Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How To Propagate Mulberry Trees

I started with a Mulberry tree that I bought from the nursery. My kids eat the mulberries so fast, that the mulberries can't grow fast enough for them!So I thought, okay I gotto do something about this. So I tried cutting and just poke them into the soil and hoping that they will grow. I tried about 10 stems and only one survived. Then I figured out another way to propagate and I thought what forces them to survive. If I fail, my kids will be my strength and force me to stand up again. So I thought.. hey why not use the new shoots to force the roots to come out? So I cut one of the branches off and automatically new shoots will come out.

So what you need to do is to cut the branch just slightly under the new shoots.
(Sorry, the pic is blurry!)

And just poke the newly cut branch into any soil and 99%, the new shoot will survive and you will have mulberries growing pretty soon.
That's the very simple way to propagate mulberry trees. I have given away a few pots of mulberry trees and also been collecting new babies so I can bring them over to my new place soon.^^

p/s: I also used this same method to propagate my Hydrangeas. Worked all the time. :D


  1. That's how I got my mulberry tree, someone gave me the cut shoot!

  2. you have got green thumbs :)

  3. The mulberry seems like a friendly tree to grow now i just need to get some of those cut shoots then i can save tons on buying mulberry instead

  4. move house soon ar????

  5. So easy? Mine sure will die wan..