Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As it is Header: Poot Poot Car

I am taking a break from customized designing now. Can't squeeze my brain to think of how to fit into ppl's request. So now I am going to design what I like and sell it as it is. So here is my first ever As It Is Header. Here is the small version. For big version, please click here.


Size: 680px x 280px. Made to fit into my blog header size. But I can resize it into your blog header size.
Picture: Right now I am using my kids picture. I can add in max 3 "head" pictures
Car colour: Changeable.
Blog title colour: Changeable
Price: Rm150 for 2 heads, Rm170 for 3 heads.
Availability: Reserved

If you are interested please email me at sashatan at gmail.com and I will email you once the reservation is cancelled. First come first serve basis. :) Serious buyer only. Thanks.


  1. u gonna have lotsa business come knocking here babe! u are so creative ;) is there anything u CAN'T do? hehe...

  2. the road very bumpy hor.. hehehe..

  3. this is nice! great work!

  4. woh tis is great work!!!! if onli i can b as creative

  5. so nice!but i need save money :( Hope next time I can get from you!

  6. where you learnt all this from,,, i have my respect for you lah, you are good,i mean real creative, sometmes i really wish i could be the one just like you,,,

  7. and you said ppl say why so expensive? i dunno wht is the market price out there but i think your price is affordable wor.

    glad u spoke ur mind freely here coz that will tell ppl to shut their mouths if they ask u why so expensive. :)