Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Frugal Lifestyle?

I was at home the other day and I though it's been a while since I have cooked dinner for my 2 Chans. So I went to the market, bought some stuff and I played masak masak that day. When I served everything on the table, I laughed so hard and I fastfast ( so long never use this word edi :P) took my camera and snap a pic of the dishes thinking that this pic will be a great pic for the tag about "frugal lifestyle" tagged by Lian many many moons ago. Big C came home and saw me standing on the dining chair, taking pic of the dishes and he asked me "What happened?". I told him I cannot help but laugh at it. First the dishes look like so kesian , and my cooking somehow sucked so badly! Even the fish also koyak here and there!

You say kesian or not? Look so pity right? Soup, Fried Eggs, Carrot+potato and pork, and lastly the fish.

When we ate dinner, I can imagine the fish saying...
Translation: Pity me..I have not even reached puberty yet..

You know why? The fish size was about my palm size. It's a baby size and it only costs me RM1.50. So when I was frying it, it koyaked so badly I gotto pick up the pieces and put it back in order. Muahahahhahaha

Definitely lost my cooking touch edi! Gotto practise more now...


  1. waakakakaakakakk!!! The fish really made me laugh!!!!

    thanks for that! much better now...still plugged tho...

  2. wow, rm1.50 :)

  3. aiyo...better than me.
    i dont even cook already cos i cant seem to find 25 hours aday!!!

    when i look at the pic, it made me happy wor..cos at least still got "Home Cook Food" :) can i eat?

  4. LOL! ya its pathetic, mind me. but hey, at least its homecooked food. the fish ah, u have to ensure the wok is hot hot with smoke coming out, then only u fry. if not sure koyak regardless of size. my previous maid, 'koyak' two big slices of ikan kurau(RM40)into tiny pieces just because she didnt heat up the wok enuff..!

  5. I think it looks okay what.. its a complete meal.. got soup some more... if me.. go fry eggs... kaw tim anytime... :D

  6. the soup looks good wor..

  7. "it koyaked so badly I gotto pick up the pieces and put it back in order." Wah hahaha!

    Waiyo, luckily u said for urself first. Leng lui, ur 'wok' and oil are not hot enough lar. U indeed need to cook more often. Did Big C complain? I don't think he dared lar cos he was oredi so touched when u took ur time to cook for him (heehee).

  8. not bad..i can only do the eat and the fried fish but i think my fried fish wont look like a fish by the time it is cook!

  9. great effort none the less. i don't remember when was the last time i fried fish. if i fry, sure hangus wan..

  10. The fishy sure look pathetic. Poor lil fish..kekeke:P

  11. hehehehehhehe! the fish is just too funny! but heyyyy rm1.50 is worth the koyak, right? hehehe

  12. like julian said, at least is a complete meal. Got egg, soup, fish and meat.Fish look not so bad lei, i still can see it is a FISH.

  13. sasha,
    Those dishes look good to me lah. I am serious! :D

    I also think I lost touch in cooking liao. Ever since I came back to Malaysia, I let my mum do the cooking. hahaha!

  14. The potato stew looks good ma...well, I would say better a homecooked meal than one outside.

  15. Hahahahahahah! I haven't cooked in yonks - so it was good that you cooked; koyaked fish or no koyaked fish. :)

  16. LOL!!! that's y i dun buy fish... i never cooked fish coz i dunwan eat kesian punya fish, hehehe

  17. eh, presentation not so important ler, as long as can filling up our stomach, mai ok lor!

  18. khongfamily6:01 PM

    Aiyooo..what happened to your eggs??

  19. 'Sei soong yat thong', nice home-cooked meal - ur 2 Chans shld be contented edi. Btw, wat's a heavily pregnant lady doing STANDING on the dining chair? :-|

  20. 3 dish and 1 soup very good edi lorrr.. why the eggs got black black wan, what you put?

  21. Waaa...have to say REALLY LOOK quite KESIAN. Maybe because everything like in the same colour like that. And why your fried egg so black black one? Soya sauce so black one meh??

  22. You get an "E" for effort. hahahah. So, does this mean you will be practicing more?

  23. http://www.etceteramommy.com12:18 AM

    Aiyoo woman.. '3 soong 1 tong (3 dish 1 soup) still say koyaked?

    Btw.. you what?? Stood on a dining chair?? Please.. please.. becareful lor.

  24. As what the rest said .. Homecook Food is better than outside. Moreover U preggie mah... Considered a great food fr a preggie Mummy.

  25. the carrot potato pork look okay mah. Ha ha. but the poor fish !! ha ha ha !

  26. Then the fish may add: Let me die with dignity

  27. hahahah

    well..important thing is it tastes nice n it's cheap! ;D

  28. mott
    Ai..hope u feel better soon.

    Cos its very very small

    LittleLamb said...
    Yeah, look pathethic but had a good dinner that night cos we're all safe at home :)

    wen and tracy
    hahaha nono it koyak even before fried cos the aunty in the mkt cut the bottom part too big edi!

    Wah u're like my hub, as long as can eat enuff!

    TheBlueRanger said...
    oooh the soup is the most expensive dish there.

    hahah wont be that bad la! :)

    Hangus ah... itu pernah terjadi :P

    Yeah poor ppl eating dinner, what to do

    yeah janji can makan abit.

    Annie Q
    Yeah simple meal, eat and go to sleep. haha

    kok, then u must let mum rest and u do the cooking k?

    giddy tigress said...
    Yeah, and no need to drive out!

    betui betui!

    Its been a long time since we had fish.

    You're so right!

    hahaha itu kicap dunno what brand wan. Very dark wan.

    hahhaa too short! that's why need to stand on a chair

    haha soya sauce but duno why so dark wan

    yeah dunno why this brand so damn black wan hahaha

    Lian said...
    hahahhahahahaha see how first!

    yvonne etc mom
    hehe u know yr fren is so short la.. what to do

    My Lil' Monster
    actually its good for me cos i'm not mobile edi :P

    haha yeah the fish! hahahah

    wah suddenly the fish died with dignity

    rightright...but actually i'm so lazy to go out to eat

  29. frying fish is not my strong point too... he he. that one still look better than what i can do... he he

  30. now thats cheap fish! Complete meal wahhhhh...

  31. Eh, why your egg so black one? Hehe.

  32. mama bok11:34 AM

    Wow..!! i wanna buy fish like that..but they donch have this kinda fish here.. :(

  33. Hey lady, you are really cute! It's the love that you put in the dishes that glows :)

  34. at least ur cooking! hehe...

  35. 3 sung 1 tong, not that frugal leh, but the fish is really a sad case.hehehehe