Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Night...

Last Night...

Me: Dadidi.. I must sleep tonight okay? I never sleep last night. Now I'm so damn sleepy edi...
Big C: Okay Okay You sleep la.
Me: Zzzzzzzzzz

Me: *woke up* huh? .. i thought justin cry tim..Nehmind sleep back.

Me: Sleep la.....................why cannot sleep wan

Me: *falling asleep*
Justin: Uwaaaaaaaaaaa (translation: I want nen nen)
Me: *nurse Justin* Okay now i can go to sleep peacefully.

Me: Okay....falling asleep now.. Zzzzzzzzzz
(background sound: handphone ringing)
Big C: Your handphone ring ler.. dunno who's number is this. (pass fone to me and it stopped ringing)
Me: Don't bother la.. gila wan. Call ppl in the middle of the night.
Me: (who is it ah ? If call midnight must be damn important. Sms: Who Is This?)
Me: okay fine no reply. Must be wrong number.
Me: Okay falling asleep Zzzzzzzzzz

(background sound : HAND PHONE RINGING)
Me: Helo? Helo?
Mr X: ah huey ah.... Ah huey....
Me: HUH???? Helo?
Mr X: Ah huey..........*drunk sound*
Mr X: *click*
Big C: Who is that ?
Me: Stupid drunk bugger looking for ah huey in the middle of the night.
Big C: haha

Me: Sleep la........ why cannot sleeep? all your fault ah huey!

Me: Falling asleep.....
Justin : UWaaaaaaaaaaa (translation: I to play!)
Me: Justin ah... go back to sleep la..mamimi very tired leh..
30mins later, justin went back to sleep.

Me: Please ... pleaseeeee please pengsan la...*sigh* ah huey....

Me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Justin: Uwaaaaaaaa (translation: I want milk!)
Me: Babe, please feed justin. I BEH TAHAN edi.
Big C : Okay okay.
Me: Zzzzzzzzz
Jayden: Mamimi? Open this?
Me: Uwaaaaaaaaa
Big C: Jayden don't kacau mamimi. Let's go school.
Me: Zzzzzzzz
Justin: Uwaaaaaaaaaa (translation: I want my bath already)
Me: *sigh* (wake up and bath Justin)


  1. poor sasha... almost 7 days no sleep liao ..

  2. oh dear.. the no-sleep-nights continues huh? too many distractions ya. off your mobile can? at least for a few nights. and ask hubby to take care of jayden for the few hours before his bedtime... so you need to worry about feeding justin only loh... and maybe drink some warm milk before sleep? take care ya

  3. Eh turn off your mobile or put to silent leh. That's what I do to prevent the ah hueys of this world from calling. Tell you what. Tonight, take 5 shots of DOM and go to bed. No DOM? Call me and I'll deliver to you asap. I'm on leave today ok!

  4. aiyoh..what an interrupted sleep u have..poor you...

  5. poor us we have the same pain in the bottom bb but u lucky your big C will help to feed my hubby will curry on ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  6. aiks..i feel so tired for u.. poor girl..

  7. sasha,
    If I know who's that Ah Huey and that stupiak bugger hor, I'll give them two punches! Cause they made you can't sleep! Grrr!

    Take care, Sasha!

  8. sei lor hor?! our own body is so used to interrupted sleep that when we actually have the time to sleep, we can't sleep. and when we can sleep, that is when we will be disturbed! sigh! i also go thru u managed to look so good still ah? (refering to your haircut pic!) :)

  9. gosh u need to rest la. cannot go on like that.. hmmm do u pump out the milk? then middle night Big C can go warm up??

  10. tiring eh...perhaps hubby and jayden can sleep in a different room so that you will only be woken up by Justin?

  11. You reminded me of the times when my son was born. Lets hope yours will learn how to sleep through.

  12. "lei dim ar??" "last night yau mo fun gau?".

    Tell yourself.. if anything Big C will wake u up. You fong sum sleep k? Sweet dreamsss... stop reading. go sleep now!!

  13. Gosh, u dint sleep for like a week??? Argh..feel so pity for u.. if me sure went gila already. U can take DOM ah since u BF justin? If can, better drink some..helps u sleep better. And off the phone..

    Ah,speechless reading ur situation.
    Take care Sasha.

  14. i hope ah huey is not ahuei! hehe

    =( bad cant sleep. next time turn off ur phone..n put Justin next to big C so HE wakes up to take care of him instead of least..for some time so u can get some rest

  15. whoisbaby1:09 PM

    poor thing ... hardly have any sleep. reminded me of brandon when he was infant. when i supposed to sleep, but i couldn't sleep. then when i want to sleep ... someone sure kacau. but no luckily ah huey though.

  16. Aiyo... really pitiful lah. Try to get some uninterrupted sleep. Maybe u go sleep alone in a different room? If bb needs milk, get Big C to feed EBM, if u're not engorged. A few hrs of quality sleep will do wonders. Take care, pretty zombie!

  17. I also take DOM if hard to fall asleep. Mahu mabuk baru can sleep...LOL

    *take care*

  18. alomak, kesian. adoi...
    take care :)

  19. off the phone before sleep, then won't kena disturb oredi ler :P

  20. that is such a long busy nite...poor girl. Hope you will catch some sleep

  21. Aiyo... the Ah Huey... beh tahan.