Monday, November 03, 2008

I want titi!

That's what he said to us when we're about to leave mum's house last night. I was still in the house with Justin next to my mum and Big C was carrying him. Suddenly he just said " I want titi!" and ran into the house and pulled the baby carrier.

Pic taken long time ago...They're wearing my zebra shirts but its blocked *sigh* and now Justin cannot fit into the shirt anymore.

This video was taken long time ago when Justin was about a month old. Now he hugs and wanna carry Justin. Makes my heart wanna fall out everytime he does that.

Here's something that he said to me these few days and I wanna share with you guys:

Walk side by side..

Jayden: *stop walking*
Me: why Jayden?
Jayden : *grin* Hi...Perrtttie
Me: What did u say?
Jayden: Hi Perrtie.............*Big Grin*
Me: Hi Pretty? where did u learn that?
Jayden: *laugh* and continued to walk
Me: :D

It's been a long time since someone called me pretty.. haha


At mum's house last night, Jayden was playing with Jeremy and suddenly he ran to me and said:
Jayden: Hi Honey!
Me: Huh? Honey?
Jayden: Hi Honey!!! bye!
Me: :O

Nope.. no honey in my house. Only darling and baby. I wonder where he learnt  "Honey"

Rolling on the bed:
Jayden : I...(is for)...Igloo (said it Eye Gloo)
Me: (about to correct him)
Jayden: I SAID... Igloo.. (EEEEE GLOOO)
ME: :#


  1. He scared daddy will go off leaving mummy and titi at mum's place...

    It is cute la, both brothers wearing same T, got to buy a bigger romper la..

  2. Start calling leng lui mummy as "honey" and "pretty" already. Wow Wow Wow, big boy already lo. :)

  3. he is showing sign of a protective brother.

  4. Time to make another same pattern clothes for them. :)
    Awww... so sweet lah he calls u 'pretty' n 'honey'.

  5. Melts your heart already leh...That's the miracle from kids...No matter how tension we are with our works, once get home and greet by them especially those "sweet sweet" talk..I think immediately our boss's evil face also become angel looks liau...kahkahkah

    And I agree with annie it proved that Jadyen already a big boy now...Keep it up!

  6. hey honey. hey pretty, "lum" leh... wakakaka! Good boy, Jayden, ur mummy will be so happy! :)

  7. hi pretty! its good that now he loves titi!

  8. fast justin grow out of that onesies ah?!

    sigh...big boy di..

  9. Wah Wah Wah... little 'hau fa fa'. It's so heart melting hearing those words from them, then u'll start to think all the hardwork, stress, whatever in the journey of bringing them up is all worth it. :D

  10. ohhhh so lovely it melt your heart when see there love each other so much !

    wooo so young know how to make you so lum huh clever boy xxxxx

  11. keke Jayden so cute time he will know how to flatter girls!

  12. Congratulations on the new addition! Haven't been checking as often and now Justin is here!

  13. hehehe.....
    he's a cute and funny boy!

  14. jacss9:35 AM

    like that, "pretty" got melt edi sweet leh!!

  15. heart melt!
    mummy is Honey and Pretty now....
    hope tomorrow he call mummy Dear, Darling, Sweetiepie, Sexy...ahahahhaha

  16. wah, j using mami to practice sweet talking skill to lum girls next time??? i wonder if he's already doing it in school... hahaha

  17. awwww!! he loves titi! he looks so gentle with his titi!! =D

  18. He really looks like such a tai kor now. Hehe.