Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mr Chan Balik

The last night was kinda okay. But I still suka the 2nd day. Third night, Jayden was abit bising but the following day is Saturday so not so bad. But i still gotto wake up at 6.30 cos my son woke up edi! *sigh* No more sleeping till 10am or 11am. Annie called for meet up with Amah and Baby Khong..but already made plans to go over to my shop. So I brought Jayden together gether went to my shop and we ate the latest Pork Noodles Fragrant City Edition. No bad wei.....and I still havent try our Century Egg Sui Kow..

Anyway, was wondering whether to cut Jayden's hair or not. His hair was obviously so long and it's getting longer the mohawk stylo. The remaining story in slide..
So we brought him for a haircut. He was an angel for the whole day, didn't make any fuss esp during the haircut. He looks much rounder now with this hairstyle.. I tot the hair wont go to the middle like mohawk..but i was wrong. Althought it short..the hair still go to the middle..hehe

And mom insisted that i go home for makan cos i wont be going back on Sunday and next weekend, travelling to Penang for Chan Family Gathering... So Makan Makan and Mr Chan took a cab to my mum's house. Obviously Jayden missed his Dadi alot and he smiled when his Dadi called him. So what did Dadi buy for lil Jayden? Winnie the Pooh Candy box. Candy of coz cannot eat la.. but the Baby Pooh looked like Jayden alot. Heheheh And what did he buy for me? Later i tellyiu...

Sunday...Went to Sunway Lagoon for my company's Family Day. Errr not a good idea cos there's nuthing for Jayden to play with cos he's down with a lil flu and cough. So we just sit sit stand stand..You know.. like bodoh..*yawn* and Jayden really enjoyed the LOUD SPEAKER coz he loves noise and can sleep better when it's extremely noisy. The only thing he can play is the carousel (izit??) and i was so sick of waiting for him to wake up..i woke him up so he can ride on it, snap a pic and go home. HAHAHAH
So we went home and later went for another wedding dinner (again). To keep him entertained, we gave him cucumber. Dun worry, this place is very far from Amah's Maid. Hahahaha so not worried that she has used the cucumber! yucks!!! Hahahaha The funny thing with Jayden he ALWAYS facinate us with something new. Check out what he did with his cucumber..

Proly he was so sick with the MISS GOLDEN FLOWER (KAM FA SIU CHEH) that cannot stop singing KARAOKE the whole night!!! Arghh!! and her singing SUCKS!!!!!

Anyway, Monday was a holiday for me, cos i work in Selangor but not for Mr.Chan. So was alone with Jayden at home and so bored....wanted to shop for myself. So called my mum n asked if she wanna lepak with me in Midvalley. NOT A GOOD IDEA! cos we round n round outside for 45 mins cannot even go near the parking entrance. Wanna leave for Valet parking also no more space. Suddenly one of the car came out, so i just threw my car to the valet and start to jalan la. Spent like 5 hours there and bought myself sooooo many things. One of it is this 3 pairs of shoes. I have no idea why i buy like 3 pairs..

Why 3 pairs right? Cos i never get anything from Mr Chan lo. He bought himself a portable PS2 and nothing for me.

Happy or not? Happy....................


  1. 3 pairs only ah? should have bought more... using mr.chan's card! LOL! *run away*

  2. Wah, Jayden mohawk looks even better than beckham...

  3. Wah!!tapek sama lu can shop for 5 hours!

  4. Wah ! u so good can shop for 5 hours. Where is Jayden then? By the way, I like ur shoe shoe lor. I nearly buy the last 2 pairs when I shop at KLCC yesterday hehehe!

  5. woooo.... Jayden is such a good boy... let the leng lui cut his hair. He still look cute cute after the hair cut.

    How come Mr Chan never get u anything???? Smack his butt! Like DG says, roll on his card lar!

  6. Hi Jayden...u still look very lengchai after your haircut..dun worry... :)

    haha...shopping is the best therapy to cure your sleepless night last week and since u bought so many things for yourself...lagi feel satisfied right.... :)

  7. Aiyo..I really salute you for having the bravery to venture the mall during holidays.

  8. slap slap mr chan
    buy ps2 for himself but nothing for u? wat? he think buy a winnie the pooh candy box can share between mother and baby? kick him, i agree with domesticgoddess, 3 pairs not enuf!!!!!!!!

  9. Esther4:30 PM

    WOW... nice shoes !! i thk i also need to hav a Christmas shopping laio..

  10. what is jayden doing using that cucumber? sapu sapu his leg and eat again..haha

  11. why jayden sapu his leg and eat again? i like the third pair...hey, you know, i always envy people who can wear high heel shoes, me always have to look for the flat one..sian la..

  12. Wah.. Jayden such a good boy. Muaks Muaks!!

    Walao.. no wonder you were crowned the shopping queen. Hehehe..

    Ps: Nv bumped into the China woman again meh??

  13. Nothing like shopping to make a woman feel better :)

  14. waaa...thanks for showing your shoes.
    How you know i got foot fetish wan ah? Hahahahhaa!!!!

  15. aiya better that mr chan didn't get u anything la..i never trust hubby's taste la..but then again..aiya..dem good la the shopping here in HK..shockalingam even tho it's like winter stuff..today only 1st day i gila leow!

  16. DG + Angeleyes: Hahah Using his Sub-Card. But gotto pay back one :(

    Boontz: Cool eh?

    Ace: Eh last round 9 hours ma. 5 hours sap sap sui la..

    DespMum: He was with me and mum shopping too!

    Vien: Haha bored at home ma..

    Leng +IMD: Yes! Shopping is the best theraphy for the mind and body but not the wallet neh..

    Shannon: Mum looking at me liddis O_o edi..cannot buy more liao!

    Esther: Faster Go!! Sale!!

    Annie +Huisia: He sapu the baby chair and eat again!

    YvYv: Noler..thank god. Cos i have my mum with me to look out!

    Cocka: Foot Fetish. ok ma..if preggie fetish susah la.

    AMAH!! envy of u!!!

  17. Haha! Love all his photos. Looks so adorable! Eh, pinch his cheeks for me, yah? Btw, the new haircut looks cool. Which reminds me, Irfan needs a haircut too!!

    Whack Mr. Chan and yes, if you were using his credit card, should've bought more shoes or clothes or the whole MV if the credit limit allowslah. Hehe. Whatlah he, buy PS2 for himself, but nothing for u? If he didn't get anything for himself either, then not so bad lah. Men!

  18. Wahhh PSP! I want! At least buy something for wife also mar hor.. go so far..

  19. Anie, I think he is feeding his lil' birdie the cucumber. kekekeke!