Tuesday, December 05, 2006


A few was wondering where i went to last Thursday and Friday. Was on Emergency Leave cos Jayden's nanny gotto attend her niece's funeral. Sad story, niece suddenly died because of asthma and left behind a 1 yr old daughter.
Okay, so back to where I've been la. On Friday i went to look for Annie and Allyfeel for lunchie at thier work place. My first time meeting Ally. Ally said she's not "pretty" enough..so never take pikture neh(i made this up..Hiaks!)...After that i went to a spa somewhere near Annie's working place. This place previously was owned by Sheila Majid..but i just gotto know that she sold it off to the new owner..
So as soon as you get in you will be greeted with a flower leg bath..
Then you will be lead into this sexy massage room la. Here you will be greeted with 1 1/2 hours of massage. NO.. No PiaoMei here..indon lady got ler..

Then since i took the package massage + creame bath for mykepala..they lead me to this saloon upstairs..to cuci the kepala lor. And sapu some avocado creame? Tak Tau la..Janji nice...

Here I met a kwai-po. She was like "mmmmm Good...It feels Great..Mmmm" . Very the bising. Everytime the girl picit her.. she will moan... geli betul. And since we're wearing like this sarung thinggy, hehe the kwai-po's one slide down, revealing one side of her titties when we're at the washing hair place.. hahaha and she didn't realized. So the 3 of us, me and the other 2 indons looked at each other.. buat tak tau ler..Errr...FYI, its big.

I was given 20% discount, not because they know that I'm blogging about this, but cos I'm first time customer and they baru bukak la. So I paid like Rm128, for the actual Rm160 package price. And also given this..as door gift..So i can act like the Piaomei when i massage Mr. Chan...eeeeeeeeee so geli. Hahahah

And i managed to go and look see the steaming place..Very nice.. with stones all over the floor. And the waiting area is nice.. but you wont get to sit there for long...cos they're very fast to lead you to get to work.

And this place is called ...Jentayu. Can you see the address? Cannot? Then nevermind la..maybe they never give me enough discount for me to take nicer pic. *so evil* Hahahahhaha

Anyway, this spa session is to prepare me for today. Yes. Today. Why today? Cos this morning Mr Chan flew to HK for some exhibition thinggy and will be returning only on the weekend. *sigh* The worst part is.....I never expect Jayden to fall sick at this time. It's been like 2 nights edi, he's been tossing and turning and crying the whole night thru...Flu, Cough and slight fever. And the worst part is, i cannot control my anger towards his crankiness and smacked him a few times. (Sorry Jayden Boy, Mami loves you alot) I know..I'm a bad mother. He's already so sick and weak..and he can't help it, and there i go smacking him for being cranky. I must tell myself.."understand Jayden more...be more gentle...be patient...dun smack him...". I think I'm going mental....i need some sleepzzzzzzzzzzz....i think many many times spa also cannot help my giant panda eyes..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Okay Okay..a few asked why say take EL but end up in SPA geh? It's like this. The nanny said she dunno whether the funeral will be held on thursday or friday so asked me to take 2 days leave, just in case. So after that i got to know that the funeral is on thursday . so friday can send Jayden over lor..That's why friday can go SPA lor...


  1. should have posted a photo of you with your panda eyes mah :P

  2. aww..poor mummy...daddy's away and jayden is sick pulak...don't stress yourself too much...hope jayden will get well soon... :)

  3. Don't smack him la, he is already so kasihan. Speedy recovery to Jayden.

  4. hope jayden gets well very soon....
    (must say magic word and do magic make him all well by tonite, and so tired himself that he sleep through the nite)... hehehe

    oh, i agree with huisia, dun smack him lar... u smack liao he cry even more.... sayang him sayang him.... :D

    but u take leave and stay at home and sleep lar... apa lar... not enuf sleep somemore dun rest...

  5. wei....don't smack Jayden lar... he's in the teething phase ler... very cranky one...

  6. Speedy recovery to Jayden. Poor Sasha..! donch be too hard on yourself. Take care.. and stay well.

  7. i think most babies when they are sick ,they are cranky!!Just like my two boys,me also having the same problem lei.Crying at night,i also lose my temper,shouted at them!!After think back,me feel bad,they are just not feeling well that's y they cry!I know how u feel!Dont worry, we all the same same when having a sick baby,we will have sleepless nite!!Hope Jayden recover soon!

  8. U so han fook can go for spa, jelouslah...don'tlah smack Jayden. Lack of sleep can do that to us, nvm, be more patient, ya?

  9. The spa place looks nice eh. Too bad I can't enjoy one la, otherwise we can go together. :)

    Aiyoo..poor jayden this time kena smacked by mommy. Hope he is alright now. You better catch some sleep when Mr Chan comes back.

  10. I think a good rest will help Sasha. Jayden is such a risible baby. Maybe he cried because he knows he's making mummy sad leh...

    Speedy recovery to Jayden. More laughing pics of him ya..

  11. I know how stressful and frustrating it can be, but try not to smack him so muchlah. Hopefully he gets well soon and you can get your peaceful sleep. Take care! =)

  12. I thought took emergency leave to jaga anak b'cos nanny not available? Spa pulak.

  13. tsk tsk tsk..agree with Zara mama..how come emergency leave not jaga anak but went to spa one??

  14. don't feel too awful la..I also smack my lil one when he cry too much. Like..so cannot tahan la. So hard to ask them to stop crying la. I hate babies crying! I hope Jayden is much much much much much better now!

  15. Same quest : How come E/leave but go spa one ah?? So good lar you. I've also been to this spa before at D. Heights. Not too bad huh? They even have valet service if you cannot find car park.

    Ehh- no smack no smack. poor Jayden sick sick mah...