pumpkin & Carrot puree..


Okay ..okay Feeding time!


You know the saying "Fall on the ground, pick up a handful of sand" (tit lok tei ha, lah fan cha sha) -the saying for sudah malu, find some way to cover the memalufyingkan incident.

Was talking to his nanny outside the house this morning, when Jayden tried to hold the fence..nanny said "Aiks! Dirty! Don't touch". His hand was like half way reaching the fence when he heard the nanny's voice, he pretended like he is waving. *roll eyes* Not only that, sometimes if he's crawling towards something and if he hear us saying "No..No.." He will pretend to lie down flat like as if he is sleeping". So young also know how to malu edi???? hehehe my son...my son..


  1. Jayden got a very beautiful laugh, he look very adorable.

    Now he already know how to get malu arh.. that's very cute. :)

  2. Jayden is a fast leaner... when he can jump teach him badminton la... next time I got kaki to play ma, then teach him guitar so I can jamming with him... LOL

  3. wah...so clever to cover up somemore.
    p/s: my son also got pink blouse...hand me downs. Nevermind la...now "heng" ma.

  4. it sure feels good coming back home after a long and tiring day at work to see such a jovial and cheerful baby...make all your tiredness/problems at work all gone eh... :)

  5. Wei his mohawk hair always like that one is it? no need to put gel one aH? heheheh.

    Tai kor chai lor, sure become more and more cheeky and maybe malu malu a bit also lah.

  6. wah wah, jayden boy so clever.... can wave byebye liao! :D
    but so cheeky ar? so young oledi faking things like that... who teach one ar? hehehe

  7. Clever, Jayden, clever... wave-wave hands to aunty Samm next time ahhh. Come... Aunty Samm hug hug...

  8. wow..so cute Jayden!Know how to malu already..haha!(learn from mummy ah?) :)

  9. Wow, you got a nice catch on his laughing face! And so fast knows how to clap hands already! Clever boy...

  10. Hehehe, he and Irfan can ganglah, forever laughing and smiling! =)

  11. nice pictures!! wah jayden knows how to pretend to do something else when caught. smart boy!

  12. You also a lenglui mummy :) Post more pic pls!!
    Jayden so adorable especially his laught next time sure can 'kao' so many lenglui lor!!

  13. O.N.Life's : Yeah, esp when i change his diaper, i will say KKC! he will laugh very loud! i supposed tat is a way to show that he is shy when i kacau him. hehe

    Kenny: Good la.. Jayden got uncle..err Kenny kor kor to teach him play badminton and guitar..

    Shooi:That baju must be a hand-me-down baju..hehe

    Leng:Yes..everyday also like dat..btw, do you have a blog too?

    Julian:Yeah, his hair i think 365 days 24 hours also liddat!

    Shannon +Annie: Hehehe i wonder who leh??

    samm: u not scared ah? my son like to pinch and twist nipple wan! haha

    Shoppingmum:maybe he can remember clearly about clapping hands during the wedding.. hmm..

    Nadia: Yeah, we shud meet one day and put them laff laff together gether!

    whoisbaby:yeah..more of like a cheeky boy!

    1+2mom:eee, not too many pic, later ppl sabo me..

  14. haha..Jayden so kergn? so young oledi know how to 'see' ppl's face? and pretending? wahsey..he really a fast learner ahh

  15. warao ur son so terrer ler...clever boy! aunty amah oso muaks muaks!

  16. Rachel3:03 PM

    hahaha..so cute, big boy edi..
    Eik, i like his hair style hehehee..

  17. sasha...my blog still "under construction" haha...once it's up...can I link you to my blog?

  18. jayden got future la, in hollywood. :)

  19. not malu la, nowadays kids very cunning to pretend one.

  20. Clever Jayden boy!! Do more acts wokeh?

  21. eeehh... what do I know har???
    aiyoh, Jayden's smile can 'mai-sei-yan' ah!

    Darrius also have a pink singlet ah! My mom bought for him coz she said he's fair so can wear all colours.... only wear at home ler... go out pai seh lor! hahha

  22. waaa so cute, can cubit?

  23. msau: hahaha he's born with it!

    Amah: Can ..next time i bring out for u to muaks muaks

    Rachel: Hahah u suka his mohawk?

    Leng: ;) sure Leng. and do let me know once yr blog is up.

    Nyonya: Wah liddat i better do more facial lo! I'm SING-MA!

    Huisia: Hahaha follow mother ma..

    Ace: Jayden says .. wokey boss!

    Angeleyes: Hahaha yalah .. very "Heng" but only can wear at home

    KY: WAH! Long time no see u since err my 2nd post until now!

  24. Whao Jayden looks so zombie in that photo, still very bersemangat, kap lui somemore...haha!

  25. Wah wah - I like the photo of him trying to crawl up his playpen. Look at his padded buntut!!