Friday, September 28, 2012

In My Head- 28 Sept 2012

Every morning I'd walk my kids into the school, drop their bags in their classrooms and send them to the assembly hall. Once they are in the room, the younger one quickly grabbed his gf's hand and started to whisper *sweat* and the elder one quietly looked for his best friend and then he pulled my hand he said "Mami.. he is there" He smiled, gave me a hug and quickly squeeze himself next to his best friend, sat so near that he actually squashed the poor fella. I quietly looked and then I wonder what is going to happen to him next year when they go separate ways? Then I thought he just gotto make new friends and it worries me.
I always asked my son to make new friends. He'd say "but he doesn't want to friend me". And I'd say "nevermind, then go and find some other ppl that likes you". And he said "but I like to be his friend". Ahhh the rejected feeling. Had it and still dealing with it. How am I supposed to tell him that it's okay, when his own mother is dealing with the same problem?
I can tell him a thousand times "not everyone will like you. But it's okay. We will go find some other ppl that will appreciate you". But that feeling that we-like-someone-but-that-someone-doesn't-like-you, I guess no one will know unless you're in the same position. It's really sad and hard to forget. But I guess time will heal. And I hope the time comes real quick, for the both of us.


  1. No worries. I do have this concern too, especially my girls need to change school, they can make new friends easier and faster than adult.

  2. everyone dun fren nehmind.. i fren u .. okay.. u dun fren them.. ask them to yak si ..

  3. You worry too much. He will adapt, just be by his side to support him. :)