Friday, August 20, 2010

Verbal Self Defense

Oh man...... follow up from my earlier story today about this cili padi.


So when I went to pick JD up from school, I saw her mom picking her up in that big ass square car. No, Not Alph@ard. I was so tempted to go down and have a word with her. But I thought maybe the HM spoke to her and she stopped doing her "thing" in school. Give her a chance I said in my heart.

Once JD entered the car, I asked him him how was his day, what he had for recess, did he finish his water, what he wrote and yada yada and the final question was....

Me: Did XXX hit you today?
Me: ah? are you sure or not? ( i was thinking SO DARING? Kena kantoi from HM still wanna smack???)
JD: really!
Me: How? Like this *smack softly* cos she was calling you or *PIAKKKK hard* like this?
JD: like this *PIAKKKK Hard*
Me: HAH! Where?
JD: here, on my hand...
Me: did you tell her off?
JD: got.
Me: (wah he so pandai? teach one day so smart edi???) what did you say?
JD: I said ....... AIHH......
ME: huh?? AIH??????????? (WTF is that?????? A sigh????)
JD: yeah, i said Aih...
ME: *smack forehead* (what kind of "telling off" is that??????) Why you say AIH?? You should say "STOP! I will tell teacher K" So, What did she say?
JD: nothing.
ME: how come?
JD: because..... i said it to myself
ME: *smack forehead smack forehead smack forehead and vomit blood*  Jayden.... You cannot like this you need to tell her properly. STOP IT! STOP HITTING ME!

So after that I drove to my dad's workshop and during lunch with my niece (his fav cousin), we taught him how to tell her off.

Even my niece also vomit blood and smack forehead.

Cos he keep saying "Stop it....*laugh*.. I tell your mother *laugh*"

and then finally he got it. But he face is not that serious, still trying not to laugh.

Aiyoh.....apa maciam la...

Mr. Chan please take over.


  1. LOL ..... :P
    teach again until he master it ...:P

  2. send him to Jackie Chan

  3. sei loh..that cili padi so ganas.

    Looks like JD is being so kind.

  4. JD is just too nice. In this competitive world, If our kids are too nice, cannot.. sure kena bullied one. If they are too honest, also kenot.. sure "zhap shi" (lose out) one.. Haiz..

  5. err..maybe he likes what she's doing? muahahhahahaahhaahahahhahahahahahaaahahahahha. poor jayden. he's such a soft-hearted boy :D

  6. i think quite hard lah.. coz i teach my gal the same also.. she always kena bullied by others one wor.. and don't know how to stop them.. despite i teach thousand time to PUSH them away if someone attack u.. but still like so soft when the real situation come wor.. :S

    how come fierce mama got soft kids ah!!!!! why cant be AS FIERCE AS me!!! hahaaha.. im asking god why too..

  7. sorry, really got to laugh at it...

    now back to the more serious topic, I guess you have to keep on brainwashing Jayden until he gets it lo..

  8. Anonymous6:10 PM

    lol jayden... i hope he will learn how to defense himself asap. bully is really bad thing la :(

  9. omfggg...what kind of parents does that kid have!??! spoilt like shit wtf..poor Jayden

  10. Jayden is a real gentleman. But that cili padi girl... really rude and spoiled la.

  11. OMg.. Sasha time to have a talk or two with the cili padi's parent.
    It's like the teacher also sked of the small girl for some reason. Maleh..
    If she still so kwailan after you've talked to her mom, it's time to teach her daughter yourself.
    You piak my son hor, I piak you back!
    I hope my son tak kena buli like this in the future. Issh!