Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hum Hum Sup Sup Ppl..

Remember Julian wrote about the students that had sex in front of his house? And Huisia wrote about nearly the same thing again about the couple in the park..Well i have something to share also, as usual ma... (i wanted to link u guys up but dunno why blogspot merajuk dun let me wor..)

I was at Giant Subang and i was driving my sis and my son for shopping there. Round round the car park and there wasn't any available and as usual some cars will park at the side waiting for ppl to go off. So i was looking left and right hoping to find a carpark, and the same time my sis was blabbling and complaining as usual. There they are, in the car, under the bright sun, kissing. Yah..kissing only ma..what's the big deal right? Come...let me describe to you how they kiss ya....Okay move your mouth by saying this while moving your tounge...BLIH BLEH BLUP BLUB BLOB BLI BLEB BLOUB BLUUB BLOPPP BLAPP.. So u know how it goes?? (free course available at Sasha's place...please enquire within..HAHAHA)

So, i was the only one besides the many many ppl around in that area that saw them doing it. So being-a-not-kay-poh person like me..i moved on. (haha) Parked my car and went in to shop. Sister still blabbling.....so i went to the bb section..milk powder section. Guess what i saw? The same blardy couple BLIBBB BLEPPP BLOOOB in the aisle. #$%%@@ And u know what? i walked passed them, my sister didn;t notice them ..and they ended the kissing with a "chuiitttt" sound. Like the sucker being pulled off from the window..

Then i told my sis.."WTF...kissing in the milk powder section. Yalah enjoy la..after dat accident and buy milk powder la u". My sis said" Huh? Who is kissing" (slap head) So being a more kay-poh person than me..my sis wanna see who is the couple..so i brought her to the grocery section and showed her la..

Then she said.." wah ..tak sabar wanna go home and F.."
I said " Nolah..this is after F king edi wan ".
Sis Said " No..see they're shopping for food. to go home and eat and F later"
Me say " No...this is after F liao..Very happy ma..so Shop for food. Hungry after F ma.."
Sis say.. " No..see the way they walk..Like hugging hugging"..
Me say " Hmm liddis la.. Maybe F liao..come out for makan..and go home and F again"
Sis say " ah..Must be la!"
Me say : "Yalah..now kiss and cannot get enough of each other..after married and have kids.. see whether wanna touch each other again or not..."
Sis say : "hmmm yalor"

Wah got second story samo...another couple being spotted while i went for my holiday in Lone Pine Penang. This girl....*sigh* beh tahan her.. She's acting like she's gonna drown in the 4ft water when my nephews and nieces swimming around her..and they're only like 2ft tall? I felt like drowning her by pushing her head down and hear her screaming like she's been doing all the while while the BF is around. When the BF is not around..she can swim...SO FAKE!

Tadaaaaa...i have their beautiful picture to show show..HAHAHAHA (notty me, i know)

Obviously it's a F king vacation for them. And each time i see them in the pool ..she's doing it again... Liddis.. "Ahhh...So Scared..Ah......Ahh...Ahh....Ahhhahahaha Ah...." They're sick ppl...so sick ppl. But i think they got the message when i brought Jayden to swim next to her and Jayden was happily kicking and playing with the water. Wanna HeeHeehaaHaa go home ler..

In a not so related issue ...try to focus behind the couple and u can see something. No...not the kid. That's adam, my nephew. Behind adam. Look closely....can u see?

U cannot see this Beautiful Aunty/Uncle taking picture of himself meh? Seriously...izit a man or woman?


  1. Wah, you and yr sis got see free show la. why no call me go see jek? Eh..the last pic hor..izzit a man? Tummy so big wan..somemore wearing red kaler bra wor!!

  2. wahahahaha, i think its a man trying out his wife/gf's red bra... hahahahaahahaha...

  3. warao...memang lucky wor u....me haven't seen before wor..emm..maybe once la in the pool this couple was like almost making out!

  4. Wei? That couple in the pool....next time you bring along water-resistant camera to take pics underwater lah. See if they are screwing anot. LOL

  5. Aiyoh..! the kids here are the same.. come into our store during lunch/break time.. and start their nonsense..!! donch know what to say ah..!! so no shame one..!

  6. Esther3:52 PM

    walau, so many free show for u ar...HEHE

  7. wahseh!!!!! so geng????
    may I know if the kissing couple is malaysian ar??

    and that pan sai yeah gal in the swimming pool, very irritating wor... but then again, there's lotsa such girls leh, act cute... :D

  8. Is man with bra, right??? Haha...

  9. dragonmummy5:34 PM

    Let me share my story yea...many years ago in PJ Tmn Jaya..me still single and was jogging there one evening (not dark at all yet) and this malay couple parked their car at the car park next to the jogging track and the man "picit"ing this fat woman breast and kissing. I stare at them one kind and they dare to look at me and smile. Really disgusting...

  10. i once saw a couple kissing like that in the car...and it was in the middle of the road waiting for the traffic light to turn to green...aisey...so desperate aldy..can't wait to get home.

    your last pic there...doesn't matter it's uncle/aunty...he/she looks so gross...yuck...

  11. ha ha ha!! C'mon Sasha..I'm sure when you're younger you also lidat one la!!!! HEE HEE HEE!!! Or else how you know when is time to tiu and eat? HEE HEE HEE!!! *winks*

  12. Blih bleh blup blub blob bli bleb... Aww.. My tongue~ terikat d. Sasha no ask Jayden kick them meh while playing with the water? Teeheehee!

  13. You really know where to find interesting ppl. How come I don't encounter any?

  14. LOL! Dang, woman! I almost fell off my chair laughing! Wei, how come u didn't zoom in on those swimming couple? Must take a good look at them mah! Hahaha..

  15. Aceone: Leave me yr handfone number in my email. I will give u a call if there's anymore show. Nyak Nyak Nyak!

    Julian + Huisia: I think so too..And i caught it..gessh..

    Amah: Very common to make out in pool hor?

    Cocka: Niamind...i check edi. About to only..

    Mamabok: But yr place shud be more open than Msia rite..?

    Esther: Nyak Nyak Nyak ..no need to pay money to see wan..

    Shannon: I beh Tahan the girls like pretending to be the "weaker sex" *Slap left and right*

    DragonMum: AhakS! I see before also!! Hahaha

    Leng: Hahaha Also seen kissing couple in the car!

    mott: *wink**wink*

    Rabbit: Only asked Jayden to splash Water! Hahaha

    Mich: Cos u not so kay poh like me la....

    Vien: In fact..i have one super close up. u wanna see meh? Hahaha

  16. I think it's a man, wearing a bra. I don't know? Even if it's a woman, good gawd! Damn gross!

    As for the girls pretending to be the "weaker sex" so that they can mengada-ngada, all I can say is: Go get a f***ing room! Sheeessh, annoying like hell!

  17. Wah Sasha got gip lessons for kissing ah?? Where U learn from???? Fr Sotongking and nw U r givin kissing lessons ah!!

    Lucky U la see all these ppl 3 times, U purposely go spy on ppl so they know tat U like to see they do for U to see la....
    Tat fatty in red bra is defintely a pervert la... He was not takin his own picture he was takin ur picture issit.... kakakkakkakakak.....

  18. Got free show mah no nid to go rent video ady lor. So you go home got demonstrate for Mr. Chan or not?

  19. Looks like you got more than money's worth at the hotel stay! So many free shows ha ha ha...love the self-photographing auntie/uncle =)

  20. Damn, I've never been lucky to see any free show!!!
    And that fella didn't take off the bra, never mind lah, not that scary loh...

  21. We went to Gasing hill when the time we 'pak tor' at nite, saw a car shaking..hehe..you know what they do lar but we dun dare to go near scare ppl scold..haha.

    I bet that is a man..really look like a man.

  22. Frankly, what's wrong with kissing in the public?

    Find someone to kiss if you re envious. Otherwise, it's not really your problem isn't it?

    For Freedom

  23. wah like that also you can see ... is that a male or female taking picture of him/herself?

  24. haha - that is funny about accident and then having to buy milk powder.
    Had the same experience when we sent to see a movie last week, this couple was busy kissibng and they moved to the last seat to have more action!!

  25. wah so uncivilise eh...sometimes really beh tahan these ppl..

    wah itu uncle or aunty haha..i oso wondering :P