Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Still Loving it!

See the shy look?
You know why?

Remember this?

Yeah, he was shy when I took his picture with his Elmo pillow in the car. He loved it ever since I sew it for him last year (so coincident, July 2007).

And he is still loving it till now. We will bring it to school everyday for his daycare session. And he cannot stand it by just looking at it. He wants to hug it in the car.
Jayden says (mother's imagination): Mi! Stop taking picture of me with my pillow!

And why not make one more for him?
I did try to make one smaller one for him but he totally rejected it! Wasted our (me+mum+eldest sis) effort to sew it. Yeah we took turns cos I cannot sit in front of the sewing machine for long.

I'm glad that my effort are not wasted to sew this pillow in the first place since he love it so much now. But one regret, Why didn't I make 2 in the first place? *slap forehead*


  1. wow...he's grown so much! one year di!!! he looks so much more matured here!!!!

    J oh J...

  2. Still looks good as new... but yeah, looking back should have sewn a few more pillow cases hoh... at least in case rosak, then got replacement :P

  3. Wah, all along I thought the elmo pillow buy one. You can sew really well ah.

    Mommy sew the pillow specially for him, sure sayang lor.

  4. haahaa....the pillow still looks very clean eh? I guess he lets you wash it :D

  5. They only want something with their own brand of smell (saliva + whatever fluid)

  6. mott
    yeah big difference eh?

    from far it looks new. but if u go nearer u can see the eyes are coming out, the mouth koyak here and there!

    yeah he's one SUPER loyal kiddo!

    shern's mom
    Buy? If got i dun mind also now! hahaha Cannot find la!

    Yeah he has no problem with me washing it. Its not the smell that he wants. He just wanna touch the kain sewn on the pillow

  7. yenjai
    not the smell, the feeling of running his arms through the cloth sewn on it. He lets me wash it, so its not so much of the smell.

  8. Oh, it's sewn separately. I thot it's just a pattern on the cloth. Ur smaller pillow don't hv a vy big Elmo is it?

  9. cos 1 is special!! =D heheh

  10. so fast he own Elmo a year already!
    You can sew another for upcoming baby!

  11. Waaahhh.. time flies, ey? He looks so matured in the photos - not so baby-looking like the one you took last year. Cuter too! :)

    p/s: You second anak you mau sew apa cartoon? Make sure sew more than one, ok? Then no problems when nak wash. Haha!

  12. heheheh..i about to said got his own smell. Like my boys also only want that particular bolster, certain "angle" that they like to touch and feel. hahahhaha

  13. etceteramommy1:47 PM

    Faithful boy... Never 'tam sun mong gau'. :P

  14. slavemom
    got elmo but the pillow is small la.

    Yeah special. Now i gotto wash it very often leh.

    Yeah the rejected one can pass to no2

    i think the rejected elmo mau kasi dia la.. habis la. I only have one version of that. Maybe gotto sew new one. Cookie monster kot?

    Ohh i know if children likes blster they will touch and feel one angle only

    yeah he's one very loyal kid.

  15. the smaller one can keep for baby J no wasted ma...

  16. pillow look so comfy for sleeping now.... *yawning* in office :(

  17. like a security blanket for him

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  19. YOu made this? Wow! u are really very good at sewing.

  20. jacss9:22 AM

    eh...d smaller one u made can be reserved for d coming baby waste!!
    how abt doing him a bolster...must be cute!!

  21. if 2 not so precious la!!

  22. I like the elmo pillow nice...drooling over it since last year...haha!

  23. cutie babe.. feel like wanna gip him a kiss ** muaks **

  24. the pillow still looks good wor...