Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Death, Egg and Spoon.

In the car last night...

JD: mami.. when you are old, where are you going to stay? Old town with poh poh and koong koong?

Me: No ah. I stay in my own house, with you all lor.

JD: then koong koong and poh poh will die soon?

Me: nolah. Not so fast la.

JD: when are they going to die?

Me: aiyoh when they are older la.

JD: when?

Me: after you get married and have kids la.

JD: oh....

JT: mami, if your dadi dead (dies) what are you going to do?

Me: i'll cry and I'll be sad.

JT: you don't be sad. I'll help you.

Me: huh? How?

JT: I'll lay a very big egg, *pooot* like this. It's big okay. But you cannot hatch it just like that. You need to use a big spoon and knock it so it will hatch. Then you will get a new dadi again. 

Me: *lol* sure or not?

JT: yeah. But then you gotto feed him alot of food so that he can grow big again.

Me: *lol* When I die, are you gonna be sad?

JT: yeah.....I'll be sad *think think*.....mami.. when I die.. what are you gonna do?

Me: I'll be very very very very sad and I'll cry for many many many days.

JT: don't worry la. Just lay another egg. But its a tiny one. And you no need to use spoon to hatch it. I'll hatch and come back again. Just feed me alot of food and I'll be Justin again.

JD: hoi.... Human don't come from egg la! *irritated* They come from....... mami where did human come from?

Me: neh..... *think think* from tummy lor.

JT: You mean, human not from egg ah? Then what comes from eggs?

Me: birds, chicken, duck, blablablabla but mammals like elephant, giraffe, dog, cat all come from tummy. They come out from the mummy tummy and they look like their mummy wan.

JD: *eyes wide* You mean even giraffe???????

Me: yeah! giraffe too!

JD: when giraffe come out, is the neck long or short?

Me: long la.


Me: *lol yeah they curl and hide inside the tummy*

JD: *scratch head*


  1. So many questions, pengsan.

  2. LOL!! My boy is also like that until I beh tahan sometimes and tell him off, ask intelligent questions la... He always has last say wan... I am asking intelligent questions la!! *mommy drops off chair and fainted*