Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In My Head - 26 Sept 2012

1. Not everyone will like you and you will not like everyone too. That's inevitable.
Best is just move on and find someone that likes you for being you and not hope for you to change into someone that they like being with. Otherwise you're a fake, trying to impress another fake.

2. Time will heal, time will make you get through it, but time will not let you forget because time don't want you to repeat the same mistake again. Learn from the mistake and never ever trust a person that betrays you or put you in deep shit. Cos they can do it once, why not twice?


  1. I have this ex-colleague, now a SAHM too who loves to show-off. She knows I am maidless and she has one. We used to hang out a lot, not anymore 'cos I MOVE ON. Ha! Everytime we met up, she sure asked, ha, no maid ah, pity you la.. your hands must be so wrinkled now, then examine my hands closely with her pair of eagle eyes. I was like, what the.....!! The true fact is she always envies I have a pair of smooth hands with ladylike long fingers. Ahem.. On a positive note, I would like to think that she doesn't like me and is jealous lor, so why bother hanging out with someone who obviously doesn't like you and you don't like her either?

  2. well said by inspired momx. just forget about this person and move on your happy life..

  3. Yes, Sasha, I deal with friends jealousy too. Women just like to compare and jealous, don't let all those people bother you. I know it is painful, take it as a challenge to make you a better person.