Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Delayed Telecast

*phone ring*

Me: Hello?

Dad: Where is Ah den?

Me: Okay, Jayden koong koong want to talk to you.

Jayden: ......*watching tv and listening to grandpa*

Dad: Ah den..what are you doing ah? Are you watching tv? Call koong koong la..Ah den???

Jayden: *whine* .....

Dad: Ah den, you want Yakult? You want banana? Koong koong buy for you..Ah den call koong koong la..

Jayden: *whine*.....

Dad: Okay la.. say bye bye koong koong la..

Jayden: *press button and ended the conversation*

Me: Jayden??!! Why you do that?

Jayden: *giggle and run off*

5 minutes later, J picked up my handphone and said...

Jayden: Hewo???Koong Koong..... I want kakult....I want nana....Bye...

Me: Jayden, you're just like the delayed telecast la..


  1. miche4:39 PM

    i think arh, the male genes kenot multitask lar. hehe

  2. male genes cannot multitask?

    Nolah... JD just focus on the TV ... call came in at the wrong time. Hehe.

    but kesian koong koong.. hang up by the grandson.
    happened to my mom as well by myJosh. kesian.

  3. oh..den den like to talk with empty phone LOL

  4. haha..so farney .

  5. Lesson learnt : Do not disturb a child when he's watching tv. Otherwise, u get hung up. hahaha

  6. miche: not all males la.. i think he is just so shy to talk straight to the person. Put down fone only start to talk.

    PPJ: okok i know u can multitask, dun worry. hahaha yeah la kesian the koong2 and yr mom also.

    huisia: hahahhaa u remember!

    elaine: haiyoh...if everytime like this not farnie edi.

    slavemom: hahahahhaaahhaha yeah.

  7. Anonymous8:00 PM

    They are very cheeky - the male ones!
    There......go Jay!

  8. ahhh.. koong koong kacau J watch tv mah... don't say J only... my hubby watch tv also sometimes delayed telecast one ahh! :-)

  9. Nevermind, live or delayed.. importantly it was a good 'telecast' - he replied Kung Kung afterall!!!!!

  10. Concentrate on the TV until kenot answer... but can hang up *kekeke*...

  11. Isn't it funny that all the grandpas use the same bribery--Food? Everytime my dad calls (for Belle), he will bribe her with chocolates..until she will say say "Chocolate!" everytime we pass the phone to her.

  12. ahhahahh

    maybe the whining meant "our operators are buzy at the moment, we will attend to u later" =P


  13. my son also the same thing
    ppl put down phone liao only he reply

  14. he's too focused on the tv *lol*

    koong koong must be heart broken

  15. kids do the funniest thing..
    so cute..

  16. he was too busy watching TV, but at least he remembered what his kong-kong offered to him.

  17. Annon (tricia?)
    yeah cheeky lil fler. But then not because of watching tv la. Not watching tv also refused to talk direct :(

    Man, i admit memang delayed telecast. But Jayden whether is is playign watching tv or not, he wont talk direct on the fone wan.

    Yeah at least he remember what was offered.

    Nolah his style memang like dat. Dun like to talk direct to ppl.

    haha what else to use to bribe them besides food?

    hahaha maybe ? maybe!

    Eh yr son and my son can play together wei..!

    TheBlueRanger: Nolah his style.Yeah heart broken.

    Yeah ..

    Malaika's mummy
    Yeah at least he can remember.

  18. Haha...LOL that is so funny! Ah Den looks for Koong Koong only when it is convenient to him.

  19. hehe..kids telephone conversations are just so cute. I was also just drafting a post on bryan's telephone chats.

  20. Did you record that for koong koong??!!

  21. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Irfan's like that too sometimes. *shakes head*

  22. hahahaha
    rachel's ah kong also always use yakult to try and bluff her...

    but jayden, nemmind... auntie shannon also macam jayden liao... delayed telecast, ur mami posted so long liao only auntie saw... *slap forehead*