Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Morning

I have been feeling this lump on my throat and every time I eat, I felt like as though its stucked there. So thinking maybe something is wrong, I went to see yenjai. After some "AHHHHHHHHHH" he said that my throat is dry and red. Right section is swollen and the wall on the throat is like my cracked heel. Its cracked not because I didn't drink enough water. Not because its infection. Not sore throat also. It's because I didn't get enough sleep and rest. So he gave me some gargle and a pill. The pill that I posted on my previous post. That pill was supposed to relax my body for 6 hours and let me sleep better. But he ran out of stock and he only has one pill cos he sold 10 another patient earlier. And there won't be any stocks coming in for 2 months time.

So i have ONE very valuable pill. I had it for days, keeping it for emergency use. For very very super duper stress day.

So I used it yesterday.

And it worked, i can focus while I am being angry and i whooped some ass accurately.

I cried for the entire day. One whole day.

Cos he came home and cleaned the kids and also wanted to clean the floor. I told him I didn't call him to come home and clean floor like cinderella. I want him to back me up and punish the kids. He didn't do it. So i did it. Then he is upset, the kids are upset. Then he asked me "Is that the only way ? To Whack them?" Well, I did tell Jayden nicely "DO NOT PLAY WITH PAINT. I WILL DO IT WITH YOU LATER, right Jayden? He nodded and said "Yes mami say no play paint". But they still opened all the damn tube, and they make sure not even one drop is left in the tube. And you know, I Just bought those last week.

So according to him, I am wrong. My way is wrong.

Talk - done.

Whack - done.

Basically there is nothing left for me to do here. Might as well not do anything.

He left and the kids had a party in the room. Took coins (which I already told the man not to keep coins lying everywhere) and throw it to the ceiling fan. WOW! the small one said.

I said "No. Don't throw coins".

They stopped throwing coins. YAY!

Not because the mom said stop. Cos they found another better game. The standing fan. The small one discovered that if we put coins into the fan it will PIANG the coin and fly out. He said WOW!!!! The big one also said WOW! and both started throwing coins into the standing fan.

Wrong to whack. Wrong to scold. I did nothing but to pull the plug out.

End of story.

What? so fast?

Not yet.

The big one went to cucuk cucuk the plug with whatever plug he can find trying to revive the fan so that they can throw coins again.

I just said enough.

Go and stand at the wall and wait for your dad to come home.

So they did for like 10 seconds.

Then started to lie down. Then started to run around. Then trashed my newly cleaned room. My part time maid come every wednesday and yes yesterday was wednesday.

Then they just had fun and fun and more fun giggling while the mom is crying.

And then they slept at 7pm.

and woke up at 8pm. cry cry cry for no reason.

The father picked up the small one and said "DID YOU HIT HIM AGAIN?"

Then he said wanna bring him to see doctor cos he dunno why the kid is crying.

The mum said you bring him to see doctor cos he is crying?

so he Throw passed the kid to the mum and went to hide in the room.

Mum brought the kid down and cooked sausages and he happily eat.

The bigger one woke up and walked down.

mom asked where is dadi.

dadi is sleeping he replied.


cooked pasta for dinner.

father wake up and eat dinner.

happy family.

Mom went to bed very early. Lying down. Looked at the ceiling. Eyes painful and very sleepy but cannot sleep.

finally doze of and woke up middle of the night with terrible headache.

the husband passed panadol to her and she cried to sleep.

7.15am: brriiiinggg....alarm on.

good morning.


  1. tough day yea.. hope today will be a better day.

  2. You had a really bad day, hugs. Today will be better.

  3. Sasha.. Get a robot, get Bicentennial Man.. Robin Williams.. he is the best man to be in the house..
    Jokes aside, your post is getting more and more interesting.. one consolation though, those kids who are super active now, they will be very smart guys later on in life.. trust me!

  4. Set a timetable for your kids. You are creative, set something for them to do.

    I guess they have nothing to do that makes them play with stuff that drive you mad.

  5. Hey girl,

    Look... it's tough I know but you have a choice. Give yourself a day off by letting the kids watch tv the whole day and keep all the messy stuff (so that they cannot mess up the whole house and get into trouble).

    Just forget about washing, cooking and cleaning for the day. Order pizza or something. When hubby gets home, just tell him you need a break and leave the kids with him for a few hours. JUST DON'T CARE. Get out and go shopping or meet a friend or two. Off the phone! The kids will survive and so will your husband. Let him have a taste of what it is like to be with the kids with no help! DO IT! You will feel better after that. If hubby wanna pick a fight with you. Just ignore him. Tell him not today. You need a break!

  6. wow! your sons are sure adventurous with that coins and the standing fan.

    Hope today and more days to come will be better. Kids are growing up every seconds, so don't worry. Their mischeviouness will not last long. Soon, they will be the most obedient boys you have!

  7. Good Morning!! Hope you are better now, ok!! *hugzzzzz*

  8. you know....if i were u..surely i went gila already. but at least u can still chat. take care ya.. *hugs hugs*

  9. This is really not good for you in the long run. Are you considering going back to work and send the kids to childcare? Hope you'll feel better today!

  10. hope you feel better soon. it must be really hard on you.

  11. Pity you, Sasha. I whacked my girls too, they very scared of the cane one. When I raised the cane, they behaved. I agree with Michelle, keep the children busy with the things that they like, but no mess la! My girls like colouring and art work. I am not too sure what boys like, but boys usually are more active. Take Heart!


  13. good afternoon.. hope u are feeling better now...

  14. Hi, im mother of 2. One year ago when they were 3 & 1, before i sent them to nursery and playgroup, my life is suck! Freelance assignment, housechore, cooking, kids, terrible! I hate when ppl tell me 'Just bear with it, they will grow eventually', 'Hold on to it, v soon they can go to school alr', please, you were not me, you didn't know what i went thru! Almost everyday the idea of "Stop crying! Come! Mommy carry your 2 and we jump down together from 9th floor!" comes across my mind. Until one day i felt enough is enough, i don't need any cosmetic, bags, clothes, blar blar blar, all i need is a nanny. OK, nvm, even i only afford to hire a nanny for 1 kid for 1 month, here goes the youngest, and i only see him over the weekend.
    After 1 month, i felt refreshing, and i realised a healthy and happy mother make a healthy and happy kid.

  15. I read somewhere that says you have 2 choice the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Either you want to be happy or sad. If you choose to be happy, you probably will but if you choose to be sad, you will! But, I know, easier said than done. I hope today will be a better day to you. Cheer up!;)

  16. hugs...i think u need a break. this sat, dump the kids with daddy and u go out 2 jam spa ok

  17. Hi Sasha I can completely feel the peak of your boiling pressure coz I have one set here. My 9 months old baby scream, just scream, sooooo LOUD you think you gonna die from it and my nearly 5 year olds constantly asking me 'what to do next'. We are running a marathon and often enough we forget to find joy in the midst of all these craziness. Just when I needed inspiration and encouragement, my aunt send me this book 'The Mom You're Meant to be' by Cheri Fuller. I am reading it and found peace, comfort, wisdom and inspiration. I encourage you to read even if you are not a christian mum. I feel terribly depressed at time and completely exhausted but let's not put off joys at every season of our mothering. Is tough I know but let us encourage each other. Hug to you!!

  18. Wah.... really tough job being a SAHM! U definitely need a break. Hope you are feeling better now.

  19. hugs to you... I guess that's part of the challenge to set you to be a stronger person. I guess motherhood is a time when we (or should I say, the big and small kids at home) test our patience.
    hope things are better again soon.

  20. Bring you go get a good massage...i bcome ur driver..hehheh

    Take care!!

  21. You need a break. Get someone to babysit the boys for a weekend so you can go for a spa treat or something. That will revive you.

  22. aiyo..i wanna cry with you already..why not u just leave the kids to your husband for a weekend and u go holiday.then he will know what you've been through!

  23. I can feel for you. Coz u have no help, u hv so much to handle. Coz u are tired, u have less patience.

    Seems like u need help. It's not easy to handle 2 active kids, housechores and freelance work. You are not supermom.

    Maybe u can consider sending them to day care. If not both, maybe only Jayden. If not, see can get any local helper or phillipino maid. Last resort, don't take any freelance work. Concentrate on ur children.

    Conclusion, reduce your daily work load.

    Money is not everything. Your happiness is the MOST important. When u are happy, ur kids are happy and ur hubby is happy too. Think of what u can do to bring back joy and happiness to your life.

    p/s: I salute you. So angry u still can cook sausages and pasta. If i were you, the one that go out is me and i'll get my hubby to stay at home and handle the 2 kids.

  24. Oh dear... Sounds crazy!! How are you holding up? Maybe get some help?? Go out get a day off... Or else the one getting Post-natal depression will not only be me..

  25. Oh, God... I'm counting my blessings right now, cuz my hubby wun dare to mess with me when I whack my brat. He would tell the brat, "Next time, make mad summore la, and she'll toss you out of the house again"

    =( I dun agree with your hubby. Sometimes, hentaming the kids is one of the way to show them that you mean business. Some kids, talk onli no use. Hentam them onli they will get the picture.

    Sometimes, I'm too fed up in rotan-ing my boy. I just let my hubby handle him. He too, will whack the boy's butt if he cry for no reason or do dangerous things like climbing around.

    Sigh... your hubby needs to stay 24/7 with the kids all by himself so that he can get a clear picture of what you've been thru. then only he'll agree with you.

  26. you know, I went through these before. You simply need a good rest. Trust me, go and spend 1-2 hours of your ME time, you'll feel better then.

    my suggestion for long term, go & get another maid for yourself. Probably she can't help much but at least, you have someone to do all the cleaning jobs or an eye for kiddos while you are busy with works.

    You need to solve 1 by 1. Otherwise, you'll feel double stress....

  27. Tough day.. but I guess it'll get better..

    Any safe place to put them in the house when they are super naughty and you don't want to whack them?

    I keep Zaria in the toilet when she misbehaves and cries like crazy. Told her to think about what she did and if she's feeling better and sorry, she can come out.

    Work for me.. rather than getting super stress.