Thursday, July 31, 2008

conversation with myself.

yesterday at 6pm *hand fone alarm - go home*

Okay pack pack and go home.

Sibeh sian. Sibeh tired.

Alamak, sudah tidur in the car *looking at J*

(Reached home)

Fast fast....*carry J into the room* Please don't wake up first.

Okay fast fast.bath then can lie down for a while.

Okay, damn syiok mandi edi. Okay, sleep sleep...

Sleep........Sleeep...... he never eat much. Ate so much biscuit. Dunno whether will kena sore throat or not.


Sigh... Tomorrow how la? must think of what to bring for him to eat tomorrow..

Sleep Sleep......

Maybe I stuffed him too much junk food la. that's why he dun wanna eat lunch...

Sleep Sleep......

And must bring elmo pilow. Then he can sleep...

Wtf? cannot sleep.

Nehmind watch house. Maybe half way can sleep.

(house ended)

I still belum sleep. *sigh*

(J woke up)

Sigh..where he get his energy. Damn hungry edi.. where is my husband leh? *sms husband*

Sigh....poor guy. Need to rush his work. What to do wait la..

Poor lil fler must be hungry, "Jayden do you want to eat cheese?"

*excited* "Okay babe, see you". Fast fast get ready, hubby is nearby. Can go makan then go Pasar Malam.

(eating dinner) Later go buy corn, then can boil and let him munch in office tomorrow. And get bread.

(at pasar malam) cilaka, no corn. How? Nehmind, bring cheese.

(at home)

must sleep. Must rest..

Ah..painful. Why no2 likes to strecth the legs at my tummy wall leh?

Wuah so damn hot! go take shower again.

Okay sleep sleep...must sleep.

Arghhh hot! hot!

ouch..pain, please dun make mami pain pain okay? be a good baby *stroke tummy*

Don't care! sleep!


Tomorrow wake up must first boil the egg. Then cook a sausage for him to eat as snack.

Ok ok set. Sleeppp....

Sausage cook like that heaty or not? Nolah.. only one ma.. should be okay wan. Sleeep...

Samo what else to bring ah ? Ah soya bean! just in case he reject water like today. ok sleeep....


Arghh Hot!

Okay, samo must bring watermelon. Eat the heaty stuff at least got watermelon to cook down. okok set. Sleepp..

HELP!!! cannot sleep!!!

SO HOT!!!!

(Jayden cry-nightmare)

Adoi night mare. He always get nightmare when he is sick. Sigh..I think he has sore throat edi.

Alamak sick again...Jialat. *touch j's forehead* nolah.. dun scare myself.. sleep sleep..


Uwaaaa why so hot wan? Why cannot sleep wan?


*handfone ring - 7.25am)

Huh? So fast wan? *yawn*

(wake Up)

I'm so tired..*yawn*

So sleepy...

Will be another day with J in the office. Must bring him go eat lunch at 11.30. Otherwise he will be cranky again.

Okay boil egg.

Okay cook sausage.

cut watermelon.

*sigh* somebody please knock me pengsan la..i beh tahan edi....


  1. haha, it happened to me at times before

  2. adoi... so many things going on in your head How to sleep?

  3. u think too much until kenot sleep the whole night!!!

    next time if kenot sleep....i buzz u on gmail chat for the formula to sleep k. ;)

  4. relax la fren....hopefully you can sleep better tonite

  5. u forgot the massage :P
    Anyway, hope the day will be easier on you today.

  6. etceteramommy4:11 PM

    After such a tiring night hopefully you can hv a good night sleep tonight. J don't nightmare again ya.. kwai kwai.. mamimi is tired. :D

  7. *whack!* U pengsan edi or not? :D Hope u've had a better day today.

  8. oh man.... So many things going on inside your head...

  9. greenapple4:04 AM

    haha, your post so funny ...

    man, sounds like you need a vacation hoh ...

    aigh, hopefully you get to rest better soon ...

  10. aiyo.. fren .. dun think so much lah ... u must get some sleep lah .. u are not superwoman leh ...

  11. how to sleep lar?
    you are thinking of something more complicated than rocket science ...

  12. Anonymous1:26 PM to sleep with your brain occupied like that...
    Sometimes I do have the same problem...what to bring to school for snack?..

  13. u entertain your brain too much lioa la macam mana mau tidor?? LOL!!!

  14. don think too much lo. Tomorrow weekend, have a good night sleep and have a good rest! Take care.

  15. sasha,
    You're one super woman lah. I salute you!

    Take a rest when possible ok? I'll mentally support you. :)

  16. Sasha, do take a good rest yeah. once baby out, u will be more busy. i really miss my peaceful pregnant moments!

  17. Aiyoo... dun think so much laaa...

  18. so much worries?

    hope u had a great sleep after that night!!

  19. Hahaha. You're so cute. Sounds so funny when written out like this but I think we all do this. This self conversation. :)

  20. wahlau!!!!! i read the script also i stress on ur behalf... but i think i'm so so late in reading ar, stress also become no stress liao

  21. hahha....i feel funny reading this post. it's some kind of 'thinking too much'...

  22. Bring him to office?
    How come huh?
    Office allow also?

    All mothers you think got talking-to-self syndrome?

    I'm also like that. But I'm getting quite good a switching off too.